The Prostate Cancer Revolution: Beating Prostate Cancer Without Surgery

The Prostate Cancer Revolution: Beating Prostate Cancer Without Surgery

by Robert L Bard


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The Prostate Cancer Revolution reveals a new world of medical options for the 200,000+ men diagnosed annually with prostate cancer. Backed by compelling data about new ultrasound and MRI imaging technologies, Dr. Bard offers a way to overcome what men fear most:
* Dreaded random rectal biopsies using 10-14 needles with often inaccurate findings
* Being rushed into a whole-gland treatment (surgery, radiation)
* Not being told the truth about side effect risks
* Missed time from work during treatment and recovery
* Leaking urine, having to wear pads or diapers
* Not being able to perform sexually

The Prostate Cancer Revolution explains how imaging breakthroughs provide peace of mind:
* Tumors and their blood supply are precisely identified
* If a biopsy is necessary, needle samples are taken only from the known tumor(s) for highly accurate findings
* Advanced imaging is used to plan and deliver minimally invasive, painless outpatient targeted treatments that destroy tumors without urinary or sexual side effects
The Prostate Cancer Revolution explains how imaging avoids unnecessary biopsies and “overkill” treatments, enables patients to monitor prostate health, and empowers them to create a cancer-free lifestyle. Dr. Bard shares his personal experience to inspire independent thinking. The Prostate Cancer Revolution is a revolutionary path for prostate cancer patients and their partners to release fear and embrace life to the max.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781614489085
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2014
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Dr. R. Bard is a radiologist specializing in prostate MRI and prostate sonography. He uses an automated ultrasound doppler 3-D unit designed specifically for examining the prostate at ultrahigh resolution to detect early cancer and follow treatment status. The sonogram study is combined with a special computerized MRI to determine metastatic spread and confirm results of clinical therapies.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Taking the Risk to Change
CHAPTER 2: Understanding the Facts
CHAPTER 3: Medical Truths Are Not Sacred Cows
CHAPTER 4: Practical Anatomy, Pathology and Diagnosis
CHAPTER 5: Trust Experience and Gather Information
CHAPTER 6: Focal Laser Ablation by Dan Sperling
CHAPTER 7: Assessing Treatment Response
CHAPTER 8: Reflections on Conventional Treatments
CHAPTER 9: Promising Scientific Breakthroughs
CHAPER 10: Boosting the Body’s Defenses
CHAPTER 11: Cancer Screening Pro’s and Con’s
CHAPTER 12: An Open Mind is Your Best Friend

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