The Right Way

The Right Way

by John Conley


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This is not a book about morality. It is not a book about good behavior versus bad behavior. This is a book about getting your desired result every single time; no matter how many times the task is done. In all things, there exists one procedure of action, which when done correctly and in its proper sequence, yields the result intended every single time. It is the job of a CEO, a football defensive coach, the dishwasher at a restaurant to develop procedures, that when followed step by step produce the desired result.

This book is saying that there is a procedure for winning Oscars; a procedure for the non-violent apprehension of an alleged criminal; a procedure to end wars, just as sure as there is a procedure for tying one's shoes with the result being a perfectly fastened bow every time .

This idea alone is very useful and by itself has the power to change someone's life. But when taken steps further, which will be done in this book, powerful method for action will result.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 52
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