The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen

The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen


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2018 James Beard Award Winner: Best American Cookbook

Named one of the Best Cookbooks of 2017 by NPR, The Village Voice, Smithsonian Magazine, UPROXX, New York Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Mpls. St. PaulMagazine and others

Here is real food—our indigenous American fruits and vegetables, the wild and foraged ingredients, game and fish. Locally sourced, seasonal, “clean” ingredients and nose-to-tail cooking are nothing new to Sean Sherman, the Oglala Lakota chef and founder of The Sioux Chef. In his breakout book, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, Sherman shares his approach to creating boldly seasoned foods that are vibrant, healthful, at once elegant and easy. 

Sherman dispels outdated notions of Native American fare—no fry bread or Indian tacos here—and no European staples such as wheat flour, dairy products, sugar, and domestic pork and beef. The Sioux Chef’s healthful plates embrace venison and rabbit, river and lake trout, duck and quail, wild turkey, blueberries, sage, sumac, timpsula or wild turnip, plums, purslane, and abundant wildflowers. Contemporary and authentic, his dishes feature cedar braised bison, griddled wild rice cakes, amaranth crackers with smoked white bean paste, three sisters salad, deviled duck eggs, smoked turkey soup, dried meats, roasted corn sorbet, and hazelnut-maple bites.

The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen is a rich education and a delectable introduction to modern indigenous cuisine of the Dakota and Minnesota territories, with a vision and approach to food that travels well beyond those borders.

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ISBN-13: 9780816699797
Publisher: University of Minnesota Press
Publication date: 10/10/2017
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 21,526
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Chef Sean Sherman was born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, and has been cooking in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Montana for the past twenty-seven years. He works as a caterer and food educator across the country through his business The Sioux Chef, based in South Minneapolis. He has earned plaudits and profiles in such venues as National Public Radio, Guardian UK, Saveur, and the New York Times

Beth Dooley is author of many award-winning cookbooks, including Savory Sweet: Simple Preserves from a Northern Kitchen, Minnesota’s Bounty: The Farmers Market Cookbook, and The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook, all published by the University of Minnesota Press. She has also written a memoir, In Winter’s Kitchen: Growing Roots and Breaking Bread in the Northern Heartland.  

Table of Contents



How to Use This Book

(Not) Frybread

Fields and Gardens

Roasted Corn with Wild Green Pesto

Three Sisters Summertime Salad with Smoked Trout

Wojape Mint Sauce

Locavores and Trade-a-vores

Salad of Griddled Squash, Apples, Wild Greens, and Toasted Walnuts

Maple Vinaigrette

Spring Salad with Tamarack Honey Drizzle


Deviled Duck Eggs

Duck Egg Aioli

Wild Green Pesto

Wild Greens

Stuffed Squash Blossoms 

Corn Mushrooms

Sautéed Corn Mushrooms with Fresh Corn and Fried Sage

Braised Sunflowers (or Sunchokes)

Griddled Maple Squash

Gete Okosomin—Big Old Squash

Cedar Braised Beans


Crispy Bean Cakes

Three Sisters Mash

Smoked Whitefish and White Bean Spread


Maple-Sage Roasted Vegetables

The Language of Corn

Simple Corn Cakes with Assorted Toppings

Blue Corn Cake Variation

Hominy Cakes


Kneel Down Bread

Sioux Chef Tamales

Old-fashioned Cornmeal Mush with Poached Eggs


Amaranth Crackers

Wild Rice Cakes 

Sorrel Sauce

Summer’s Vegetable Soup with Wild Greens

Missouri River Pozole

Hearty Mushroom, Sweet Potato, and Bean Soup

Fish Head and Wild Rice Soup

White Bean and Winter Squash Soup

Wozupi—An Indigenous Farm of the Mdewakanton Tribe, Minnesota

Smoked Turkey and Acorn Soup

Squash and Apple Soup with Cranberry Coulis

Black Bean and Yucca Soup with Warming Spices

Prairies and Lakes

Wild Rice

Real Wild Rice

Tatanka Truck Fried Wild Rice Bowl

Wild Rice Pilaf with Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Chestnuts, and Dried Cranberries


