The Scriptures, The Prophets and Paul Who Really Was He?

The Scriptures, The Prophets and Paul Who Really Was He?

by Thomas L. Cossette


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The Scriptures, The Prophets and Paul Who Really Was He?

Is a critical analysis study of Paul's testimony compared against Jesus'(Yehoshva') testimony.

Analyzed simply on its merit and tesed on content, without giving Paul the status he gives himself. A status which the true apostles never endorsed or recognized. All recognition in Paul's case is what he testifies of himself. None of which is ever acknowledged by the true apostles, Yehoshva, or the prophets. What it comes down to is, Paul relies on the ignorance of the unlearned to advance his counterfit gospel. And instruct his disciples to avoid entering into discussion and deliberation of the law and the prophets.

This book proves beyoned a shadow of a doubt that Paul was sent by the Pharisee Gamaliel as a maligant virus to infect the body of Christ. When his true motives were discovered by John, James and the other faithful disciples, he is expelled from the church. (Paul's own testimony verifies this, that he was expelled from all the churchs of Asia.)

This book describes in detail how Paul lays out his snare of dissimulation. Paul and his minions fuse his testimony in with the true testimonies calling his own version the "Word of God", to avoid its rejection. Using fear of standing againt the "Word of God" as his greatest weapon. While all the time throwing to truth to the ground. A must read for all that love and seek to know the truth.

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