The Way of Abundance: A 60-Day Journey into a Deeply Meaningful Life

The Way of Abundance: A 60-Day Journey into a Deeply Meaningful Life

by Ann Voskamp


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What do you do when you wake up and feel like you're not enough for your life? Or when you look out the kitchen window as dusk falls and wonder how do you live when life keeps breaking your heart?

As Ann Voskamp writes, “great grief isn't meant to fit inside your body. It's why your heart breaks.” And each of us holds enough brokenness to overflow—to be given as the greatest story of our lives.

In sixty vulnerably soulful stories, The Way of Abundance moves from self-weary brokenness to Christ-focused givenness. Drawing from the critically acclaimed, New York Times bestseller The Broken Way and Ann's online essays, this devotional dares us to embrace brokenness as a gift that moves us to givenness as a way to draw closer to the heart of God. Christ Himself broke like bread, giving Himself to us so we might have a lifelong communion with Him. Could it be that our brokenness is also a gift to the world?

This gentle but exquisitely profound book does nothing less than take you on an intimate journey of the soul.

As Ann writes, "The wound in His side proves that Jesus is always on the side of the suffering, the wounded, the busted, the broken." Discover how surrendering in unexpected ways is the first step toward receiving what you long for. Discover the good news that your beauty is not in your strength but in your fragility. Discover why your healing shines radiant through your wounds—and how only in brokenness will you ever be whole—and find the way to the abundance you were meant for.

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ISBN-13: 9780310350316
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 258,667
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Ann Voskamp is the wife of one fine, down-to-earth farmer; a book-reading mama to a posse of seven; and the author of the New York Times bestsellers One Thousand Gifts, which has sold more than one million copies and has been translated into more than twenty-one languages, and The Broken Way.

Named by Christianity Today as one of fifty women most shaping culture and the church today, Ann knows unspoken brokenness and big country skies and an intimacy with God that touches wounded places. Millions do life with her at her daily photographic online journal, one of the top 10 most widely read Christian sites:

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Part 1 How Can the Brokenhearted Keep Going?

1 Decisive Givenness 17

2 In Brokenness, Abundant Light 20

3 Winging toward Abundance 24

4 The Brokenhearted Way 28

5 Vulnerable Givenness 31

6 Breaking Brokenness 35

7 Re-membering the Broken 38

8 Sacrificial Givenness 41

9 Living Cruciform 45

10 Held Brokenness 48

Part 2 How Do We Live Like the Brokenhearted, Cruciform Christ?

11 Risky Living 55

12 Abundant Courage 58

13 Mastering the Dark 61

14 Abundant Time 65

15 Abundant Bravery 68

16 Growing Abundance 71

17 Living Givenness 75

18 Heart Transplant 77

19 Yielding into Givenness 82

20 Holy Happiness 85

Part 3 How Do You Let Your Broken Heart Receive?

21 Unashamed Brokenness 93

22 Relentless Love 97

23 Abundantly Safe 100

24 Sacrifical Givenness 104

25 Boring Love 107

26 Practicing Presence 110

27 Grieving Brokenness 113

28 Compassionate Abundance 116

29 Zacchaeus Brokenness 119

30 Crisis Givenness 123

Part 4 How Can the Brokenhearted Find Real Communion?

31 The Givers 129

32 Living Given 133

33 "If Only" Brokenness 136

34 Entering Abundance 139

35 Abundance from Ashes 144

36 Breaking the Dark 148

37 Koinonia Brokenness 152

38 Yadah Abundance 156

39 Bearing Burdens 160

40 Trampling Christ 163

Part 5 How Can the Brokenhearted Release Control?

41 Abundant Fruit 171

42 Daily Repentance 174

43 For the Good 178

44 Abundantly Okay 181

45 Abundantly Amazing 184

46 Brokers of Healing 188

47 Palms Open Wide 190

48 Patient Brokenness 194

49 Bless My Enemies 197

50 Breaking Deep 200

Part 6 How Do the Brokenhearted Get to Love?

51 Something Beautiful 207

52 Pressing Things 211

53 The Emmaus Option 215

54 Undeniable Evil 219

55 An Inconvenient Life 223

56 Grateful Abundance 226

57 Ester Givenness 230

58 Passing the Peace 233

59 Abundant Love 237

60 Cruciformation 242

Acknowledgments 247

Notes 249

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