The Red Labyrinth

The Red Labyrinth

by Meredith Tate


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The massive labyrinth was built to protect Zadie Kalvers' isolated desert town. Unfortunately, living in the maze's shadow makes her feel anything but safe. Even without its enchanted deathtraps and illusions, a notorious killer named Dex lurks in its corridors, terrorizing anyone in his path.

But when Zadie's best friend vanishes into the labyrinth-and everyone mysteriously forgets he exists- completing the maze becomes her only hope of saving him. In desperation, Zadie bribes the only person who knows the safe path through-Dex-into forming a tenuous alliance.

Navigating a deadly garden, a lethal blood-filled hourglass, and other traps-with an untrustworthy murderer for her guide-Zadie's one wrong step from certain death. But with time running out before her friend (and secret crush) is lost forever, Zadie must reach the exit and find him. If Dex and the labyrinth don't kill her first.

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ISBN-13: 9781635830347
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 06/04/2019
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 601,622
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

Meredith Tate grew up in Concord, New Hampshire, where she fell in love with the many worlds of science fiction and fantasy. Pursuing her love of travel, Meredith spent a semester in London and then backpacked in Europe for a month before earning her master's degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire. After graduation, Meredith worked in the field in Boston for a few years before deciding to pursue her dream of telling stories. Meredith and her husband spent three wonderful years in St. Louis, Missouri. They recently moved to Zurich, Switzerland as expats. Meredith spends her days eating cheese and chocolate by the lake, and writing about characters way braver than she is.

