The Principal as Leader of the Equitable School

The Principal as Leader of the Equitable School

by Ontario Principals' Council


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Equitable schools equal high achievement for all students!

This invaluable book provides an expanding awareness of equity issues to not only principals and district leaders, but also school equity committees. From the novice to the experienced school leader, readers will discover how to create a learning community that erases achievement gaps and welcomes students of all backgrounds. This new volume in the Leading Achievement Series provides action steps for:

  • Establishing a climate that promotes equity
  • Empowering and supervising staff to accelerate change
  • Garnering support and involvement from students and the community
  • Assessing progress toward equity and sustaining growth

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781412981170
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 08/24/2012
Series: Leading Student Achievement Series
Pages: 161
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

1. Why Leading for Equity and Diversity Is Important
Current Contexts
The Moral Imperative
Knowledge, Difference, and Diversity
Frameworks for Action
Chapter Summary
Case Study: Negotiating Barriers to Student Success
Reflection Activity
Principals' Action Steps
2. Leading the Equitable School: Foundational Understandings
Purposes of Education
Exclusion and Oppression
Working in Systems of Accountability
Inclusive Leadership
Chapter Summary
Case Study: The Field Trip Plan
Reflection Activity
Principals' Action Steps
3. The Personal Journey
Social and Cultural Identities
(De)constructing Narratives
Stalking Our Stories: Unearthing, Unraveling, Understanding, and Unfolding
Acknowledging Your Power
Awareness and Reflection
Learning for Inclusivity and Collaboration
Chapter Summary
Case Study: An Early Story of School
Reflection Activity
Principals' Action Steps
4. Creating a School Climate That Promotes Equity
School Climate and Leadership
School Climate and Family and Community Partnerships
School Climate and Expectations for Students
School Climate and Student Outcomes
Chapter Summary
Case Study: Prevention Is the Key
Reflection Activity
Principals' Action Steps
5. Working With Staff
Being Strategic
Norms of Operation
Facilitating Courageous Conversations
Catalysts for Discussion
Understanding Communication Styles
Dealing With Overt Acts of Harassment
Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy
Inclusive Approaches to Supervision
Chapter Summary
Case Study: "Stuck" in the Library
Reflection Activity: Critically Questioning Daily Practices
Principals' Action Steps
6. Working With Students
Inclusive Curriculum
The Mirrors and Windows Concept
Student Leadership and Voice
Social Justice Initiatives
Honoring Noncurricular Skills and Contributions
Chapter Summary
Case Study: What's it all About?
Reflection Activity
Principals' Action Steps
7. Working With Community
What Is a Family?
School, Family, and Community Partnerships
Articulating a Vision for Parent Engagement
Getting to Know Your Community
Building Communication
Capacity Building for Family and Community Engagement and Partnerships
Reducing and Eliminating Barriers
Chapter Summary
Case Study: Trouble With Penguins
Reflection Activity 1
Reflection Activity 2
Principals' Action Steps
8. Assessing Progress
Equity and Reflective Practice
The Equity Walk
Tools and Resources
Equity Walk Matrix and Reflective Questions
Six Levels of Workplace Cultural Proficiency (Workplace and School Settings)
Stalking Our Stories, Knowing Our Selves
Building a Cultural Profile
Ladder of Inference
James A. Banks's Inclusive Curriculum Framework
Acknowledging Power Wheel

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