The Sound: New & Selected Poems

The Sound: New & Selected Poems

by David Mason


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In The Sound acclaimed poet David Mason collects his best shorter work of the past forty years, including lyrics like “Song of the Powers” and darkly brilliant narratives “The Collector’s Tale” and “The Country I Remember,” which Anthony Hecht called “a welcome addition to the best that is now being written by American poets.” A poet of love and history and nature, Mason forges a language that can reconnect us to the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781597096133
Publisher: Red Hen Press
Publication date: 04/09/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 1,253,678
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

David Mason was Poet Laureate of Colorado from 2010 to 2014. His books include Ludlow: A Verse Novel, The Country I Remember, Arrivals, News from the Village, The Scarlet Libretto, Sea Salt: Poems of a Decade, 2004–2014 and Davey McGravy: Tales to be Read Aloud to Children and Adult Children. Mason divides his time between Colorado, Oregon, and Australia.

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"The Mud Room," an excerpt from David Mason's Sound On: New and Selected Poems , was on American Life In Poetry. You can see the excerpt here.

Table of Contents

Walking Backwards: An Author's Note New Poems 17

New Poems

Descend 21

The World of Hurt 22

Woman Dressing by a Window 23

The Sound 24

Combine 25

The Gifts of Time 27

Gallina Canyon 30

Saying Grace 31

Bristlecone Pine 32

To the Sea of Cortez 33

The Secret Hearing 35

Mending Time 36

Across the Pyrenees 37

Sketches in the Sun 39

First Christmas in the Village 42

Given Rain 44

The Nightmare Version 45

Daytime 47

To Hygeia 48

The New Dope 50

Disturbed Paradelle 51

The Great Changer 52

Horse People 53

Sand Creek 54

Frangipani 56

Galahs in the Wind 57

My Scottish Grandmother's Lobotomy 58

Bildungsroman 59

Hangman 60

Security Light 61

The Student 62

Old Man Walking 63

Passion 64

The Show 65

Michael Donaghy 1954-2004 66

We Stand Together Talking 67

Epigram 68

From Salt: Poems of a Decade (2014)

Kéfi 71

New World 72

A Thorn in the Paw 73

The Teller 74

The Fawn 75

Fathers and Sons 78

Home Care 79

Mrs. Vitt 80

Driving With Marli 81

The Nape 82

The Future 83

Out 85

In the Barber Shop 86

Sarong Song 87

The Tarmac 88

Another Thing 89

Let It Go 90

4 July 11 92

When I Didn't Get the News 93

14 July 11 96

Salmon Leap 97

The Dying Man 98

The Insert 99

Die When You Die 101

One Another 102

Leavings 103

Lopsided Prayer 104

A Deafness 105

The Soul Fox 106

Mrs. Mason and the Poets 107

Marco Polo in the Old Hotel 110

A Sort of Oracle 111

The Bay of Writing 113

Foghorns 114

Tree Light House 115

The Blue of the Bay 118

Sea Salt 119

From Arrivals (2004)

The City 123

Gulls in the Wake 124

Kalamitsi 125

Pelicans and Greeks 126

Mumbai 128

Agnostos Topos 129

The Collector's Tale 131

In the Borrowed House 140

Adam Speaks 141

Ballade at 3 A.M. 142

The Lost House 143

Mr. Louden and the Antelope 144

A Meaning Made of Trees 146

Winter 1963 147

Swimmers on the Shore 149

From The Country I Remember (1996)

The Country I Remember: A Narrative 153

In the Northern Woods 207

Song of the Powers 208

A Motion We Cannot See 209

From Land Without Grief (1996)

The Sockeye 213

On Being Dismissed as a Pastoral Poet 214

From The Buried Houses (1991)

Gusev 217

The Nightingales of Andritsena 219

At the Graves of Castor and Pollux 225

Spooning 227

Disclosure 234

Blackened Peaches 236


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