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The Red Labyrinth 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Laeljeanne 11 days ago
Zadie crushes on her best friend, the hero of the village, who has saved more than one person from the labyrinth that borders her village, a labyrinth full of booby traps and deadly creatures, including a boogeyman named Dex. When her friend disappears into the labyrinth and becomes history to the village, Zadie is the only one willing to risk the labyrinth to rescue him. Tate spins Dear Reader’s head with unlikely allies, exploding expectations, and astonishing revelations. YA fantasy fans will add this author to their list of favorites. I received this wonderful story from Flux through NetGalley.
Laeljeanne 11 days ago
Zadie crushes on her best friend, the hero of the village, who has saved more than one person from the labyrinth that borders her village, a labyrinth full of booby traps and deadly creatures, including a boogeyman named Dex. When her friend disappears into the labyrinth and becomes history to the village, Zadie is the only one willing to risk the labyrinth to rescue him. Tate spins Dear Reader’s head with unlikely allies, exploding expectations, and astonishing revelations. YA fantasy fans will add this author to their list of favorites. I received this wonderful story from Flux through NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars When’s the sequel coming out?!?! Because I need it NOW! How do I explain my feelings about this book? I started the ARC with relatively low expectations - the synopsis sounded like it’d be a fun read but also like a rip-off of Maze Runner-meets-Divergent. To be honest, a lot of the world-building for Trinnea is incredibly similar to the city the MC is from in The Three Doors trilogy by Emily Rodda. And the premise of the maze with monsters at every turn is very Maze Runner-like, and there were many other things in the book that reminded me of other stories I’ve read - but then I suppose there is little new under the sun. Maybe what I’m trying to say is that I was disappointed that more effort didn’t go into disguising the similarities? And yet, the story hooked me in so much that I forgive it all, including the bits that feel like the book just needs to go through the final polishing phase to be the best it can be. The characters were in.credi.ble! Multi-dimensional, believable back stories, and I fell in love with how they are gray rather than all good or all bad. And I’m always super happy whenever an author accurately portray PTSD. The pacing was on point. Going into the labyrinth doesn’t even start until Part Two, and yet it manages not to be slow. And when the action was full-pelt most of the time in Part Two, the author still managed to fit in character development! The plot! Maybe I enjoyed it so much in the end because of this, but what started out as completely predictable/cliche ended up being very much not. I saw the twist coming, but not in the way that it did. Which is why I need the sequel right now!
Rustic_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Thank you Netgalley and North Star Editions for an arc copy of The Red Labyrinth in exchange for an honest review Ever since I was small, one of my favorite movies was The Labyrinth, and so ever since then I have always been intrigued with labyrinths. Also, growing up watching the shining and the end where they are in the maze (labyrinth), I absolutely love watching or reading about the fear of getting out of those. I have never done one but I have wanted to do the one near me every Halloween but I have not go the nerve up yet. Thinks creep on then inside of those labyrinths. LOL This book brought an entire new fear of the labyrinth. I mean come on, would you trust a villain when you are trying to get though a maze yourself?? Not me! I would fear every turn I made that the villain would show its very true colors. That is why they are villains. I highly enjoyed this book! I highly recommend this read. There is something about the fear of those creepy labyrinths. I am looking forwards to reading more by this author!
FadedPages More than 1 year ago
4/5 stars When her best friend Landon goes missing, Zadie a non-magical 'Blank' will do anything to save him. Unfortunately, that may mean joining forces with Dex, a mysterious and magical killer that lives in the Labyrinth, in order to navigate the Labyrinth's perils and save her friend. I really enjoyed this one! I loved the blend of fantasy and science fiction with a few thrills. There were definitely a few twists that kept you on your toes and I'm still wondering what's going to happen next after that ending! Setting There was definitely a magical and otherworldly beautiful feel to Zadie's world. A good portion of the story takes place in the city of Trinnea and the other half takes place in the Labyrinth. In this story, Zadie's post-apocalyptic world was brought on by a drought a hundred years ago therefore no one travels through the labyrinth to the palace of the Leader or beyond the city to the desert. The city of Trinnea gave me the feeling of a sci-fi desert border town with it's ominous red clay labyrinth, cacti garden, stone houses, burning sun, and air bikes. The skilled and Blanks, or magical and non-magical humans, gave the world a feeling of fantasy. The physical and society separation between the skilled and blanks added to the turmoil within the story and made Zadie the nonmagical under-dog you wanted to root for! Part of the story does take place inside the Labyrinth and that was when the setting became more of a fantasy adventure. The Labyrinth is basically made up of things trying to kill or trap anyone that enters and it adds an element of horror, action, and thrilling adventure to the overall story. Characters Zadie, a blank, was the non-skilled, non-magical heroine of the book. She was overall very likeable even though she made some annoyingly stupid mistakes at times. This wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact she has no magic and seems like a smart girl. Basically her only true power or defense was her brain and she consistently made poor decisions. There were also times that I felt frustrated for Zadie living inside the solely magical city of Trinnea with her magical family. Society didn't make it easy for her living as a blank. Her one friend was Landon. He was famous throughout Trinnea as 'Limitless Landon' due to the amount of powers he possessed, but he ignores society's opinions and still treats Zadie as a friend. Dex was the mysterious evil character of the story and I liked not knowing much about him at first. I loved how the backstory between characters played out throughout the entire story including the distance between Zadie and her sister, how Zadie and Landon became friends, and more about the mysterious Dex. I loved the lack of information dumps and how everything was given piece by piece! It allowed the reader to discover characters and past events throughout the story instead of it being shoved down our throats which I very much appreciate! Pacing This story had a decent pace in the beginning while Zadie was in Trinnea. It was still faster than most stories while allowing detailed world building and character interaction while the reader figures out all the characters in play. Once the story shifts to the Labyrinth, I thought it had a faster pace and became more of a thrilling adventure with quiet spots here and there for more character backstory. Overall I really liked this story overall with it's magical setting, fast pace, thrilling Labyrinth adventure, twists, and characters you w
prissnavy01 More than 1 year ago
The Red Labyrinth is a face pace YA dystopian book. The characters are well developed, including the minor characters. The book does a great job dealing with PTSD and how being different has its good and bad. I will say that I enjoyed the book but my reason for giving it a 4 out of 5 is because of the fast pace. Some scenes just needed to be explored a little bit more. It felt like the author purposely skip the more details to get as much in as possible. Some of the ending I saw coming like who the leader was but not who the monster of the maze was. I also loved DEX and look forward to the next book to see what else he can do to save himself and Zadie. Zadie is the hero of the story. She is well rounded even though at times it felt like she wasn’t. Zadie spent her entire life from the age of 6 to current being called names, being spit at, and physically or verbally assaulted. That can affect a person’s self-image. She did a wonderful job overcoming it and realizing that blanks are the ones with all the power. I look forward to reading the next book. I was given an advance copy of the book for my honest review.
