The Singing Ranger, Vol. 3

The Singing Ranger, Vol. 3

by Hank SnowHank Snow

CD(Box Set)

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This is the third collection of Hank Snow's recordings issued by Bear Family, and covers a period not generally considered to encompass his biggest hit-making years (1958-1969, with some tracks from 1974 added for perverse measure). Yet he still managed to record some 320 songs, own two radio stations and two publishing companies, and open a music store and a music school! This third box set in the Snow legacy is staggering in scope. It contains 12 CDs, packed full, a book of rare interview dialogue with Snow, complete session works, and so many rare photographs they will leave the prospective buyer agape. The sound is pristine and painstakingly mastered, and the presentation is sublime. This is one of those sets that Bear Family does -- like the other two -- that makes a music fan wonder why other companies even bother to reissue archival material at all. As for the music itself, along with some of the most adventurous material Snow ever recorded, there are 14 completely unissued tracks --12 from the years that span the time frame of the box and two from a 1974 session added as a bonus. These were the years that Snow felt perhaps the most conflicted about the changes in Nashville, but nonetheless tried to ride the countrypolitan wave without selling his soul. By the sound of these masters, he was very successful. Along with his entire second tribute to Jimmie Rodgers called Hank Snow Sings Jimmie Rodgers Songs (with clarinet and trumpet to add to the author's jazz arrangements, from which, fantastically, no singles were ever issued), there are also two year's worth of material, from both 1959 and 1960, where Snow never recorded anything but singles! These tracks include Leon Payne's "I Heard My Heart Break Last Night," J.D. Loudermilk's "Father Time and Mother Love," Ted Harris' "Chasin' a Rainbow," "The Last Ride," "The Tramp's Story," and Cowboy Jack Clement's "The Man Behind the Gun," as well as some stunning instrumentals for B-sides, like "Hawaiian Sunset" and "Casey's Washerwoman Boogie" (with the Rainbow Ranch Boys). Also included is one of the most moving of Snow's originals, co-written with M.I. MacIntyre, called "My Nova Scotia Home." But it was in the year that Snow began recording albums again that things really got interesting for a number of reasons: first, his -- and Chet Atkins' -- choice in material for the period, and second, the variety of settings Snow found himself working in. Among the most satisfying and revelatory examples of his ability to put country-styled R&B across with a stripped-down band of just himself and Sleepy McDaniels on bass are "Life Time Blues" and "Sleepy Maple Leaves." The bigger-band material is also phenomenal, when one considers that Atkins was hiring people like Tompall Glaser, Velma Smith, Howard White, and Roy Huskey to play on Snow's sessions that early on. There are the usual barflies as well, among them Floyd Cramer, Chubby Wise, Gene Martin, and Doug Kirkham, too. Materially, from Payne's "I Love You Because" and Don Gibson's "A Legend in My Time" to "Fraulein," Marty Robbins' "I'll Go on Alone," and Webb Pierce's "That Heart Belongs to Me," Snow was deepening the grain of his country music background with slicker players. And it makes for an interesting dichotomy. But Snow was not immune to the 1960s. As the years roll on, listeners hear the sessions becoming more and more complex and the material expanding to include borderline pop songs. The rub is that Snow's voice was so fine in interpreting them, and in capturing their grain inside his own. There is Lieber & Stoller material here in "The Man Who Robbed the Bank at Santa Fe," as well as Billy and Bud Mize's "Call of the Wild," Marvin Rainwater's "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird," Buddy Knox's "Hula Love," Loudermilk's darkness-drenched "Break My Mind," John Hartford's "Gentle on My Mind" (a great version, too), an album of material by the poet Robert Service (!), a choogling little Christmas album, and the best train song album ever made. Along with these aberrations are the classic cowboy songs, train songs, love songs, geographical ballads and anthems, and historically sound country tunes that built the stature of the music. Snow was entrenched but had an open mind -- more open than most, anyway. Ultimately, the '60s proved to be fertile for Snow, more fertile than he could have imagined at the time, partially because he was frighteningly engaged in living it, and partially because he didn't experience the same chart success he had in the '50s, though it was by no means a failed run commercially. These recordings help to fill out the portrait of one of the most vital artists to ever make it out of Nashville, and who remained true to his country roots to the end, no matter how adventurous and experimental his muse got. This is essential Snow, anyway you cut it.

