The Price of Fame 1960-1965 [Box Set]

The Price of Fame 1960-1965 [Box Set]

by The Everly BrothersThe Everly Brothers


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When the Everly Brothers left Cadence Records for Warner Brothers in 1960, they were the biggest rock & roll act in America, with the notable exception of Elvis Presley, who had just been drafted into the Army. The Everlys were survivors, withstanding shifting cultural tides and deftly sidestepping the pitfalls that befell their peers, avoiding jail and scandal when many of their peers couldn't seem to avoid it. But the duo wasn't successful merely because they kept their noses clean, but because their music had a broad appeal. Rooted in country, the Everlys could dip into their roots when necessary, clean up for a pop audience, while -- as the virtual inventors of the power chord -- rocking & rolling like nobody's business. This, combined with a lavish production that came with a major label, made for a set of recordings that were more varied and less consistent than their Cadence work, but their earliest sides for Warner were frequently compelling and always fascinating, as Bear Family's massive, seven-disc set The Price of Fame 1960-1965 shows. Like many Bear Family sets, the listenability of The Price of Fame suffers somewhat by the chronological inclusion of alternate takes and session outtakes, a practice that can sometimes be interesting -- hearing the Brothers run through various tempos of "Burma Shave" or turn "Little Hollywood Girl" inside out is fascinating -- but these tend to weigh down the middle of the set, as do the Christmas carols, the handful of German and Italian recordings, and perfectly fine Cadence re-recordings that are all signs of the Everlys' international popularity even if they wind up giving the box a bit of a soft middle. Fortunately, there are excellent moments peppered throughout this middle -- indeed, some of their finest underrated singles are here, including the propulsive, sardonic "I'm Not Angry" and "Gone Gone Gone" -- and they're bookended by some of the Everly Brothers' very best music. The set opens with a disc that has the classics "Cathy's Clown," "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)," "Love Hurts," "Walk Right Back," and "Ebony Eyes," along with cuts that wound up on the albums It's Everly Time and A Date with the Everly Brothers, two of the greatest unheralded early rock & roll albums, and it ends with the hard-rocking Beat & Soul, an album of rock & roll covers -- and the superb original "Man with Money" -- that pointed the way toward the tough spirit and adventure that would mark the back half of the '60s for the Everlys. That period is documented on Bear Family's later box, Chained to a Memory, leaving this as a deep exploration of transitional times, one that would perhaps be better served without quite so much detail -- if the alternates had been saved for two supplemental discs at the end, the duo's evolution would be easier to follow -- but is nevertheless necessary for any serious fan of the Everlys or rock & roll.

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Release Date: 01/31/2006
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127165114
catalogNumber: 16511
Rank: 66614


Disc 1

  1. What Kind of Girl Are You
  2. Nashville Blues
  3. Sleepless Nights
  4. You Thrill Me
  5. Carol Jane
  6. Cathy's Clown
  7. Always It's You
  8. Oh True Love
  9. I Want to Know You
  10. Just in Cae
  11. Some Sweet Day
  12. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
  13. Memaries Are Made of This
  14. That's What You Do to Me
  15. Lucille
  16. Baby What You Want Me to Do
  17. A Change of Heart
  18. The Silent Treatment
  19. Made to Love
  20. So How Come (No One Loves Me)
  21. Stick with Me Babey (#1)
  22. That's Just Too Much
  23. Donna, Donna
  24. Love Hurts (#1)
  25. Sigh, Cry, Almost Die
  26. Radio and TV
  27. Stick with Me Baby (#2)
  28. Temptation (#1)
  29. Walk Right Back
  30. Why Not
  31. Temptation (#2)
  32. Ebony Eyes
  33. Lonely Island
  34. It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
  35. Temptation (#3)

