The Preacher and His Work

The Preacher and His Work

by Jack Meyer


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In February of 1953, Brother Jack Meyer spent a week of intense work at Central Christian College, now known as Oklahoma Christian University. He delivered a number of lectures each day. Some of these were to the entire student body, but most of them were directed primarily toward those who were planning to become preachers, teachers, or wives of preachers and teachers. These lessons were intended to be practical and helpful in meeting the everyday problems that Christian workers inevitably encounter. Many of the suggestions grew out of actual experiences. Brother Meyer had all of his lessons well outlined and copied when he presented them – as he always did. All who heard them agreed that they should be published, so that others might benefit from them."

The work of a preacher or leader in the church brings with it great challenges and inevitable difficulties to all who fill the role. So, why not prepare as best you can to meet the challenges before they arise?

The Preacher and His Work provides a wealth of wisdom and practical advice for all who would lead in the Lord's kingdom. Though directed mainly towards preachers, the scope of the book should not be limited to that group of leaders.

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