The Road Ahead: Inspirational Stories of Open Hearts and Minds

The Road Ahead: Inspirational Stories of Open Hearts and Minds

by Jane Seymour


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How we handle life’s challenges—from medical crises to broken hearts to career failures—defines us as we face the road ahead.

Each of us knows the absolute joy that a new relationship, or the birth of a child, or fulfilling your heart’s desire can bring. But it’s the life events that aren’t so euphoric that test how we weather those storms.

Jane Seymour learned from her mother that, when your life is tough, the road becomes easier when you help others. In The Road Ahead, she shares inspirational stories from readers around the world who’ve overcome when the “happily ever after”—isn’t. Using a three-step process of


Unconditional forgiveness

Selfless acts of kindness

you can take heart as you face your road ahead.

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ISBN-13: 9781682614631
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication date: 12/05/2017
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 757,631
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

A multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner, recipient of the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in the year 2000, which was bestowed upon her by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, Jane Seymour has proven her talents in virtually all media, the Broadway stage, motion pictures and television. Her love of art and color has led to her great success as a painter in watercolors and oils, as a sculptor and as a designer.

Seymour’s past films include the James Bond movie Live and Let Die, the cult classic Somewhere in Time, and the comedy smash Wedding Crashers. Her television credits include the Emmy® Award winning performance in Onassis: The Richest Man in the World as Maria Callas, East of Eden for which she was awarded a Golden Globe®, the mini-series War and Remembrance and her Golden Globe® winning role as “Dr. Quinn” on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman which ran for six seasons.

In addition to acting, Seymour has written over a dozen books, including The Wave, Open Hearts Family, Among Angels, Open Hearts, Making Yourself At Home, and Remarkable Changes.

When she is not acting or writing Seymour can be found in her painting studio. An accomplished fine artist, her art serves as inspiration for Open Hearts by Jane Seymour®, a jewelry line she designs for KAY® Jewelers in the U.S., Peoples in Canada and H. Samuel in the UK. Seymour’s Open Heart philosophy reflects her mother’s philosophy that only when you keep your heart open can you best give and receive love. She has also launched Jane Seymour Designs, a national lifestyle brand inspired by her homes, fine art and family-centered life.

In 2010, Seymour founded the Open Hearts Foundation. The Foundation, based on selfless giving even in the face of adversity, is a social impact accelerator that is committed to empowering emerging and growing nonprofit organizations, whose origins and mission are consistent with the precepts of the Open Hearts philosophy. By providing expertise, resources and tools, the Foundation enables these nonprofits to not only raise their profile but also further their mission and objectives.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Foreword Kim Campbell xiii

Introduction xix

Part 1 Surviving Illness and Other Challenges 1

Follow Your Dreams 3

Don't Take a Single Second for Granted 5

Making a Difference with My Difference 6

Giving from the Heart Gives to the Soul 9

Take the Next Step 9

Nothing Will Deter Me 12

Making Someone Smile 13

Facing Struggles with Grace 13

Running to Help Others 17

One Path Ends and Another Begins 18

Surviving Abuse 20

My Heart Is Open to Everyone 20

A Lifetime of Self-Healing 21

Spreading Awareness and Hope 21

There Is Still So Much to Do 22

Painting Has Saved My Life 23

I Won't Quit My Fight 23

Asking for Help Is a Sign of Strength 23

Finish Your Race 28

A Community of Support and Information 30

Overcoming Chronic Pain 31

Stones in a Jar 35

The Power of Words 36

There Is Still Love in His Smiles 39

Becoming Purpose Driven 39

Creating Opportunities 40

Part 2 Families Come in Different Shapes and Sizes 43

Transforming a Child's Life and Helping the Family and Community 45

Staying in Touch 49

Caregiving 51

I Am Who I Am Because of My Family 52

My Adopted Grandma 54

Family of the Heart 55

The FIRM Believer's Club 56

We Hug and We Cry 56

Sharing My Life and Open Heart 57

Providing a Helping Hand 58

Caring for Others 59

Helping Others Communicate 59

Donating an Organ 60

The Grace of a Swan 61

Change One Little Thing for the Better 62

Never Give Up on Anything 62

Love, Forgive, and Move On 63

Generosity and Compassion 63

Journeying Through an Open Heart in Search of My Words 64

Part 3 Moving Past a Family Crisis 69

Be Open and Share Your Story 71

Just Keep Putting One Foot in Front of the Other 73

Learning the Art of Grieving 77

Helping Others Overcome Loss 81

The Shared Bond of Bereavement 82

Passing on Dad's Wisdom 83

Trying to Save Even One Life 83

A Journey of Loss and Restoration 84

Part 4 The Strength of Children and their Parents 87

Exceptional Minds for Exceptional Kids 89

Showing Endless Love to My Hero 94

A Child's Smile 95

Focus on What Can Be Done 95

A Miracle and Blessing 96

Celebrate the Little Things 96

One Day at a Time 98

Unconditional Love 101

Part 5 Faith 103

Life Is Too Short 105

I Am Here to Help Others 105

The Power of Prayer and Positive Thinking 106

Lighten Your Own Burden 106

A Small Group of Strangers Became Family 107

A Cinderella Story 109

There's No Blood Between Us Except the Blood of Jesus 115

With God's Help 117

Sisters Through an Orphanage 118

Love Is the Best Christmas Present 118

God's Joy 121

God Loves Everyone 126

Part 6 From Suffering to a Cause 131

Random Acts of Kindness 133

Keeping My Daughter's Dream Alive 135

Open to Possibilities, Not Limitations 140

The Baby Ring 141

Building a Support System for Caregivers 143

More Than a Place to Stay-A Community 148

The Impossible 150

A Bionic Teacher Passionate About STEM 152

In Honor of Young Heroes 153

Part 7 Self-Exploration and Survival 157

When You Are Falling, Dive Instead 159

Learning a New Language by Listening to the Radio 166

The Road to Freedom 168

Fostering A Dog Gave Me a Purpose 174

Journey to Forgiveness 176

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