The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): Urban Adventure - Wilderness Survival - Disaster Preparedness

The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): Urban Adventure - Wilderness Survival - Disaster Preparedness

by Rich Johnson


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Whether you’re lost in the woods, facing an armed insurrection, or preparing for a hurricane, the experts at Outdoor Life magazine are the people you want on your side. This book is the one you need if you want to protect your family, save yourself, and prevail over any danger.

Your Go-To Guide for Surviving Anything


You're lost in the woods without food or water. Confronted by an armed assailant in the dead of night. Forced to outrun a deadly tornado. Don't worry - The Ultimate Survival Manual has you covered.

Out in the Wild From navigating with a compass to fending off a mountain lion, learn to prevail in the forests, deserts, and open oceans like an expert outdoorsman.

During a Disaster Whether it's a towering tsunami or a blazing wildfire, bad things happen every day. Know what to do when the going gets tough.

In an Urban Crisis Arm yourself with the latest self-defense moves, weapons tips, and home-protection tactics, plus crucial strategies for handling bad guys and bad situations at home and abroad.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781616282189
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 05/15/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.02(w) x 9.52(h) x 0.94(d)

About the Author

When it comes to survival, Rich Johnson’s done a lot of it. He’s worked as a demolition sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, a Coast Guard Auxiliary instructor, an EMT, a fire fighter, and a policeman. In his off hours, he’s excelled as an advanced SCUBA diver, paratrooper, sailor, and skier, and survived in the desert wilderness for a year with his wife and small children—part of which involved living in a cave and eating bugs. He’s written extensively for Outdoor Life and is the author of Rich Johnson’s Guide to Wilderness Survival.

