The Wiz [Original Soundtrack]

The Wiz [Original Soundtrack]


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Director Sidney Lumet's big-budget film version of The Wiz, an updated musical treatment of The Wizard of Oz with songs by Charlie Smalls, is not remembered as one of the great movie musicals. But you wouldn't know that from this elaborate double-LP soundtrack album, on which Smalls' Broadway score is augmented by music written by producer Quincy Jones, Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson, and Luther Vandross. Jones organized a studio band of New York jazz veterans, including Toots Thielemans, Eric Gale, Michael Brecker, and Richard Tee, and of course the cast provides spectacular vocal firepower in the persons of Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. The result was a Top 40, gold-selling album paced by a Top 40 single of "Ease on Down the Road" by Ross and Jackson (outperforming the 1975 version by Consumer Rapport), as well as the chart single "You Can't Win," by Jackson. Much comparison was made between the vocal (not to mention the facial) resemblance between Ross and Jackson; here's the only place to hear them together.

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Release Date: 07/29/1997
Label: Mca
UPC: 0008811164928
catalogNumber: 11649

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Richard Pryor   Vocals
Dave Moore   Bass
Patti Austin   Choir, Chorus
Roberta Flack   Choir, Chorus
Gwen Guthrie   Choir, Chorus
Michael Jackson   Vocals
Diana Ross   Harmonica,Vocals
Luther Vandross   Choir, Chorus
Warren Bernhardt   Keyboards
Eddie Bert   Trombone
Phil Bodner   Woodwind
Michael Brecker   Soprano Saxophone,Woodwind
Ron Carter   Bass
Jon Faddis   Trumpet
Urbie Green   Trombone
Lena Horne   Vocals
Dick Hyman   Keyboards
Bob James   Keyboards
Quincy Jones   Conductor,Keyboards
Steve Khan   Guitar
David Lasley   Choir, Chorus
Mike Lawrence   Trumpet
Hubert Laws   Woodwind
Mel Lewis   Percussion
Rob Mounsey   Keyboards
Jerome Richardson   Soprano Saxophone,Woodwind
Lew Soloff   Trumpet
Marvin Stamm   Trumpet
George Young   Woodwind
David Friedman   Percussion
Howard Johnson   Tuba
Johnny Mince   Woodwind
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Derek Smith   Keyboards
Grady Tate   Percussion,Drums,Choir, Chorus
Michal Urbaniak   Violin
Joe Wilder   Trumpet
Steve Clayton   Choir, Chorus
Mel Davis   Trumpet
Bill Summers   Percussion
David Foster   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Ron Dante   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Dean   Choir, Chorus
Jake Holmes   Choir, Chorus
Ralph MacDonald   Percussion
David Taylor   Trombone
Sharon Davis   Choir, Chorus
Rhetta Hughes   Choir, Chorus
Dave Carey   Percussion
John Clark   French Horn
Jean Thomas   Choir, Chorus
Sue Evans   Percussion
Bob Carlisle   French Horn
Steve Feldman   Choir, Chorus
Gordon Grody   Choir, Chorus
Maggie Reilly   French Horn
Jonathan Abramowitz   Cello
Gloria Agostini   Harp
Adrienne Albert   Choir, Chorus
Ray Alonge   French Horn
Lamar Alsop   Viola
Wayne Andre   Trombone
Kenny Ascher   Keyboards
Joshie Armstead   Choir, Chorus
Tom Bahler   Trumpet,Conductor,Choir, Chorus
Danny Banks   Woodwind
Seymour Barab   Cello
Ann Barak   Violin
Julien Barber   Viola
Dave Bargeron   Tuba
Clare Bathe   Choir, Chorus
John Beal   Bass
Raymond Beckenstein   Woodwind
Victoria Berdy   Percussion
Seymour Berman   Viola
Maurice Bialkin   Cello
Arnold Black   Violin
Richard Boch   Cello
Michael Boddicker   Synthesizer
Arthur Bogin   Violin
Randy Brecker   Trumpet
Ariana Bronne   Violin
Alfred Brown   Viola
James Buffington   French Horn
Frederick Buldrini   Violin
Eric Butler   Choir, Chorus
Don Butterfield   Tuba
Danny Cahn   Trumpet
Max Cahn   Violin
John Campo   Bassoon,Woodwind
Thelma Carpenter   Vocals
Dave Charles   Percussion
Vivian Cherry   Choir, Chorus
Kasey Cisyk   Choir, Chorus
Cissy Houston   Choir, Chorus
Clark Terry   Trumpet
Léon Cohen   Woodwind
Kay Coleman   Choir, Chorus
Harold Coletta   Viola
Burt Collins   Trumpet
Jennifer Cooke   Choir, Chorus
Donald Corrado   French Horn
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Raymond Crisara   Trumpet
Dave Grusin   Keyboards
Harry Cykman   Violin
Noel DaCosta   Violin
Eddie Daniels   Woodwind
Joseph DeAngelis   French Horn
