The Routledge Companion to Landscape Studies

The Routledge Companion to Landscape Studies

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This new edition of The Routledge Companion to Landscape Studies contains an updated and expanded selection of original chapters which explore research directions in an array of disciplines sharing a concern for ‘landscape’, a term which has many uses and meanings. It features 33 revised and/or updated chapters and 14 entirely new chapters on topics such as the Anthropocene, Indigenous landscapes, challenging landscape Eurocentrisms, photography and green infrastructure planning.

The volume is divided into four parts: Experiencing landscape; Landscape, heritage and culture; Landscape, society and justice; and Design and planning for landscape. Collectively, the book provides a critical review of the various fields related to the study of landscapes, including the future development of conceptual and theoretical approaches, as well as current empirical knowledge and understanding. It encourages dialogue across disciplinary barriers and between academics and practitioners, and reflects upon the implications of research findings for local, national and international policy in relation to landscape.

The Companion provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to current thinking about landscapes, and serves as an invaluable point of reference for scholars, researchers and graduate students alike.

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ISBN-13: 9781351762922
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 09/03/2018
Series: Routledge International Handbooks
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 618
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About the Author

Peter Howard is Visiting Professor of Cultural Landscape at Bournemouth University, UK.

Ian Thompson is Reader in Landscape Architecture at Newcastle University, UK.

Emma Waterton is Associate Professor in the Geographies of Heritage at Western Sydney University, Australia.

Mick Atha is an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Archaeology and Landscape Studies in the Department of Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Mick Atha, Peter Howard, Ian Thompson and Emma Waterton

Fitting into Country. Deborah Bird Rose

Chapter 1 A Brief History of Landscape Research. Marc Antrop


Chapter 2 Landscape Perception and Environmental Psychology. Catharine Ward-Thompson

Chapter 3 Aesthetic Appreciation of Landscape. Isis Brook

Chapter 4 Perceptual Lenses. Peter Howard

Chapter 5 Postenvironmental Landscapes in the Anthropocene. Werner Krauss

Chapter 6 Landscape Semiotics. Kati Lindström, Hannes Palang, Kalevi Kull

Chapter 7 More-Than-Representational Landscapes. Emma Waterton

Chapter 8 Learning a Landscape: Enskilment, Pedagogy and a Sense of Place. Brian Wattchow and Alex Prins.

Chapter 9 Ephemeral Landscapes. Mick Atha

Chapter 10 Landscape and Phenomenology. John Wylie

Chapter 11 Anthropocene Landscapes. Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton


Chapter 12 Landscape Archaeology. Sam Turner, Lisa-Marie Shillito, Francesco Carrer

Chapter 13 Historic Landscapes. Jonathan Finch

Chapter 14 Landscape and Heritage: Emerging Landscapes of Heritage. David Harvey and Tim Wilkinson

Chapter 15 Valuing the Whole Historic Landscape. Peter Herring

Chapter 16 Picturing Landscape. Harriet Hawkins

Chapter 17 Land, Art. Venda Pollock

Chapter 18 The Field and the Frame: Landscape, Film and Popular. John & Margaret Gold

Chapter 19 Landscape and Photography. Ian Thompson and Peter Howard

Chapter 20 New Directions in the Literary Representation of Landscape. Richard Kerridge

Chapter 21 Landscape, Music and Sonic Environments. George Revill


Chapter 22 Reclaiming Landscape: Coastal Reclamations Before and During the Anthropocene. Denis Byrne

Chapter 23 "You Whitefellas Pull It All Apart": Epistemic Learnings in Exploring Landscape. John Bradley and Amanda Kearney

Chapter 24 Navigating the Global, the Regional and the Local: Researching Globalisation and Landscape. Jacky Bowring

Chapter 25 Challenging Landscape Eurocentrisms. Ken Taylor and Qing Xu

Chapter 26 Landscape and Identity in the Century of the Migrant. Shelley Egoz

Chapter 27 Therapeutic Landscapes. Karolina Doughty

Chapter 28 Landscape and Tourism. Michelle M. Metro-Roland and Simona Soica

Chapter 29 Landscapes of Leisure: A View Worth Seeing? Sean Gammon and Sam Elkington

Chapter 30 The Law of Landscape and the Landscape of Law: The ‘Things’ that Matter. Kenneth R. Olwig

Chapter 31 Researching the Economics of Landscape. Colin Price

Chapter 32 Landscape and Participation. Maggie Roe

Chapter 33 Landscape and Social Justice. Gunhild Setten, Katrina Myrvang Brown and Hilde Nymoen Rørtveit

Chapter 34 Landscape and Memory. Sarah De Nardi and Danielle Drozdzewski

Chapter 35 The Temporality of Post-Disaster Landscapes. Hayley Saul


Chapter 36 Landscape and Climate Change. Catherine Leyshon,Hilary Geoghegan and Calum Harvey-Scholes

Chapter 37 (Re)creating Wilderness: Rewilding and Habitat Restoration. Steve Carver

Chapter 38 Landscape and Ecology: the Need for a Holistic Approach to the Conservation of Habitats and Biota. Louis F Cassar

Chapter 39 Landscape Design. Susan Herrington

Chapter 40 Post-industrial Landscapes: Evolving Concepts. Wolfram Höfer & Vera Vicenzotti

Chapter 41 Visualizing Landscapes. Lewis Gill and Eckhart Lange

Chapter 42 Peri-urban Landscape Studies. Mattias Qvistrom

Chapter 43 Landscape Planning: Reflections on the Past, Directions for the Future. Sue Kidd

Chapter 44 Landscape and Environmental Ethics. Ian Thompson

Chapter 45 On the Concept of Landscape in Landscape Urbanism. Vera Vicenzotti

Chapter 46 Landscape Character Assessment. Graham Fairclough, Ingrid Sarlov Herlin, Carys Swanwick

Chapter 47 Green Infrastructure: Definitions and Functions in Planning Praxis. Ian Mell

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"This is a marvellous collection of critical essays which captures the complex interactions we have with landscape; written by leaders in the field it encourages us to reflect on how we perceive, inhabit, manage and belong to landscapes, how they can delight and affect us through their interwoven narratives. The multiple perspectives provided here will enlighten and fascinate anyone interested in this multifaceted field." Professor Peter Davis, School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University.

"This diverse and richly textured collection offers a kaleidoscope of landscape understanding-each essay glistening with insight, reflecting and refracting the other contributions. The companion will be a valued resource for landscape scholars and students across a range of disciplines, and is a welcome synthesis of recent thinking about the complex but vital phenomenon of landscape." Professor Simon Swaffield, School of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln University, New Zealand.

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