Disc 2

  1. My Mammy
  2. Don't Blame Me
  3. Mention My Name in Sheboygan
  4. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
  5. Grandfather's Clock
  6. My Gal Sal
  7. Love Is Where You Find It
  8. Now Is the Hour (Maari Farewell Song)
  9. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (#1)
  10. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (#2)
  11. The Wayward Wind
  12. Chico-E
  13. Bully of the Town
  14. Little Old Lady
  15. Muskrat
  16. Muskrat
  17. Bye Bye Blackbird
  18. True Love
  19. Autumn Leaves
  20. Jezebel
  21. Ground Hawg
  22. The Party's Over
  23. Long Lost John
  24. The Sheik of Araby
  25. The Sheik of Araby
  26. Gran Mamou
  27. Oh! My Pa-Pa (O Mein Papa)
  28. Hernando's Hideaway
  29. When It's Night-Time in Italy, It's Wednesday Over Here
  30. Souvenir Sampler

Disc 3

  1. Trouble in Mind
  2. Step It Up and Go
  3. Theme from 'Carnival' (Love Makes the World Go 'Round)
  4. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
  5. That's Old Fashioned (That's the Way Love Should Be)
  6. Crying in the Rain
  7. I'm Not Angry
  8. I'm Not Angry
  9. He's Got My Sympathy (#1)
  10. Little Hollywood Girl, No. 1
  11. Little Hollywood Girl, No. 1
  12. Little Hollywood Girl, No. 1
  13. Little Hollywood Girl, No. 1
  14. Burma Shave
  15. Burma Shave
  16. Burma Shave
  17. Burma Shave
  18. How Can I Meet Her?
  19. How Can I Meet Her?
  20. Nancy's Minuet (#1)
  21. Nancy's Minuet (#1)
  22. Nancy's Minuet (#1)
  23. What About Me
  24. What About Me
  25. Nice Guy
  26. Nice Guy
  27. Nice Guy
  28. Don't Ask Me to Be Friends
  29. Chains
  30. Chains
  31. He's Got My Sympathy (#2)
  32. He's Got My Sympathy (#2)

Disc 4

  1. Foolish Doubts
  2. Foolish Doubts
  3. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (#1)
  4. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (#1)
  5. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (#1)
  6. I Can't Say Goodbye to You
  7. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (#2)
  8. Dancing on My Feet
  9. Dancing on My Feet
  10. Dancing on My Feet
  11. Dancing on My Feet
  12. Dancing on My Feet
  13. Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithfull
  14. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  15. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly
  16. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  17. The First Noel
  18. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  19. Away in a Manger
  20. Angels, From the Realms of Glory
  21. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  22. What Child Is This?
  23. Silent Night
  24. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella
  25. (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be (#1)
  26. (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be (Comp)
  27. (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be
  28. Nancy's Minuet (#3)
  29. Nancy's Minuet (#3)
  30. Whatever Happened to Judy
  31. I'm Afraid
  32. I'm Afraid
  33. Trouble
  34. Baby Bye-Oh
  35. I'm Walking Proud

Disc 5

  1. Girls Girls Girls (What a Headache)
  2. Trouble
  3. Born to Lose
  4. Just One Time
  5. Release Me
  6. Sweet Dreams
  7. Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  8. Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
  9. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  10. Oh, Lonesome Me
  11. I Walk the Line
  12. Lonely Street
  13. This Is the Last Song I'm Ever Going to Sing
  14. Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love with You)
  15. Love Her
  16. Love Her
  17. When Showflakes Fall in the Summer
  18. The Girl Sang the Blues
  19. Warum
  20. Du Is Bist Nicht So Wie Die Andem
  21. Wo Sind Die Schönen Toge
  22. Susie
  23. The Facts of Life
  24. I Think of Me
  25. The Drop Out
  26. Hello Amy
  27. Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
  28. The Ferris Wheel
  29. Don't Forget to Cry
  30. You're the One I Love
  31. Honolulu
  32. Ring Around My Rosie
  33. Coke Commercial #1
  34. Coke Commercial #2
  35. Coke Commercial #3

