The Science of Life and Evolution

The Science of Life and Evolution

by John Adrian LeRoy


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This book talks about the scientific processes involved with the matter of our being and how we are evolved, as are all species when their DNA molecules react to the effects of their incoming environment and are dealt with.

Some billions of years ago, DNA molecules not only came into being in the right conditions—including the presence of five elements (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and phosphorous) and a moist environment when an enzyme-assisted chemical process resulted in them becoming established, but additionally, they were activated by the damaging effects of incoming environmental-related energy pulses causing a vibrational response to occur. (The physical phenomenon of vibration and resonance is the most common in the universe.) The DNA molecules suffered controlled physical damage during this process, but by a hit-and-miss replacement procedure, they were and are adapted by way of adjustments to the individual coding of the DNA nucleotide pairs making up the molecule, which eventually becomes part of the gene, resulting in an electrical-generation force-field activated output (protein, hormones, etc.) being initiated from the cells that resulted in the protection of the DNA molecules from the incoming environmental energy pulse impacts but also resulted in these protective outputs from the cells becoming the physical attributes of the species that allow it, the specimen, to survive in its particular environment.

Eukaryotic, multicell species developed when a single cell, prokaryotic species invaded another that had been invaded by a single mitochondria cell that was adept at reducing sugar molecules and releasing energy pulses and energy that was available for the combined cell’s utilisation. These combined cells with energy pulses and energy available twenty-four hours a day for processes then took off.

With an understanding of physics, electrical engineering, etc., it became possible to establish the functioning of cells, differentiation of cells, etc., and with that the causes of genetic problems such as cancer development, MS, diabetes, etc.

A similar record-based process results in the brain glia cells utilising “junk” DNA nucleotide pairs to guide mental reactions, leading to survival in the environment.

The question then is we survive but what are we?

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