The Private Life of Edward IV

The Private Life of Edward IV

by John Ashdown-Hill


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From the moment it became public news, the validity of Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth Widville, the beautiful widow of a Lancastrian knight, was repeatedly called into question. This alarmed Elizabeth Widville and led her into political killings. She was terrified that she would lose her crown and that her children by the king would never succeed to the throne. But after Edward’s death a bishop publicly announced that he had previously married the king to Lady Eleanor Talbot. As a result, Edward’s children by Elizabeth, including his eldest son and heir to the throne, Edward, were then declared illegitimate, making Edward’s brother Richard the legitimate heir to the throne. Later, claims were put forward that Edward had numerous mistresses and left behind many illegitimate children. Dr John Ashdown-Hill, a central figure in the Looking for Richard Project and a renowned Richard III historian with a special talent for getting behind the mythology of history, now turns his attention to Richard’s eldest brother, Edward IV. He unravels the complex web of stories around Edward’s private life, discussing the truth behind Edward’s reputation. Did Edward have numerous mistresses? Did he produce many bastards? Who was his legal wife? And what caused the early death of Eleanor Talbot?

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ISBN-13: 9781445671321
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Publication date: 02/01/2018
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About the Author

John Ashdown-Hill is a historian, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a member of the Society of Genealogists, the Richard III Society and the Centre Européen d’Études Bourguignonnes. He was Leader of Genealogical Research and Historical Advisor for the Looking for Richard Project and is the author of The Last Days of Richard III, the book that inspired the dig. John lives near Colchester in Essex.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

List of Maps xii

1 The Images and Royal Family Background of Edward IV 1

Part 1 Growing Up

2 1442-1458: Itinerary 16

3 1442: Parents, Siblings, Godparents, and Other Family Connections 18

4 1445: The Daughters of France 31

5 1445-1459: From France to England - and Ireland 37

Part 2 First Wife, Boyfriend and Possible Bastard Child

6 1459-1461: Itinerary 46

7 1460-1462: The Beautiful Eleanor 50

8 1461-1464: Itinerary 62

9 1462-1463: 'The King Loved Him Well' 66

10 1460-1464: The First Royal Bastards? 78

Part 3 The Second Marriage

11 1464-1465: Itinerary 86

12 1463-1464: Bona - Savoir faire 89

13 1463-1464: Deo devota 95

14 1464: The Grey Mare 105

15 1465-1469: Itinerary 117

16 1466?: The Mysterious Catherine 120

17 1468: Disposing of the Rival 126

Part 4 The Second Reign

18 1469-1471: Itinerary 136

19 1470?: The Light Wayte 140

20 1470-1471: Winter in Exile 149

21 1471-1476: Itinerary 155

22 1474?: The Confusing Third Elizabeth 159

23 1475: The Royal Will 168

Part 5 The Legacy

24 1476-1479: Itinerary 188

25 1475-1478: Gone but Not Forgotten 193

26 1480-1483: Itinerary 204

27 1483: The Succession Problems 209

28 1485-1574: Fates of the Royal Bastards 218

29 Conclusions 227

Edward IV's Private Timeline 232

Appendix: The mtDNA sequence of the 'princes in the Tower' Glen Moran 234

Notes 244

Bibliography 286

Acknowledgements 297

About the Author 298

Index 299

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