The Reminder

The Reminder

by FeistFeist


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When Leslie Feist released her breakthrough album Let It Die, she became an indie icon almost instantly. Her pretty, sometimes melancholic love songs, her clear campfire voice, her vaguely jazz- and disco-influenced arrangements (highlighted no better than with her cover of the Bee Gees' "Inside and Out"), and her association with darlings Broken Social Scene wooed critics and music fans alike. Her follow-up, The Reminder, will serve as proof that Feist's success was no fluke, as the album contains more of the same sweet, introspective lyrics and chords that float around love and longing (or lack thereof) like cottonwood seeds in late spring. Because that's what The Reminder, like Let It Die, really is: a collection of warm, lazy music made for those summer afternoons that creep into evening before you realize it. Feist's voice is cleanly emotive as she sings lines like "There's a limit to your love/Like a waterfall in slow motion" (from "The Limit to Your Love"), "Piecemeal can break your home in half/A love is not complete with only heat" (from "Intuition"), or "Put your weight against the door/Kick drum on the basement floor" (from the upbeat "I Feel It All"), crooning confidently but with a weakness, a fragility that comes out during the most sentimental lines. But this can also be a drawback. At times, she borders on a kind of sappiness that seems better suited to Top 40 Matrix-produced pop songs than hipster-blog accolades. "We don't need to fight and cry/We, we could hold each other tight tonight," she breathes in the otherwise lovely "So Sorry," whose puerile rhymes are fortunately held up by the track's breezy sophistication. The same cannot be said however for "Brandy Alexander," which is too syrupy for its own sake (much like the drink on which it's based), with its repeated phrase "He's my Brandy Alexander" (juxtaposed with "I'm his Brandy Alexander") and "Goes down easy," as Motown-esque harmonies jump in to emphasize that last word. Why Feist, who displays her lyrical skills in tracks like "The Water," "My Moon My Man," and her reinterpretation of Nina Simone's "See-Line Woman" (incorrectly identified as "Sea Lion Woman"), "Sealion," believes it necessary to include such saccharine lines is confusing, and hints at the suspicion that while she undoubtedly enjoyed herself during the making The Reminder, she wasn't really challenging herself with the process. She follows the same path she took with Let It Die -- which, being as strong as it was, is certainly not the worst decision she could've made -- and does it well, which means that the album does end up a consistently good listen. But it also means that it's not much of a departure from what she's shown before. Who knows, Feist may be able to go on charming us by doing the same thing for eternity, but there may also come a point when we want something more, and it's still unclear if she'll be able to deliver it.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/01/2007
Label: Cherry Tree
UPC: 0602498474129
catalogNumber: 000881902
Rank: 60555

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Feist   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar
Julian Brown   Percussion,Electric Bass,Background Vocals,Melodica
Ben Mink   Acoustic Guitar,Strings,Rhythm Guitar,Guest Appearance
Gonzales   Drums
Jamie Lidell   Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals
Bryden Baird   Percussion,Trumpet,Flugelhorn,Background Vocals
Jesse Baird   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Erik Glambek Bøe   Vocals
Brendan Canning   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Charles Spearin   Track Performer,Guest Appearance
Ohad Benchetrit   Track Performer,Guest Appearance
Kevin Drew   Background Vocals,Guest Appearance
Mocky   Acoustic Bass
Afie Jurvanen   Guitar,Leader,Guest Appearance
Lori Gemmel   Harp,Guest Appearance
Gonzales   Organ,Percussion,Piano,Drums,Background Vocals,Vibes
Pierre-Luc Jamain   Organ,Bass,Guest Appearance
Town Hall   Percussion,Background Vocals
Mary Stein   Cello
Sandra Baron   Violin

Technical Credits

Ben Mink   Producer,Engineer
Andrew Whiteman   Melody Arrangement
Jamie Lidell   Arranger
Renaud Letang   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Leslie Feist   Composer
Ami Spishock   Management
Feist   Composer,Audio Production
Nathaniel Russell   Illustrations
Claire Bondu   Management,Melody Arrangement
Melinda Cody   Management
Gonzales   Producer
Dominic "Mocky" Salole   Composer
Jason "Gonzales" Charles Beck   Composer
Gonales   Audio Production

Customer Reviews

The Reminder 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Euphoria_May More than 1 year ago
This is a really good cd. I love, love, love, love, love 1234 and she is wonderful and a talented singer!
Guest More than 1 year ago
At its best, it's dreamy music with poetic lyrics. At its worst, it's childish rhymes with sugary music. Overall, there's enough songs I liked to make me want to own the CD, and I find myself singing quite a few of them throughout the day. Liked: The Park, My Moon My Man, The Water, 1234, Limit to Your Love, Honey Honey. Disliked: Brandy Alexander "it's the same three lines over and over to a slow sugarsticky tune," So Sorry "another too-sweet tune with moon/spoon/June rhymes." Too Close to Call: Sealion "really really long and repetitious, but energetic and you gotta love a song with "Sealion woman" in it."
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I first heard the name Feist for a band, I thought for sure that it was a hardcore emo punk band or some sort of sick joke. But I first heard their music when I saw their music video for the song "1234" on the internet. The video was flirty, fun, and fantastic. The song was incredibly happy and fantastic. If you would like a good comparison, think My Brightest Diamond meets Belle and Sebastian. Excellent album, and a must buy for everyone who's anyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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