The Urban Life of the Yuan Dynasty

The Urban Life of the Yuan Dynasty


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After the establishment of the Yuan Dynasty in China (1206), the Yuan rulers moved their capital to Dadu (modern Beijing), where they attempted to retain their traditional nomadic lifestyle. This book reveals the extraordinary changes Dadu - and other key Chinese cities of this era - underwent after the Golden Family of Chinggis Khan and their fellow Mongols settled in Dadu. The book also looks at the impact of their nomadic culture on greater Chinese life and civilization. Cities have played a key role in the history of China and the changes from the Yuan Dynasty period are particularly important. The Urban Life of the Yuan Dynasty highlights the key aspects of urban life between 1206 and 1368, such as dwelling, clothing, diet, transportation, marriage, and customs. Additionally, it reveals exactly how the formally nomadic rulers of this era viewed and judged the cities they discovered and then transformed. (Series: Insight on Ancient China)

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ISBN-13: 9781844643554
Publisher: Paths International Ltd.
Publication date: 11/01/2013
Series: Insight on Ancient China Series
Pages: 414
Product dimensions: 6.75(w) x 9.75(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

General Preface 1

Part 1

The Nomadic Chieftains' Blueprint of the City 001

Part 2

Chapter 1 Ordo (the Palace Tent) in the City 028

Chapter 2 The Hu bed, Elephant-drawn Carriage and the Goat Cart 046

Chapter 3 Layout of Dadu 064

Chapter 4 The City on the Steppe and the Old Capital in Jiangnan 087

Chapter 5 The Nighttime Curfew and a Series of Other Prohibitions 102

Part 3

Chapter 1 Clothing: the Identification Mark of the Citizens 115

Chapter 2 "Jamah Banquet" in the Imperial Palace 149

Chapter 3 Three Meals a Day 166

Chapter 4 Black Koumiss, Araki and Sherbet 193

Chapter 5 Custom of Drinking Tea 290

Part 4

Chapter 1 Diverse Marriage Customs 219

Chapter 2 The Mongol Funerary Customs 240

Chapter 3 The Impact of Chinese Traditional Ethics on Mongols 260

Chapter 4 From Simple Ritualistic Behavior to Sophisticated Court Etiquette 272

Part 5

Chapter 1 Festivals of Each Season 297

Chapter 2 Ball Game, Shooting Willow and Race Walking 318

Chapter 3 Artistic Works Contributed by the City 328

Part 6

Chapter 1 Escaping Summer Heat: The Imperial Inspection lour of Shaugdu 341

Chapter 2 The Underage Emperor from Jianguan 353

Chapter 3 The Coup D'état in Dadu 367

Chapter 4 Mongol Princes Died Early 384

Chapter 5 Parting the City in Tears 394

Author's Afterword 402

Publisher's Postscript 404

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