Timpsula Cakes with Cedar Braised Beans


Smoked Whitefish or Trout


Wild Rice Crusted Walleye

Red Lake Walleye—the Good Fish Story

Herb-roasted Fish

Tatanka Truck Sunflower Crusted Trout

Maple-Juniper Roast Pheasant

Grouse with Cranberry and Sage

Sweet and Sour Roast Goose with Autumn Squash and Cranberries

Seared Duck Breast with Cider Glaze

Sage and Rosehip Roasted Duck

Crispy Duck Legs

Rendering Duck or Goose Fat

Duck Pate, Preserved Apple Stock, and Dried Apple

Duck and Wild Rice Pemmican

Smoked Duck or Pheasant

Roast Turkey, Wild Onions, Maple Squash, and Cranberry Coulis

Maple-brined Smoked Turkey

Cider Braised Turkey Thighs


Old-fashioned Rabbit Stew

Rabbit Braised with Apples and Mint


Bison Tartar

The Noble Way to Hunt

Bison Ribs

Braising, an Ancient Method

Cedar Braised Bison

Grilled Bison Skewers with Wojape

Indigenous Tacos


Bison Wasna


Hunter’s Stew

Churro Lamb Sausage

Venison Chop with Apples and Cranberries

Venison or Elk Stew with Hominy

Sweets and Teas

Sunflower Cookies

Edible Flowers

Corn Cookies

Autumn Harvest Cookies

Amaranth Bites

Chocolate Pecan Bites


Raspberry-Rosehip Sauce

Acorn and Wild Rice Cakes

Popped Amaranth Cakes (Alegría)

Wild Rice Pudding

Rice Moon

Sunflower Milk Sorbet


Sweet Corn Sorbet

Hazelnut Maple Sorbet

Wild Rice Sorbet

Maple Squash Sorbet with Cranberry Coulis

Blueberry-Raspberry-Bergamot Spoon Sweet

Wild Apple Sauce (Savory or Sweet)

Caramelized Seed Mix

Roasted in the Shell Sunflower Seeds

Roasted Maple Seeds

Indigenous Granola

Native Granola Bars

Maple Bruleed Squash with Blueberries


Teas and Refreshing Drinks

Labrador Tea

Cedar Tea

The Firewater Myth

Mint Tea

Bergamot Tea

Raspberry Leaf Tea


Sumac Lemonade

The Indigenous Pantry

Sunny Butter

Indigenous Flours

Wild Rice Flour

Vegetable Flour

Acorn Meal Flour

Hazelnut Flour

Chestnut Flour

Indigenous Stocks

Wild Rice Stock

Corn Stock

Fish, Game, Meat Stock



Wild Onions and Ramps

Puffed Wild Rice

Corn Nuts

Dried Mushrooms

Tapping Trees—More Than Maple

Maple Wine and Vinegar

Native Herbs and Seasonings

Staghorn Sumac

Mineral Salt

Culinary Ash

Indigenous Partners and Guides

Chef Rich Francis —Scallops with Three Sisters Reduction and Four Medicines

Chef Karlos Baca —Labrador Tea Smoked Quail with Manoomin Fritter and Wojape

Chef Lois Ellen Frank — Juniper Cured Elk with Dried Chokecherry Sauce

Chef Andrea Murdoch — Inca Trail Mix

Chef Freddie Bitsoie — Corn Broth

Chef Brian Tatsukawa

    JD Kinlacheeny’s Chilchin (Sumac) Pudding

    Terri Ami’s Blue Corn Mush

Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz — Two Fruit Jam Scattered with Seeds

Valerie Segrest — Wild Berries with Amaranth

    Nourishing Tradition

Feasts of the Moon

    Spirit Plate

Dinner of the Blossom Moon, Waabigwani-giizis

Dinner of the Chokecherry Moon

Dinner of the Midsummer Moon, Moningwunkauning and Aabita-niibino-giizis

Feast of the Wild Rice Moon

Dinner of the Little Spirit Moon, Gichi-manidoo-giizis

Feast of the Sorcerer and the Eagle

Owamni and the Buffalo Sky



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