Table of Contents

Introduction from Outdoor Life

A Note from Rich


001 Assemble an At-Home Survival Kit

002 Stock an Office BOB

003 Gear Up with a To-Go BOB

004 Pack for Surviving in the Wild

005 Make a Kit in a Can

006 Build a First-Aid Kit

007 Stop Bleeding

008 Disinfect a Wound

009 Bandage a Wound

010 Assess and Respond: Deal with Blood Loss

011 Immobilize an Arm Injury

012 Fake a Sling

013 Set a Bone

014 Make a Splint

015 Save with CPR

016 Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

017 Identify and Treat Burns

018 Treat for Shock

019 Handle Hypothermia

020 Treat Frostbite

021 Survive Heat Illnesses

022 Defeat Dehydration


023 Avoid Getting Lost

024 Assess Your Situation

025 Measure Remaining Daylight

026 Find Yourself on a Map

027 Scout for Shelter

028 Build a Shelter from Branches and Leaves

029 Hole Up in a Tree Well

030 Make a Bed in a Pinch

031 Hunt for Water

032 Purify Water in the Wild

033 Filter Water with Your Pants

034 Learn Fire-Making Basics

035 Make a Fire Four Ways

036 Upgrade Your Shelter

037 Predict the Weather with Plants

038 Get Noticed by Rescuers

039 Light Up a Signal Fire

This Happened To Me! When Grizzlies Attack

040 Know Your Bears

041 Live Through a Grizzly Encounter

042 Assess and Respond: Handle Animal Attacks

043 Stand Your Ground Against a Lion

044 Beware Africa's Deadliest Beasts

045 Live Through a Stampede

046 Navigate Tall Grass

047 Outrun a Croc on Land

048 Avoid Being Gator Bait

049 Chow Down on Gator Tail

050 Dress a Snake

051 Wade Through a Swamp

052 Build a Swamp Shelter

053 Keep Bugs Out of Your Pants

054 Tie a Square Lashing

055 Avoid Dreaded Trench Foot

056 Set a Snare for Small Animals

057 Make a Jaw Spear

058 Dig a Hole Trap

059 Fish with Your Shirt

060 Improvise a Skewer Hook

061 Test Plants for Edibility

062 Gobble Up Bugs

063 Rid Big Game of Harmful Bacteria

064 Spit Roast That Bunny

065 Butcher a Deer Leg

066 Drag a Deer

067 Put Your Kill to Use

068 Trap a Goose

069 Steer Clear of Poisonous Plants

070 Remove a Tick

071 Put Your Pee to Work

072 Treat a Snake Bite

073 Swing a Mean Machete

074 Assess and Respond: Understand Poison Types

075 Heal with Bugs

076 Remove a Leech

077 Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

078 Banish a Botfly

079 Avoid Scorpions

080 Treat a Scorpion Sting

081 Fight Dehydration in the Desert

082 Navigate the Desert's Shifting Sands

083 Make a Solar Still

084 Scout for Water in the Desert

This Happened to Me! Trapped in a Canyon

085 Seek Water in a Canyon

086 Maximize Heat from a Campfire

087 Scale a Canyon

088 Equip Yourself for the Mountains

089 Be a Modern Caveman

090 Stay Safe in a Cave

091 Find Food Above the Tree Line

092 Conquer Altitude Sickness in the Mountains

093 Bed Down on a Cliff

094 Case Study: Snowed In Avoid Getting Stranded in the Mountains

095 Trek Across a Glacier

096 Tie a Double Figure-Eight Knot

097 Rappel on the Fly

098 Descend a Scree Slope

099 Start a Fire in the Snow

100 Turn Snow into Water

101 Build a Snow Cave

102 Traverse an Ice Floe

103 Rig an Ice-Fishing Trap

104 Improvise Snow Goggles

105 Make Emergency Snowshoes

106 Cross an Icy Pond

107 Get Out of Broken Ice

108 Save Someone from a Chilly Demise

109 Swim Across a Raging River

110 Wade Across a River

111 Ford a River with Friends

112 Tie a Fisherman's Knot

113 Orient Yourself by the Stars

114 Signal a Boat

115 Improvise a Float

116 Beat Hypothermia in the Water

117 Find Drinking Water at Sea

118 Catch Fish in Open Waters

119 Case Study: Adrift in the Gulf Stay Alive at Sea

120 Right a Capsized Boat

121 Put Out a Boat Fire

122 Start a Flooded Motor

123 Plug a Leak

124 Avoid Shark Bites

125 Make Peace with a Man-of-War

126 Deal with Sea Caves

127 Escape Kelp Entanglement

128 Keep Track of Time at the Equator

129 Find Lunch in a Tide Pool

130 Swim Against a Riptide

131 Make the Most of a Coconut

132 Assess a Deserted Island

133 Make Rope with an Improvised Vise

134 Craft a Raft

135 Know When Your Raffs Close to Land


136 Be Ready for Disaster

137 Spot Tornado Warning Signs

138 Judge Where a Tornado Is Heading

139 Assess and Respond: Stay Safe in a Tornado

140 Reinforce Garage Doors in a Windstorm

141 Deal with a Downed Power Line in a Car

142 Tree-Proof Your Home

143 Buck a Downed Tree

144 Prepare Your House for a Hurricane

145 Build a Dike

146 Make DIY Flood Protection

147 Case Study: Wind Gone Wild Survive a Heck of a Hurricane

148 Make a Life Raft from Household Items

149 Turn Your Attic into an Ark

150 Make Waterproof Matches

151 Paddle Through Floodwaters

152 Drive Safely on Flooded Roads

153 Dig Your Truck Out of the Mud

154 Live Through a Flash Flood

155 Rescue Someone Caught in a Flood

156 Return Home Safely After a Flood

157 Live Through Lightning

158 Install Lightning Rods on Your Roof

159 Help Someone Struck by Lightning

160 Survive a Wildfire

161 Prevent a Forest Fire

162 Protect Your Home from Wildfires

163 Case Study: When Things Get Hot Withstand a Firestorm

164 Survive a Volcanic Eruption

165 Cope with Ash

166 Assess a Lava Field

167 Retrofit Your House

