The Prayers of Astromance

The Prayers of Astromance

by Joseph Green


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the gecko walked out from the chamber of darkness and looked about in the moonlight and he was disturbed by the faults of some things so he became obsessed with sending them away to the loneliness of other planets until their intricate parts moved in perfect harmony. however all those things had a reason to be on the earth so the souls magnified their qualities beyond the sea of thoughts and vanquished the gecko while the clocks turned twice around.

the sun was at its zenith during a great celebration and the dogs barked to announce the coming of a witch called astromance to the earth. she wore a crown of rubies and diamonds and numerous qualities penetrated her soul especially one voice who made promises to the earth and declared that two things in love would not live apart so numerous fabrics were woven together and all things could pray together as one.

astromance revealed 255 prayers and contained them within a complex frame. the prayers helped eachother to make things appear on the earth so astromance could admire them

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ISBN-13: 9780368227387
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 264
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