The Two Gospels

The Two Gospels

by Daniel Yordy


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The prevailing definitions of God, of man, of Christ Jesus, and of salvation, found in Christianity, were hammered out by powerful intellectuals at the express dictate of a psycopathic killer who intended to use those definitions to cement his absolute control over the Roman world. That definition is the Nicene Creed, the gospel of the Nicolaitans. In this book I wage open warfare against the Nicene Creed and the false knowing about God that it perpetrates through every strata of Christianity, historical and present day. The gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by Paul and John exists in an entirely different realm than what most Christians know. God's desire, His heart, is not found in the Nicene Creed, thus all that comes out of that stark absence of God Himself in Person can be nothing other than another gospel. More than that, you will see that the "gospel" of the Nicene Creed is simply a far worse version of the same lie out of which the serpent spoke. He was talking blither than; he is talking blither today. This volume is a definitional approach to a number of key terms in the New Testament, words we imagine we know their meaning. However, when recast in the light of a description of God taken from the only picture we have of Him, a Man laying down His life, then these words take on an entirely different meaning, and impact our lives right now in ways many have never considered.

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