The Super Rare Doo Wop Box

The Super Rare Doo Wop Box


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Release Date: 07/24/2015
Label: Rockbeat Records
UPC: 0089353330521
catalogNumber: 3305
Rank: 51423


Disc 1

  1. When I Leave These Prison Walls
  2. Once There Lived a Fool
  3. You're Mine
  4. Trust Me
  5. Rosemarie
  6. I Just Can't Tell No Lie
  7. My Dear, Dearest Darling
  8. Good Googa Mooga
  9. Please Tell It To Me
  10. I Can't Believe
  11. Dearest Darling
  12. These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)
  13. Love Bells
  14. September Song
  15. Tony, My Darling
  16. Believe Me, My Love
  17. Nagasaki
  18. Aurelia
  19. The Stars Are Out Tonight
  20. Doll Face

Disc 2

  1. Estelle
  2. 219 Train
  3. Johnny Darling
  4. Please Come Home
  5. All I Want
  6. Gloria
  7. Over a Cup of Coffee
  8. Lonely Mood
  9. Bells of St. Mary's
  10. My Gal is Gone
  11. Hoping You'll Understand
  12. Chimes
  13. Your Love
  14. My True Love
  15. The Wind
  16. Tonight Kathleen
  17. They Tired
  18. Tell Me
  19. Delores
  20. I Don't Want You To Go

Disc 3

  1. Loving a Girl Like You
  2. Really Wish You Were Here
  3. Love is a Vow
  4. Newly Wed
  5. Darling (You Know I Love You)
  6. Ship of Love
  7. Monticello
  8. Ten Commandments of Love
  9. It All Depends On You
  10. You Said You Loved Me
  11. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance
  12. My Angel
  13. If Loving You is Wrong
  14. Love Doll
  15. In the Rain
  16. And I Need You
  17. Tormented
  18. Are You Forgetting Me
  19. We Danced In the Moonlight
  20. Why Can't You Treat Me Right

Disc 4

  1. Are You Sorry
  2. Maggie
  3. Dear Heart
  4. Zoom Boom Zing
  5. Love is True
  6. (Shimmy Shimmy) Ko Ko Wop
  7. Moments Like This
  8. Collegian
  9. Little Darlin'
  10. Mother's Son
  11. Heaven Above Me
  12. You Are
  13. Don't Say You're Sorry
  14. Take Me As I Am
  15. Lullabye of the Bells
  16. So Good
  17. Believe In Me
  18. Romeo
  19. A Sunday Kind of Love
  20. Dry Your Eyes

Disc 5

  1. Did It
  2. Walking With My Baby
  3. Blueberry Sweet
  4. Peppermint Stick
  5. Jeannie
  6. Dance Girl
  7. Franny Franny
  8. Shifting Sands
  9. School Bells
  10. Angel of Love
  11. Poor Rock 'N' Roll
  12. Deacon Dan Tucker
  13. Our Love is True
  14. My Dream
  15. A Wonderful Day
  16. Smoke From Your Cigarette
  17. Zoom Zoom Zoom
  18. Puppy Love
  19. True True Love
  20. Your Way
  21. One Kiss, One Smile and a Dream

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Billy Vera   Compield

Technical Credits

Johnny Otis   Composer
Kurt Weill   Composer
Bing Crosby   Composer
Louis Prima   Composer
Cooper   Composer
Nolan Strong   Composer
Bill Dixon   Composer
Four Buddies   Composer
Tommy Edwards   Composer
William Robertson   Composer
James Austin   Liner Notes
Richard Barrett   Composer
Harvey Fuqua   Composer
Glenn Gibson   Composer
Donald Hayes   Composer
Terry Johnson   Composer
Marty Kugell   Composer
Lewis Merenstein   Composer
Fred Parris   Composer
Strong   Composer
Billy Vera   Producer,Liner Notes
Harry Warren   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Reuben White   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Saul Davis   Composer
George Goldner   Composer
William Miller   Composer
Leroy Griffin   Composer
Esther Navarro   Composer
Ronnie Mack   Composer
M. Robinson   Composer
Morty Craft   Composer
Joel Turnero   Composer
Maxwell Anderson   Composer
Mort Dixon   Composer
Harry Link   Composer
Douglas Furber   Composer
Eric Maschwitz   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Anita Leonard   Composer
Milton Love   Composer
Stan Rhodes   Composer
James Sheppard   Composer
Walter Spriggs   Composer
Barbara Belle   Composer
Joe Duncan   Composer
Theodore Twiggs   Composer
Paul Winley   Composer
Wiggins   Composer
Chester Mayfield   Composer
Five Chances   Composer
Floyd Adams   Composer
John Cheatham   Composer
Eugene Mumford   Composer
Frank Hopkins   Composer
Lyman Hopkins   Composer
Leon Gray   Composer
James Ward   Composer
Gilbert Warren   Composer
Buford Wright   Composer
J.J. Jones   Composer
Ledbetter   Composer
Eugene Smith   Composer
Carol Stansbury   Composer
Betty Ann Williams   Composer
Raymond K Roberts   Composer
Raoul J. Cita   Composer
R. Morgan   Composer
Eubanks   Composer
Frederick Walker   Composer
Dee-Cals   Composer
Harlan Jackson   Composer
Mark Kalmus   Art Direction
Homer Murray   Composer
Donald Haywoode   Composer
James Bradham   Composer
Jack Strachy   Composer
Irvin Natson   Composer
Fleming Briscoe   Composer
Dave Relnick   Composer
C.C. Cox   Composer
Ben Johnson   Composer
Antonio Aiello   Composer
Anthony D'alessio   Composer
Lance   Composer
Seifert Brizant   Composer
Sal Tramaci   Composer
Percy Cosby   Composer
Maurice Hulbert   Composer
Mario Giamo   Composer
Malcolm Newkirk   Composer
Joe Leibowitz   Composer
Vincent Drago   Composer

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