SkyeWright More than 1 year ago
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I was able to read this book in exchange for an honest review. *** The Red Labyrinth by Meredith Tate is a story about a girl, Zadie, who is a blank living in a world where that is basically a death sentence. Blanks, people born without skills, basically think x-men like powers?, are typically cast out of the desert town Zadie is from and into the wastes. Through years of hard work from her family and best friend Landon, Zadie was able to buy her citizenship back but is still very much a second rate citizen. Besides the danger of being a blank where the city guard even harass the blanks, inside the village things aren’t exactly safe. There is a maze between their village and the building their leader stays in. A maze that is very dangerous and houses the mysterious and deadly Dex. Many a person has gone into the maze and come out without their wits about them anymore, a skill attributed to Dex who has more rumors and assumptions about him than anything else. Dex who has been starting to wander further from the entrance of the maze to drag in blanks after him for some unknown but very feared reasons. Many people fear Dex for good reason, except Landon whose gone after those who’ve entered the maze and brought them back, mostly safe and in one piece. When Zadie wakes up one day to find her home turned completely upside down and Landon missing she realizes she needs to enter the maze if she’s going to make things right. She teams up with Dex but what does she have to fear more, the maze and it’s many traps or Dex? Big secrets are being kept and finding them out might be worse than the lie. ****** So, wow. Interesting read. I was largely drawn to it because it’s a book published under the Flux imprint, even if its not under the Flewellyn publishing house anymore, and I’m a huge fan and have yet to be disappointed by what they release. I’m around a 3.5 rating for this book. I think the world was interesting, but getting to things happening just seemed like it took so long and what kicked it off seemed a bit contrived I guess and considering what I learned at the ending I guess it fits. Zadie wasn’t exactly my favorite kind of character for the most part, but as you got closer to the end her real character started to show through more and really shone. Dex was an interesting guy with a lot of motive, depth and so many secrets. Landon surprised the heck out of me, I didn’t like him much at the beginning and still didn’t really like him at the end but boy can I admire his determination to make things happen. Also, if this book is not in fact the first in a series I’m going to go burn something very dramatically because that ending means I need answers. I will fight someone for answers.
rodeorocks13 More than 1 year ago
I think I found my favorite dystopian novel of 2019. The Red Labyrinth is fast paced and hard to put down. The story is so well put together with twists and turns. It keeps you guessing about where the story may go and about events that had happened in the past. The characters are just as well put together as the story. I feel fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games and the Grisha trilogy would enjoy this novel. I felt like rereading them all to help with the book hangover I was left with. At the same time I felt like The Red Labyrinth is its own stand out novel and a great start to a series. I'm really curious about the direction the rest of the series will take and I can't wait to read the next one. This story deserves to be a best seller in its genre. I loved this book so much. I received an advanced copy through netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
SchizanthusNerd More than 1 year ago
“I am brave. I am strong. And I am not afraid.” I always love the opportunity to cheer for an underdog. Zadie lives in Trinnea and is a Blank in a society dominated by people with Skills. Zadie’s family had to pay for her be allowed to live within the walls of Trinnea but she will never be considered equal to the Skilled, whose abilities range from super-hearing to telekinesis and levitation. “Blanks are considered abominations - genetic mistakes.” Traumatised by years of childhood slavery and abuse, and continually tormented and bullied by the Skilled, Zadie lives her life in fear. She’s loved her best friend and protector, Landon, for years, but then he disappears into the labyrinth and Zadie is the only person who can remember him. “No one who enters the maze comes out the same.” Zadie is determined to save her best friend but to do this she’ll need to team up with the Dex, the Devil of Trinnea, and find a way through the maze of the labyrinth. Zadie doesn’t know which will kill her first. I loved facing the dangers of the maze with Zadie and Dex, never knowing what challenge it would send their way next. Zadie’s tenacity despite her fear endeared her to me and her responses to trauma felt authentic. Throughout the book I kept thinking that Zadie had PTSD and although this is never stated, learning the author has a master’s degree in social work has only strengthened this belief. Regardless, Zadie’s determination inspired me. My favourite character was Dex. His complexity made me want to keep digging beneath the surface to find out more about his history, motivations and character. He did not let me down. I was engaged and entertained for the duration and enjoyed getting to know the main characters and their backgrounds. I didn’t have any problems navigating the transitions between the past and present, and felt the flashbacks added necessary background and context to the narrative. I was disappointed by one of Zadie’s decisions near the end of the book, even though I understood the reasons behind it. Her initial damsel in distress mode, where she had a practically pathological need to be saved by a man, made me cringe. I also found the sand guardian annoying at times. Overall though, these were only fairly minor quibbles in a book that pleasantly surprised me. I was torn between satisfied and frustrated by the way this book ended. While some answers are given, more questions do arise and there are plenty of loose ends, so a sequel feels inevitable. If there’d been a definite resolution for Dex then I probably would have been happy with a standalone. There’s definitely scope for a lot more to happen with Dex and Zadie, and there’s plenty more in this world to discover. I’ll be there for the sequel. Thank you so much to NetGalley and Flux, an imprint of North Star Editions, for the opportunity to read this book and discover a new (to me) author. I am rounding up from 4.5 stars.
tpolen More than 1 year ago
This book description reminded me of The Maze Runner, a novel I fell head over heels for and kept me guessing, and the cover really grabbed me. The world-building is creative, detailed, and pulled me in almost immediately. The Skilled, the Blanks, and the labyrinth housing the monster, Dex, and separating the town folk from the Creator held me spellbound. The author does a magnificent job explaining Zadie's world without an info dump. Zadie is also very likable, and has survived tragic circumstances in her past. I cringed more than once when reading about her interactions with the Warden. Landon is the stereotypical hero, and plays the role of rescuer and town hero very well. But by far, Dex is the most compelling, and multi-layered character. Honestly, if the author wrote a spin-off focusing on Dex's backstory, I'd snatch it up immediately. The story is well-paced, and the obstacles Zadie and Dex face in the labyrinth are dangerous, challenging, and, at times, heart-breaking. Everything was going smoothly - awesome world-building, life and death circumstances, intense action - until it became very obvious that one character isn't what the reader is led to believe. That's nothing new - it goes along with good storytelling. But the revelation is meant to be a twist towards the end, and some things just didn't ring true for me with this character early in the story. In scanning other reviewer comments, it didn't seem to come as a shock to them, either. If you're looking for an original YA dystopian/fantasy, The Red Labyrinth fits the bill nicely. Although the ending includes a cliffhanger, it wraps rather suddenly, and I'll definitely be adding the next book to my TBR. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.