The Seasons of the Robin

The Seasons of the Robin

by Don Grussing

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In a small nest in a large oak tree, the drama begins. A young American Robin breaks open his shell and emerges into a world that will provide the warmth of sunny days and the life-threatening chill of cold, rainy nights; the satisfaction of a full stomach and the danger of sudden predator attacks; and the chance to mature into an adult robin who'll begin the cycle of life all over again come next spring.

In The Seasons of the Robin, Don Grussing tells the uncommon life story of one of the most common birds, the North American Robin. Written as fiction to capture the high drama that goes on unnoticed right outside our windows, the book follows a young male robin through the first year of life. From his perspective, we experience many common episodes of a bird's life—struggling to get out of the egg; awkwardly attempting to master flight; learning to avoid predators; migrating for the first time; returning home; establishing a territory; finding a mate; and beginning the cycle again. This creative approach of presenting natural history through a fictional, yet factually based, story allows us to experience the spine-tingling, nerve-wracking, adrenaline-flowing excitement that is so much a part of the life of every wild thing. As Don Grussing concludes in his preface, "Once you experience the world through a robin's eyes, I hope you'll look at every wild thing with new appreciation and respect for what they accomplish by living."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780292779150
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication date: 01/01/2010
Series: Mildred Wyatt-Wold Series in Ornithology
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 158
File size: 392 KB

About the Author

DON GRUSSING has been an avid outdoors enthusiast since childhood and has maintained bluebird and wood duck trails for most of his adult life. He has published articles on birds in regional and national magazines, including National Wildlife and Field & Stream, and also self-published the book, How to Control House Sparrows.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Part 1. Infancy
    • Chapter 1: Spring
    • Chapter 2: Spring
    • Chapter 3: Spring
    • Chapter 4: Spring
    • Chapter 5: Spring
    • Chapter 6: Spring
  • Part 2. Adolescence
    • Chapter 7: Summer
    • Chapter 8: Summer
    • Chapter 9: Summer
    • Chapter 10: Fall
    • Chapter 11: Fall
    • Chapter 12: Fall
    • Chapter 13: Fall
    • Chapter 14: Winter
    • Chapter 15: Spring
  • Part 3. Adulthood
    • Chapter 16: Spring
    • Chapter 17: Spring
    • Chapter 18: Spring
    • Chapter 19: Spring
    • Chapter 20: Spring
    • Chapter 21: Spring
    • Chapter 22: Spring
    • Chapter 23: Spring
    • Chapter 24: Spring
    • Chapter 25: Spring
    • Chapter 26: Spring

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