The Ten Seduction Secrets of Casanova

The Ten Seduction Secrets of Casanova

by Pickup Artists Anonymous


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LEARN POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL SECRETS USED BY CASANOVA: Do you want to become a Casanova? This book will explain to you how Casanova became the greatest lover in history. It will teach you his ten most POWERFUL PSYCHOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES which made him one of history's most charming and irresistible seducers. To gain a better understanding of this man's genius (without reading all 12 volumes of his autobiography), you need to read this book. Casaonova used these ten psychological techniques repeatedly to seduce women for in his sexual adventures.
The ability to entice a woman, to get her to surrender what Casanova called her "delicious little that," depends mostly on style and sincerity. Women who enjoyed tryst with Casanova marvelled at his unfailing ability to determine exactly what they craved and to give it to them. He worked at his craft. His quest was to fashion himself as the ideal lover for any partner. As he himself put it: "The cultivation of the pleasures of the senses was ever my principal aim in life. Knowing that I was personally calculated to please the fair sex, I always strove to make myself agreeable to it." Second, Casanova truly adored women. Unlike the infamous seducer Don Juan, who lived to subjugate women, Casanova was genuinely interested only in pleasing them. He could not get enough of them.

Like Casanova, you too can make it a goal to elevate your loving to an Art form. You too can cultivate and convey an attitude of adoration toward the object of your affections. It can be done. It all starts by Mastering Casanova's Powerful Psychological Strategies.

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