The Progression Tree

The Progression Tree

by Wanda McGuire


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The Progression Tree is a collection of personal stories, designed for recognition and validation of the codependent way of thinking. It is a set of thoughts that the author has about these stories, from the perspective of today, called hindsight. There are classes to more fully understand the family disease of addiction. And finally in each chapter there is food for thought, meant to replace the Women's Support Group personal sharing. This section gives the reader personal perspective into their own situation if they choose to enter it.

The Progression Tree is the inside story of addiction from the perspective of one who has spent her life dealing with the chaos and drama of more than one family members attraction to chemicals. The graph depicted here begins with the characteristics most probable in a family predisposed to addiction. Recognition of the genetic predisposition is discussed in the root thinking base of the tree. The graph continues by bringing forth characteristics in the dysfunctional family setting that bring young people together to create the honeymoon couple and the Cinderella codependent, thus building the foundation or trunk for the relationship. The graph then moves strongly into the phase that describes a Worrier codependent and the tactics used to help build the dream of a perfect family, while in denial that chemicals are fighting her all the way. After years of struggle, we will see the affects of painful battles lost in the weakest part of the branch and visit the reality of the Victim codependent. With a much needed spiritual awakening will come the realization of powerlessness and a new direction into growth.

The path is not easy and may take many unexpected turns but it can work for those who are ready and willing to take the steps required. This book is specifically written for the person who is truly looking for a way out of the imprisonment of codependency. This person must be willing to brave the emotional pain of moving out of denial and into honesty. This person must respect the destiny of others and let go of the battle, giving their loved ones the dignity to make their own choices. In the end, this person will find peace in the letting go of an unhealthy emotional connection we call codependency.

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Publication date: 07/26/2011
Pages: 296
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