Disc 6

  1. Bye Bye Love
  2. Wake Up Little Susie
  3. All I Have Is to Dream
  4. Bird Dog
  5. ('Til) I Kissed You
  6. Devoted to You
  7. Gone, Gone, Gone
  8. Torture
  9. It's Been a Long Dry Spell
  10. Love Is All I Need
  11. Hound Dog
  12. Slippin' and Slidin'
  13. Susie Q
  14. I Got a Woman
  15. So Fine
  16. You're My Girl
  17. Give Me a Sweetheart
  18. Don't Let the Whole World Know
  19. Don't Ya Even Try
  20. Lonely Weekends
  21. Kansas City
  22. Maybelline
  23. Love Hurts (#2)
  24. That'll Be the Day
  25. Dancing in the Street
  26. Kiss Your Man Goodbye (#1)
  27. Buona Fortuna Amore Mio (So Sad)
  28. Non Mandami Piu Florio (How Can I Met Her)
  29. Susie Q
  30. Follow Me
  31. It Only Costs a Dime
  32. I'll Never Get Over You
  33. The Price of Love

Disc 7

  1. Sag' auf Wiedersehen
  2. Am Abend auf der Heide
  3. Zwei Gitarren Am Meer
  4. Wenn du Mich Küsst
  5. La Luna E un Pallido Sole
  6. Non Mi Resti Che Tu
  7. Kiss Your Man Goodbye (#2)
  8. To Show I Love You
  9. My Babe
  10. See See Rider
  11. The Girl Can't Help It
  12. Love Is Strange
  13. Love Is Strange
  14. People Get Ready
  15. Money (That's What I Want)
  16. Lonely Avenue
  17. Hi Heel Sneakers
  18. What Am I Living For
  19. Walking the Dog
  20. I Almost Lost My Mind
  21. Man with Money
  22. I'll See Your Light
  23. I'll See Your Light
  24. Nothing Matters But You
  25. Nothing Matters But You
  26. I Used to Love You
  27. It's All Over (#1)
  28. It's All Over (#1)
  29. And I'll Go
  30. And I'll Go
  31. Night Time Girl

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Everly Brothers   Primary Artist
Hank Garland   Guitar
Carole King   Conductor
Billy Preston   Keyboards
Frank Capp   Percussion
Don Randi   Harpsichord
Alvino Rey   Steel Guitar
Lyle Ritz   Bass
Tommy Allsup   Guitar
James Burton   Guitar
Sonny Curtis   Guitar
Don Everly   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Spoken Word
Phil Everly   Vocals,Spoken Word,Vocal Harmony
Red Rhodes   Steel Guitar
Jimmy Day   Pedal Steel Guitar
Billy Strange   Guitar
Charlie Kennedy   Alto Saxophone
Anita Kerr Singers   Choir, Chorus
John Audino   Trumpet
Israel Baker   Violin
Hal Blaine   Drums
Robert Barene   Violin
Harold Bradley   Acoustic Guitar
Red Callender   Bass
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Marshal Cram   Trombone
Harold Diner   Trombone
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Gilbert Falco   Trombone
Elliott Fisher   Violin
Ernie Freeman   Keyboards
Nathan Gershman   Cello
Dick Glasser   Guitar
Buddy Harman   Drums
Walter Haynes   Steel Guitar
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Norm Jeffries   Drums
John Johnson   Saxophone
Larry Knechtel   Organ,Bass,Harpsichord
Marshall Lieb   Guitar
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Dick Nash   Trombone
Alexander Neiman   Viola
Earl Palmer   Drums
Donald Peake   Guitar
Richard Perissi   French Horn
Stanley Plummer   Violin
Ray Pohlman   Bass
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Billy Lee Riley   Harmonica
Isadore Roman   Violin
Emmet Sargeant   Cello
Kenny Shroyer   Trombone
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
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Vincent DeRosa   French Horn
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Hy Lesnick   Conductor
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Boys Town Choir   Choir, Chorus
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Lou "Joe Fingers Carr" Busch   Percussion
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Joseph Jr. Maini   Alto Saxophone
Lewis "Lew" McCreary   Trombone
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Emil "Richards" Radocchia   Percussion
Donald Robertson   Piano
William Hinshaw   French Horn

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Composer
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