The Way to Steal Freedom: The Guide for Government

The Way to Steal Freedom: The Guide for Government

by Ron Paul Jones


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"To steal freedom, do whatever this book says."

Handbook for Government to steal the people's freedom, using the following methods:

Purge government officials and opposition leaders
Attack laws and constitution
Take advantage of opportunities
Blame scapegoats, foreign and domestic
Use the military in domestic crises
Create domestic wars everywhere
Keep the people under close surveillance
Embrace tracking technologies
Pass hate crime laws
Maintain terrorist lists, immigrant lists, sexual offender lists, etc.
Take away people's property
Control education
Expand military draft
Engage in aggressive interrogation and torture
Suspend habeas corpus
Limit free speech and assembly
Control media through censorship
Require gun registration
Control guns through economic means
Manage the economy
Increase the income tax and inflation tax

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Publication date: 05/18/2011
Pages: 50
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