The Tilling of the Flesh

The Tilling of the Flesh


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ISBN-13: 9781585008308
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/28/2000
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

First Works1
God's Gift of Grace5
The Gaping Wound7
The Lord is My Master11
Does God Relate Likely Sounding?13
A Prayer in Drawn and Humbling Worship15
My Being is in You17
The Road I Travel21
A Prayer of Gratitude for Forgiveness23
Good Morning25
Sharing Those Eyes27
Red and Blue29
A Promise31
The Divine Indicator33
Spacious Eyes37
What Matters39
All in a Days Fishing41
Love Is43
The Garden45
A Willingness to Serve47
A Dedication49
I Am a Rose51
From My Journal53
Color Tour55
Love expressed in Spring57
As an entreat to Passion!57
The Horse of many Colors59
The Beacon61
Upon Pen and Paper-(for Kate)63
The Closet67
D.A.D...The dark knight69
Who shown through day69
Old Eyes71
Give God all the Glory73
Adam's Apple75
A Kiss as Greeting77
The Calling81
Freed from Shame83
Freed from Shame: Part 285
A Sea of Grief Sent Ocean's Way87
"Shame and Guilt"93
Sleep Restoration95
"Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse"97
Are Real David and Goliath Issues97
Bohemian Butterfly99
Jesus Doubled on Ice103
The Enriched Heritage of the Beacon105
To the Keeper of Children107
Mother's God as My Own111
Sister Good Faith113
Finding Susan115
My Empty Eyes have now Filled119
The Love of God125
To Claim Any Right or Privilege129
"The Spirit Healing to Dance"131
Dreads and Druthers133
They of Common Spirit135
Love Session...A Journeyman of Sorts137
By the Way of My to know of Me!139
Freedom to love: an Endeared Venture143
God's Will145
Prayers between the Faithful147
The Comfort of Knowing You149
That Phone Being at Hand157
The Blameless Sin159
The Onion...My Rest...My Lord!161
A Scolding to "Let Heaven Rest"165
"Rain Boots"167
My Most Precious Gift169
Anger and Fear...Year upon Year171
Place His Cross upon it!173
The Shadow of your Mountain175
The Care-Taker of the Cup177
A Woman a Bone and a Wish as a Prayer179
Soul-Seeing ... That my being is in You!181
A Prayer for Solace183
For Taking Pen in Hand185
The Open Arms of The Comforter187
Tilling of the Flesh189
Upon my Heart195
Little Homemade Thing197
My Eyes Upon You199
The Light House205
Hope up in the Sky207
Sitting 'Neath a Shade Tree209
I Just Didn't Know211
Putting Down The Gloves215
Be a Good Hand at Making Decisions217
As God Leads Me219
I Was the Smallest...Therefore ...not Fully-Envisioned221
Being a Ego - Perception!223
The Earth "Shakin"227
I'm in Love With the Spirit of Jesus229
To Whom I Contact in Life231
Searching for?233
Impulses and Impressions235
Rock and Roll237
I Thank The Lord239
Render Me241
Brandished Spirit243
From Blues to Jazz!245
Being a Fish..Being a Boat!247
Take me as I am249
Oh That I Would Show My Face!253
The Resale Shop255
Smoothed Stone257
God...Can You Love Me?259
Livening with Joy261
Reprimanded Guidance263
The Celebration of a Rose265

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