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Release Date: 06/27/1994
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127155023
catalogNumber: 15502
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Disc 1

  1. Casey Jones Was His Name
  2. Southbound
  3. The Streamlined Cannonball
  4. Lonesome Whistle
  5. Waiting for a Train
  6. The Wreck of the Number Nine
  7. Pan American
  8. Big Wheels
  9. Ghost Trains
  10. Chattanooga Choo Choo
  11. The Last Ride
  12. The Crazy Engineer
  13. One More Ride
  14. Wreck of the Old '97
  15. Crazy Little Train of Love
  16. Any Old Time
  17. Groundhog Rootin' In My Backyard
  18. Travellin' Blues
  19. Never No Mo' Blues
  20. Gambling Polka Dot Blues
  21. You and My Old Guitar
  22. Roll Along Kentucky Moon
  23. Moonlight and Skies
  24. The One Rose (That's Left in My Heart)
  25. Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
  26. Down the Old Road to Home
  27. I'm Sorry We Met

Disc 2

  1. Chasin' a Rainbow
  2. The Last Ride
  3. Doggone That Train
  4. Father Time and Mother Love
  5. I Heard My Heart Break Last Night
  6. Walkin' and Talkin'
  7. Rockin' Rollin' Ocean
  8. Miller's Cave
  9. Dreamer's Island
  10. The Change of the Tide
  11. I'm Movin' On
  12. The Golden Rocket
  13. My Mother
  14. I Don't Hurt Anymore
  15. Conscience I'm Guilty
  16. I'm Asking for a Friend
  17. Bluebird Island
  18. (Now and Then There's) a Fool Such as I
  19. Marriage Vow
  20. With This Ring I Thee Wed
  21. Rockin' Rollin' Ocean
  22. My Nova Scottia Home
  23. The Tramp's Story
  24. Life Time Blues
  25. Maple Leaves
  26. Casey's Washerwoman Boogie
  27. Hawaiian Sunset

Disc 3

  1. The Man Who Robbed the Bank at Santa Fe
  2. The Man Behind the Gun
  3. The Restless One
  4. Call of the Wild
  5. (Town of) Laredo
  6. Way out There
  7. Patanio (The Pride of the Plains)
  8. Queen of Draw Poker Club
  9. On the Rhythm Range
  10. Chant of the Wanderer
  11. The Wayward Wind
  12. Following the Sun All Day
  13. The Texas Plains
  14. Patanio (The Pride of the Plains)
  15. Teardrops in My Heart
  16. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  17. Heartbreak Trail
  18. Cool Water
  19. Ridin' Home
  20. At the Rainbow's End

Disc 4

  1. Ninety Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)
  2. My Memories of You
  3. The Wishing Well (Down in the Well)
  4. I Stepped over the Line
  5. Ninety Days
  6. The Wedding Picture
  7. I've Cried a Mile
  8. Listen
  9. Friend
  10. When Today Is a Long Time Ago
  11. Black Diamond
  12. Ancient History
  13. You're Losing Your Baby
  14. You're the Reason
  15. It's a Little More Like Heaven
  16. I Went to Your Wedding
  17. Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet
  18. Blue Roses
  19. Human
  20. Breakfast with the Blues
  21. Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts
  22. Let Me Go Lover
  23. Tangled Mind
  24. The Next Voice You Hear
  25. Stolen Moments
  26. The Gal Who Invented Kissin'
  27. The Gold Rush Is Over
  28. Just a Faded Petal from a Beautiful Bouquet
  29. A Letter from Vietnam (To Mother)

Disc 5

  1. Poor Little Jimmie
  2. Beggar to a King
  3. The Count Down
  4. Down at the Pawnshop
  5. I Know
  6. You Take the Future (And I'll Take the Past)
  7. Dog Bone
  8. If I Try Hard Enough
  9. You're Losing Your Baby
  10. Poison Love
  11. A Legend in My Time
  12. Bury Me Deep
  13. Fraulein
  14. Mansion on the Hill
  15. Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
  16. A Petal from a Faded Rose
  17. Return to Me
  18. That Heart Belongs to Me
  19. I'll Go on Alone
  20. I Care No More
  21. I Love You Because
  22. Address Unknown
  23. The Rhumba Boogie
  24. Music Makin' Mamma from Memphis
  25. The Change of the Tide
  26. These Hands
  27. Born for You
  28. The Late and Great Love (Of My Heart)
  29. Who Will Answer? (Aleluya No. 1)

Disc 6

  1. Promised to John
  2. If Today Were Yesterday
  3. For Sale
  4. Rose of Old Monterey
  5. My Adobe Hacienda
  6. I Never Will Marry
  7. Mockin' Bird Hill
  8. No Letter Today
  9. I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair
  10. If It's Wrong to Love You
  11. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  12. Let's Pretend
  13. A Pair of Broken Hearts
  14. I've Been Everywhere
  15. Jamaica Farewell
  16. The Blue Canadian Rockies
  17. Geisha Girl
  18. When It's Springtime in Alaska (It's Forty Below)
  19. Galway Bay
  20. My Filipino Rose
  21. Lili Marlene
  22. Melba from Melbourne
  23. The Atlantic Coastal Line
  24. Isle of Sicily
  25. The Gypsy and Me
  26. I Ain't Been Anywhere