168 Keep Household Items Steady in a Quake

169 Know Earthquake Hot Spots

170 Understand Fault Activity

171 Ride Out a Quake in a Car

172 Weather an Earthquake

173 Survive Being Trapped Under Debris

174 Take Action After an Earthquake

This Happened to Me! Tsunami Race

175 Know Tsunami Warning Signs

176 Brace for a Big Wave

177 Survive Being Swept Away in a Tsunami

178 Deal with a Tsunami at Sea

179 Know When Mud Might Flow

180 Make It Through a Mudslide

181 Save Your Home from Mudslides

182 Know You're in Avalanche Country

183 Assess Incline

184 Recognize Avalanche Types

185 Ride Out an Avalanche

186 Get Rescued from an Avalanche

187 Know Which Way Is Up

188 Strap On an Avalanche Beacon

189 Walk in a Whiteout

190 Drive in a Blizzard

191 Deal with Being Snowbound in a Car

192 Ride Out a Blizzard at Home

193 Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

194 Store Food During a Blizzard

195 Clear a Heavy Snow

196 Protect Your Face in a Sandstorm

197 Drive in a Sandstorm

198 Pick a Safe Seat on a Train

199 Stop a Train

200 Get Your Car Off the Tracks

201 Jump from a Moving Train

202 Use Your Cell for an Airborne SOS

203 Contact Air Traffic Control

204 Jump Out of an Airplane

This Happened to Me! Panic in the Air

205 Salvage a Crash Site

206 Make It to the Lifeboat

207 Abandon Ship Safely

208 Swim Through Burning Oil

209 Deal with a Hazmat Situation

210 Decontaminate Yourself

211 Seal Your Home During a Chemical Spill

212 Get Clear of a Hazardous Spill

213 Don a Gas Mask

214 Prevent the Spread of Airborne Illnesses

215 Dispose of a Body

216 Improvise Shelter During Nuclear Fallout

217 Bunk Up in a Bunker

218 Assess and Respond: Understand Radiation

219 Anticipate Radiation's Lasting Effects

220 Make it Through a Power Outage

221 Survive a Heat Wave

222 Eat Right in a Blackout

223 Start Your Car with a Screwdriver

224 Siphon Fuel

225 Charge Your Phone with a Flashlight

226 Harness a Car Battery's Power

227 Harvest Aspirin from Tree Bark

228 Catch a Squirrel for Dinner

229 Eat Roadkill

230 Render Animal Fat

231 Stash Valuables for Dark Times

232 Scavenge Effectively

233 Fend Off Looters

234 Run Bartertown

235 Build a Compound

236 Rig a Hobo Stove

237 Improvise Tools


238 Sense Your Surroundings

239 Foil a Pickpocket

240 Carry Survival Gear on a Keychain

241 Drop a Decoy Wallet

242 Hit Where It Counts

243 Defend Yourself with Pepper Spray

244 Find Substitutes for Pepper Spray

245 Master Basic Fighting Technique

246 Make a Serious Fist

247 Clutch a Roll of Quarters

248 Defend Yourself with Your Keys

249 Figure Out If Someone Is Armed

250 Conceal a Weapon

251 Disarm an Attacker

This Happened to Me! Home Invasion

252 Secure Your Home

253 Handle an Intruder

254 Wield a Tactical Flashlight

255 Improvise a Weapon

256 Make a DIY Alarm

257 Stash Valuables in a Book

258 Build an Outlet Safe

259 Avoid Identity Theft

260 Pick a Lock

261 Figure Out If Your Home Is Bugged

262 Lose a Tail

263 Beware Common Poisons

264 Save a Poisoning Victim

265 Soak Up Poison with Activated Charcoal

266 Install Smoke Detectors

267 Prevent Electrical Fires in the Home

268 Make Your Home Fire-Safe

269 Assess and Respond: Fight a Fire

270 Stock Fire Safety Gear

271 Smother a Fire

272 Use a Fire Extinguisher

273 Escape a Burning House

274 Steer with Blown Tires

275 Deal with Brake Failure

276 Get Out of a Skid

277 Drive on Black Ice

278 Stop Hydroplaning

279 Live Through a Cliff-Hanger

280 Survive Crashing into the Water

281 Put Out a Car Fire

282 Pack a Lifesaver in Your Car

283 Avoid a Carjacking

284 Play It Safe in a Parking Garage

285 Signal from a Car Trunk

286 Escape from a Car Trunk

287 Outsmart Your Kidnappers

288 Deduce Where You're Being Held

289 Avoid Stockholm Syndrome

290 Free Yourself from Ropes

291 Case Study: Nabbed by the Cartel Survive an Abduction

292 Live Through a Hostage-Taking

293 Assess and Respond: Take a Blow

294 Know Basic Maritime Laws

295 Safeguard Against Pirates

296 Call for Help During a Pirate Attack

297 Repel Boarders from Your Boat

This Happened to Me! One Mean Machete

298 Get to Know the Customs

299 Avoid Counterfeit Cops

300 Be a Smart Traveler

301 Blend In for Safety

302 Hide Money in Your Clothes

303 Use the Buddy System

304 Exit a Tunnel Safely

305 Stay Safe on Mass Transit

306 Survive a Human Stampede

307 Be Alert to the Risk of Terrorism

308 Prevail in a Riot

309 Know the Weapons of a Raging Mob

310 Deal with Tear Gas

311 Evade IEDs

312 Escape a Dirty Bomb

313 Avoid Sniper Fire

314 Slip Past Enemy Forces

315 Case Study: Gone Postal Live Through a Workplace Shooting

316 Stock Your Gun Safe

317 Clean a Firearm

318 Lock Up Your Weapons

319 Clear a Jam

320 Shoot with the Proper Stance

321 Treat a Powder Burn

322 Deal with a Gunshot Wound

323 Help Someone Who Has Been Impaled

324 Silence Your Gun

325 Modify Your Shotgun

326 Make the Most of a Shotgun Shell

327 Shoot a Crossbow

328 Sharpen a Knife

329 Pick Your Blade

330 Throw a Knife

331 Build a Better Bola

332 Make a Shank

333 Make a Bow and Some Arrows



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