The Washboard Sam Collection: 1935-1953

The Washboard Sam Collection: 1935-1953

by Washboard SamWashboard Sam


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Washboard Sam was a pivotal figure in the late '30s and 1940s on the Chicago prewar blues scene, taking country hokum concepts to the city and to the edge of R&B and even small-combo jazz. Yes, he played washboard (complete with a self-mounted cowbell), usually in the same rhythm, but a case could be made that he got everything possible out of its percussive capabilities. His real strengths were his rich, strong voice, which always carried a kind of unfettered joy, and his ability to perfectly straddle the line between rural and urban sounds, which made him an immensely popular performer wherever he played. This generous three-disc, 75-track set collects several of his Bluebird and RCA Victor recordings made between 1936 and 1953, and features Sam doing his thing with the likes of Big Bill Broonzy (Washboard's rumored stepbrother), Memphis Slim, Roosevelt Sykes, and a young Willie Dixon. This is good-time acoustic blues and if it gets a bit repetitive, well, it's the blues and it isn't about variety. Still, with 75 tracks of this stuff, there is more here than most listeners will ever need (and maybe then some), but it does chronicle the prime of an anachronistic performer who was nonetheless contemporary and forward-thinking and had a considerable, if unheralded, hand in the birth of modern Chicago blues.

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Release Date: 05/06/2014
Label: Acrobat
UPC: 0824046903824
catalogNumber: 9038
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Disc 1

  1. (Mama) Don't 'Low
  2. Jesse James Blues
  3. Who Pumped the Wind In My Doughnut
  4. You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down
  5. I'm a Prowlin' Groundhog
  6. Don't Tear My Clothes
  7. Mixed-Up Blues
  8. Razor Cuttin' Man
  9. I Love All My Women
  10. Big Woman
  11. The Big Boat
  12. Easy Ridin' Mama
  13. Back Door Blues
  14. We Gonna Move
  15. I'm On My Way Blues
  16. Beer Garden Blues
  17. Ladies' Man
  18. Tow Boat Blues
  19. Barbeque
  20. Mountain Blues
  21. Phantom Black Snake
  22. Yellow, Black and Brown
  23. I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted In the Middle
  24. Save It For Me

Disc 2

  1. Jumpin' Rooster
  2. Bucket's Got a Hole In It
  3. Walkin' In My Sleep
  4. Washboard Swing
  5. I Believe I'll Make a Change
  6. That Will Get It
  7. Booker T Blues
  8. Diggin' My Potatoes
  9. I Love My Baby
  10. Good Old Easy Street
  11. Wasn't He Bad
  12. Jersey Cow Blues
  13. Don't Fool With Me
  14. So Early In the Morning
  15. Why You Do That To Me
  16. Morning Dove Blues
  17. Dissatisfied Blues
  18. Good Luck Blues
  19. Ain't You Comin' Out Tonight
  20. My Feet Jumped Salty
  21. Flying Crow Blues
  22. Levee Camp Blues
  23. I'm Feeling Low Down
  24. She Belongs To the Devil
  25. Evil Blues
  26. Get Down Brother

Disc 3

  1. Lover's Lane Blues
  2. Let Me Play Your Vendor
  3. Gonna Hit the Highway
  4. I've Been Treated Wrong
  5. Down South Woman Blues
  6. Good Old Cabbage Greens
  7. River Hip Mama
  8. How Can You Love Me
  9. Rockin' My Blues Away
  10. Do That Shake Dance
  11. Don't Have To Sing the Blues
  12. I Get the Blues At Bedtime
  13. Red River Dam Blues
  14. Ain't That a Shame
  15. You Can't Have None of That
  16. I Just Can't Help It
  17. Soap and Water Blues
  18. You Can't Make the Grade
  19. Maybe You'll Love Me
  20. Motherless Child Blues
  21. Diggin' My Potatoes
  22. Bright Eyes
  23. Little City Woman
  24. Shirt Tail
  25. All by Myself

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Washboard Sam   Primary Artist,Vocals,Washboard
Big Bill Broonzy   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Dixon   Bass
Memphis Slim   Piano
Roosevelt Sykes   Piano
Joshua Altheimer   Piano
Buster Bennett   Alto Saxophone
J.T. Brown   Tenor Saxophone
Ernest "Big" Crawford   Bass
Alfred Elkins   String Bass
Jazz Gillum   Harmonica,Vocals
Ransom Knowling   String Bass
Horace Malcolm   Piano
Punch Miller   Trumpet
Herb Morand   Trumpet
Arnett Nelson   Clarinet
Black Bob   Piano
Frank Owens   Alto Saxophone
Louis Lasky   Guitar
Josephine Kyles   Spoken Word
Ham Gravy   Vocals,Washboard

Technical Credits

Lil Johnson   Composer
Merline Johnson   Composer
Joe McCoy   Composer
Will Weldon   Composer
Ernest Lawlars   Composer
Lester Melrose   Composer
Oscar Woods   Composer
Ed Schaffer   Composer
Theodore Edwards   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Jesse Coleman   Composer
Robert Brown   Composer
James Clark   Composer
Roy Jacobs   Composer
Jack Dupree   Composer
Charles Davenport   Composer
William Weldon   Composer
Clarence Lofton   Composer
William Gillum   Composer
William Broonzy   Arranger,Composer

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