Disc 7

  1. Sonny Boy
  2. Indian Love Call
  3. Unchained Melody
  4. Beautiful Dreamer
  5. My Isle of Golden Dreams
  6. Brahms' Lullaby
  7. Blue Tango
  8. Dark Moon
  9. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be with You)
  10. In an Old Dutch Garden (By an Old Dutch Mill)
  11. I Can't Stop Loving You
  12. The Convict and the Rose
  13. Limbo Rock
  14. Hold Me Tight
  15. Tammy
  16. Jamaica Farewell
  17. Everybody Does It in Hawaii
  18. I Saw the Light
  19. The Green Leaves of Summer
  20. Difficult
  21. Wheels
  22. Tiptoeing
  23. The Waltz You Saved for Me
  24. Lay My Head Beneath the Rose
  25. Whispering Hope
  26. Wabash Blues
  27. Sentimental Journey
  28. Am I Losing You?
  29. I Get the Blues When It Rains
  30. Sweet Marie
  31. Birth of the Blues

Disc 8

  1. White Christmas
  2. Little Stranger (In a Manger)
  3. Christmas Roses
  4. Silent Night
  5. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S
  6. White Christmas
  7. Blue Christmas
  8. The Reindeer Boogie
  9. Frosty the Snowman
  10. Christmas Wants
  11. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  12. God Is My Santa Claus
  13. The Christmas Cannonball
  14. A Letter to Santa Claus
  15. Nestor, the Long Eared Christmas Donkey
  16. The Face on the Barroom Floor
  17. Dangerous Dan Mcgrew
  18. The Cremation of Sam McGee
  19. The Spell of the Yukon
  20. The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
  21. Ballad of One Eyed Mike
  22. The Ballad of Hard Luck Henry
  23. My Friends

Disc 9

  1. He'll Understand and Say Well Done
  2. I Saw a Man
  3. A Rich Man Am I
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. I'm Movin' on to Glory
  6. Gloryland March
  7. Farther Along
  8. Invisible Hands
  9. The Last Mile of the Way
  10. Sweet Hour of Prayer
  11. These Things Shall Pass
  12. His Hands
  13. What Then
  14. Lord's Way of Saying Goodnight
  15. Dear Lord, Remember Me
  16. I See Jesus
  17. My Religion's Not Old Fashioned (But It's Real Genuine)
  18. I'm Glad I'm on the Inside Looking Out
  19. The Runt
  20. How Big Is God?
  21. Shopworn
  22. A Man Who Is Wise
  23. This Train
  24. I'll Go Marching into Glory
  25. I'd Rather Be on the Inside Looking Out
  26. Lord It's Me Again
  27. Lord I Do Believe
  28. A Rich Man Am I
  29. What Then

Disc 10

  1. Learnin' a New Way of Life
  2. Wildflower
  3. Little Joe
  4. Put Your Arms Around Me
  5. The Color Song
  6. Your Little Band of Gold
  7. The Prisoner's Dream
  8. The Answer to Little Blossom
  9. There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
  10. Old Rover
  11. Mother I Thank You (For the Bible You Gave)
  12. The Prisoner's Song
  13. Walking the Last Mile
  14. Rocking Alone in an Old Rocking Chair
  15. Lonesome 7-7203
  16. She Wears My Ring
  17. White Silver Sands
  18. Trouble in Mind
  19. Mary Ann Regrets
  20. Six Days on the Road
  21. Bummin' Around
  22. From a Jack to a King
  23. Gonna Fina Me a Bluebird
  24. Sweet Lies
  25. In the Misty Moonlight
  26. Handcuffed to Love
  27. What More Can I Say?
  28. I Wish My Heart Could Talk

Disc 11

  1. Hula Love
  2. Cry My Guitar, Cry On
  3. Beyond the Reef
  4. To You Sweetheart, Aloha
  5. Oahu Rose
  6. Blue for Old Hawaii
  7. Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
  8. Hawaiian Cowboy
  9. My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii
  10. On the Beach in Waikiki
  11. Trade Winds
  12. Hawaiian Sunset
  13. Pearly Shells
  14. On That Old Hawaiian Shore with You
  15. Now Is the Hour
  16. Tears in the Tradewinds
  17. King's Serenade
  18. The Whispering Tradewinds
  19. Spanish Fireball
  20. Cross the Brazos at Waco
  21. El Paso
  22. Caribbean
  23. Senorita Rosalita
  24. Cuba Rhumba
  25. Nuevo Laredo
  26. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be with You)
  27. Blue Rose of the Rio
  28. Maria Elena
  29. Among My Souvenirs

