The Robert Urich Story - An Extraordinary Life

The Robert Urich Story - An Extraordinary Life

by Joe Martelle


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Urich starred in a record 16 television series, including Vega$, Spenser: For Hire and the popular CBS mini-series Lonesome Dove.

However, Bob's greatest role as the author describes was

spokesperson for the American Cancer Society and his six-year

battle with cancer. Traveling across America, preaching the gospel of

survival, Robert Urich served as an inspiration to thousands dealing with their own

disease and urging them never to quit or give up hope for a cure.

Previously, unreleased family photo's capture touching moments of the

actor's life, including those taken during his final years.

Robert Urich's handsome face, complete with his boyish grin was

familiar to television viewers for well over 30 years, but until now, little

was known about his off-screen life, because of his intense privacy. His

personal life remained in the shadows. This in-depth biography reveals

everything you ever wanted to know about the actor's life and career.

A consummate professional, Urich shunned the Hollywood spotlight, but was

tenacious in his attempt to be the very best in everything he undertook. As

Martelle points out, "Bob was a really good guy, who loved acting, but loved

his family more." As you will read, Robert Urich did lead an extraordinary life

and his story told here will remain the definitive biography.

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