The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self: 21 Days to Releasing Self-Doubt, Cultivating Inner Peace, and Creating a Life You Love

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self: 21 Days to Releasing Self-Doubt, Cultivating Inner Peace, and Creating a Life You Love

by Nick Ortner

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The New York Times best-selling creator of the Tapping Solution offers a three-week program of practical self-inquiry and hands-on work designed to unlock your life's full potential.

Have you ever had the feeling your life just isn't working? That no matter how much you push and direct, or sit back and let go, the square peg you're holding just won't fit into the round hole that is your life?

What if, instead, the roadblocks went away? What if you could experience more ease and flow in your life, banish self-doubt, fear, and anxiety, and live your greatest life? Can you imagine what that would look like--and more important, what it would feel like? Now Tapping Solution creator and New York Times best-selling author Nick Ortner helps you not only imagine it but make it a reality.

The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self guides you through a 21-day process of self-discovery and self-development using the simple, proven practice called Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques). Each of the 21 stages includes a Daily Challenge and a Tapping Meditation to help the changes you're making take root. And you can work through the program at your own pace--doing one stage every day, every three days, every week, or whatever you like--with exclusive e-mail reminders from Nick to support you throughout the process.

Drawing on wisdom sources from Aristotle to Dr. Seuss, along with Nick's own deep well of insight and stories from his daily life, this book is terrific fun to read. It's also a powerful tool for transformation. "We're going to work together to let your light shine brighter than ever before," Nick writes, "to create the life experiences you most deserve and desire."

Ready? Then let's get tapping!

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ISBN-13: 9781401949891
Publisher: Hay House Inc.
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 270
Sales rank: 187,326
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Nicolas Ortner is CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to bring into the mainstream the simple, effective, natural healing method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or "Tapping." He is the New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living and The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief: A Step-by-Step Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Chronic Pain and creator of the breakthrough documentary film The Tapping Solution, which follows 10 people who used tapping to overcome challenges from fibromyalgia to insomnia to devastating grief. He has also produced first-of-their-kind online programs that teach easy, effective ways to apply tapping to anything limiting a person's life or health.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Quick Start: Let's Get Tapping! xvii

Week 1 Cultivating Peace

Day 1 Peace or Panic? 3

Day 2 Negativity, Hardwired: A Look at the Primitive Brain 14

Day 3 The Upsides of Us: Harnessing the Power of Community 20

Day 4 Tell the Truth: Accepting What Is 30

Day 5 Practicing Peace, Welcoming Joy 41

Day 6 What's It Saying? Listening to the Body 51

Day 7 Ritual and Repetition: Making Transformation Stick 62

Week 2 Releasing the Emotions and Experiences Keeping You Stuck

Day 8 Planting the First Seed: A New Vision 71

Day 9 Where Are Your Energy Leaks? 84

Day 10 Letting Go of the Past 99

Day 11 A Possum, a Polar Bear, and a Rabbit: Understanding the Freeze Response 111

Day 12 Quieting the Storm: Letting Go of Anger 122

Day 13 Letting It Go: Navigating Forgiveness 136

Day 14 What Stands Out? 145

Week 3 Creating a Life You Love by Manifesting Your Greatest Self

Day 15 Dr. Seuss and Aristotle on the Best Little Choice You'll Ever Make 159

Day 16 At the Core of It All: A Fresh Look at Self-Acceptance 169

Day 17 You're Not Chocolate! 178

Day 18 Creating Your "Version Two": Embracing Your Greatest Self 191

Day 19 Embracing the Mess, Clearing the Clutter 205

Day 20 Will You Take My Hand? 216

Day 21 Which Lane Are You In? 228

Your 21-Day Journey Map 233

Appendix: Days 1-21 Tapping Meditations 244

Resources 311

Endnotes 313

Index 315

Acknowledgments 325

About the Author 327

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