Disc 12

  1. Miami Snow
  2. Springtime in the Rockies
  3. Blossoms in the Springtime
  4. At the First Fall of Snow
  5. Snowbird
  6. The Seasons
  7. Roses in the Snow
  8. Flying South
  9. January
  10. You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May
  11. Peach Picking Time Down in Georgia
  12. All Nite Cafe
  13. The Tip of My Fingers
  14. He Dropped the World in My Hands
  15. Blue Blue Day
  16. It Kinda Reminds Me of Me
  17. All the Time
  18. Blue Side of Lonesome
  19. There Goes My Everything
  20. Once More You're Mine Again
  21. A Million and One
  22. Green, Green Grass of Home
  23. A Wound Time Can't Erase
  24. I Just Wanted to Know (How the Wind Was Blowing)
  25. Cure for the Blues
  26. That's When the Hurtin' Sets In
  27. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
  28. The Name of the Game Was Love
  29. Adios Amigo

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Hank Snow   Primary Artist
Chet Atkins   Guitar,Leader
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Hank Garland   Guitar
Johnny Gimble   Fiddle,Guitar
Buddy Spicher   Guitar
Ray Stevens   Organ,Trumpet,Vibes
Lenny Breau   Guitar
Lloyd Green   Steel Guitar
Anita Kerr   Choir, Chorus
Grady Martin   Guitar
Wade Ray   Fiddle
Anita Carter   Vocals
Howard White   Guitar
Martin Katahn   Violin
Gary McSpadden   Choir, Chorus
Mother Maybelle Carter   Autoharp,Choir, Chorus
Anita Kerr Singers   Choir, Chorus
Joe Babcock   Choir, Chorus
Byron Bach   Cello
Brenton Banks   Violin
George Binkley   Violin
Harold Bradley   Guitar,Ukulele
Larry Butler   Piano
Kenny Buttrey   Drums
Jerry Carrigan   Drums
June Carter Cash   Choir, Chorus
Floyd Chance   Bass
Marvin Chantry   Violin,Viola
Ray Edenton   Rhythm Guitar
Dolores Edgin   Choir, Chorus
Solie Fott   Violin
Melvin Gentry   Steel Guitar
Buddy Harman   Drums
Hoyt Hawkins   Choir, Chorus
Lillian Hunt   Violin
Roy M. "Junior" Husky   Bass
Jim Isbell   Drums
Douglas Kirkham   Drums
Millie Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
Sheldon Kurland   Violin
Rufus Long   Clarinet,Flute
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Armando Morales   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Moss   Guitar
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
June Page   Choir, Chorus
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Organ,Piano
Kayton Roberts   Rhythm Guitar,Steel Guitar
Jerry Shook   Guitar
Velma Smith   Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Stembridge   Guitar
Henry Strzelecki   Bass
Bobby Thompson   Guitar
Gary VanOsdale   Viola
D. Bergen White   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Whitehurst   Piano
Robert Chubby Wise   Fiddle
Paul Yandell   Guitar
Joe Zinkan   Bass
Cecil Brower   Violin
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Herman Wade   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Howard Carpenter   Violin,Viola
Farris Coursey   Drums
Louis Dunn   Drums
Priscilla Ann Hubbard   Choir, Chorus
Elbert Raymond "Dutch" McMillin   Clarinet,Trumpet
Bob Moore   Bass
Akira Nagai   Violin
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Choir, Chorus
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Helen Carter   Choir, Chorus
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Ray C. Walker   Choir, Chorus
Henry Slaughter   Organ
Joseph Hale III Talbot   Steel Guitar
Jerry G. Kennedy   Guitar
William Guilford Wright   Choir, Chorus
Clarence E. Snow   Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Marvin H. Hughes   Piano,Vibes
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Gene Martin   Guitar
L. Cruser   Vibes
Harold E. Cruthirds   Cello
Carl Garvin   Clarinet
Kenneth Goldsmith   Violin
John W. Greubel   Drums
Arthur Hoak   Bass
William R. McElhiney   Trumpet
William Witney Purcell   Piano
Harvey Wolfe   Cello
Jimmie Rodgers Snow   Leader,Vocals
Joseph W. Tanner   Guitar
Byron Williams   Violin
Robert R. Wise   Fiddle
William Paul Ackerman   Drums
Jake Hess   Choir, Chorus
Martin Kathan   Violin
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters   Steel Guitar
Bobby Joe Wright   Bass
Bill Walker   Percussion,Leader,Vibes
Richard Farrell Morris   Percussion,Marimbas,Vibes
David Briggs   Piano
Evangel Temple Choir   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

John Starling   Composer
Rudolf Friml   Composer
Chet Atkins   Composer,Producer
Johnny Horton   Composer
Jimmie Rodgers   Composer
Hank Snow   Composer,Producer,Illustrations
Leroy Anderson   Composer
Buddy Knox   Composer
Rex Allen   Composer
Wayne King   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Paul Roberts   Composer
Freddie Hart   Composer
Carson Robison   Composer
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Burgess   Composer
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Traditional   Composer
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