Allan Dean   Trumpet
George Devens   Percussion
Peter Dimitriades   Violin
Max Ellen   Violin
Harvey Estrin   Woodwind
Paul Faulise   Trombone
Robert Freedman   Conductor
Hank Freeman   Woodwind
Louis Gabowitz   Violin
Steve Gadd   Percussion,Drums
Eric Gale   Guitar
Harry Glickman   Violin
Bernie Glow   Trumpet
Gary Grant   Trumpet
Diva Gray   Choir, Chorus
Milt Grayson   Choir, Chorus
Paul Griffin   Keyboards
Lani Groves   Choir, Chorus
Diana Halprin   Violin
Janet Hamilton   Cello
Don Hammond   Woodwind
Harry Lookofsky   Violin
Ernie Hayes   Keyboards
Richard Henrickson   Violin
Jerry Hey   Trumpet
Milt Hinton   Bass
Max Hollander   Violin
Kim Hutchcroft   Woodwind
Regis Iandiorio   Violin
Theodore Israel   Viola
Anthony Jackson   Bass
Artie Jenkins   Percussion
Leo Kahn   Violin
Arthur Kaplan   Woodwind
Kathryn Kienke   Violin
Harold Kohon   Violin
Phil Kraus   Percussion
Bhen Lanzaroni   Keyboards
Bill Lavorgna   Percussion
Linda Lawrence   Viola
Walter Levinsky   Woodwind
Jesse Levy   Cello
Yvonne Lewis   Choir, Chorus
John Lissauer   Woodwind
Steve Little   Percussion
Guy Lumia   Violin
Carmel Malin   Violin
Joseph Malin   Violin
George Marge   Woodwind
Lou Marini   Woodwind
Ron Marshall   Choir, Chorus
Harvey Mason   Percussion,Drums
Barbara Massey   Choir, Chorus
Carmen Mastren   Banjo
Richard Maximoff   Viola
Hugh McCracken   Guitar
Ullanda McCullough   Choir, Chorus
Deborah McDuffie   Choir, Chorus
Greig McRitchie   Performing Ensemble
Homer Mensch   Bass
Helene Miles   Choir, Chorus
Leslie Miller   Choir, Chorus
Tony Miranda   French Horn
Jeff Mironov   Guitar
Sharon Moe   French Horn
Louann Montesi   Violin
Kermit Moore   Cello
Melanie Moore   Choir, Chorus
Marvin Morgenstern   Violin
Eugene J. Moye   Cello
Frank Owens   Keyboards
Chris Parker   Drums
Leon Pendarvis   Keyboards
Janice Pendarvis   Choir, Chorus
Romeo Penque   Woodwind
Jerry Peters   Keyboards
Randy Peyton Quartet   Choir, Chorus
John Pintavalle   Violin
Raoul Poliakin   Violin
Tony Posk   Violin
Sue Pray   Viola
Matthew Raimondi   Violin
Alan Raph   Trombone,Tuba
Pat Rebillot   Keyboards
Margaret Ross   Harp
Robert Rozek   Violin
Alan Rubin   Trumpet
Charles Russo   Woodwind
Sonny Russo   Trombone
David Sackson   Violin,Viola
Annette Sanders   Choir, Chorus
Zachary Sanders   Choir, Chorus
Russ Savakus   Bass
Midhat Serbagi   Viola
Alan Shulman   Cello
Billy Slapin   Woodwind
Frederick Slotkin   Cello
Charles Small   Trombone
Anthony Sophos   Cello
Richard Sortomme   Violin
Irving Spice   Violin
Maretha Stewart   Choir, Chorus
Tony Studd   Trombone
Richard Tee   Keyboards
Toots Thielemans   Harmonica
Alfonso Thornton   Choir, Chorus
Brooks Tillotson   French Horn
David Tofani   Woodwind
Bobby Tucker   Conductor
Harry Urbont   Violin
Larry Wechsler   French Horn
Avram Weiss   Violin
Frank Wess   Woodwind
Tony Wells   Choir, Chorus
Brenda White   Choir, Chorus
Janet Wright   Choir, Chorus
Harry Zaratzian   Viola
Craig Davis   Choir, Chorus
Chuck Finley   Trumpet
Wally Kane   Bassoon,Woodwind
Alfa Anderson   Choir, Chorus
Michael Comins   Violin
Susan Hamilton   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Keller   Choir, Chorus
Mabel King   Vocals
David Reed   Choir, Chorus
Mabel Robinson   Choir, Chorus
Ora Shiran   Violin
Renelie Stafford   Choir, Chorus
Fred Stark   Choir, Chorus
Emanuel Vardi   Viola
Maxine Roach   Viola
Lou Eley   Violin
Kenny Karen   Choir, Chorus
Sheldon Powell   Woodwind
Claudia Ricks   Choir, Chorus
Alfons Schipani   Violin
Michael Spivakowsky   Violin
Joseph Rabushka   Violin
Kenny Williams   Choir, Chorus
Joe Shepley   Trumpet
Lew Del Gatto   Woodwind
Raymond Simpson   Choir, Chorus
Tommy Bridwell   Keyboards
Ray Shanfeld   Bassoon,Woodwind
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Mike Gray   Choir, Chorus
Julio Herrera   Choir, Chorus
Billy Davis   Choir, Chorus
Loren Glickman   Woodwind
Peter Gordon   French Horn
Frank Floyd   Choir, Chorus
Tony Price   Tuba
Ted Ross   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Tamy Smith   Choir, Chorus
Bobby Floyd   Choir, Chorus
Antonia French   Choir, Chorus
Alla Goldenberg   Cello
Arthur French   Choir, Chorus
Mike Farrell   Choir, Chorus
Christine Langner   Choir, Chorus
Bill Eaton   Choir, Chorus
Theresa Merrit   Vocals
Nipsey Russell   Vocals
Jean Ely   Violin
Mary Green Jaccoma   Cello
Jesse Teiko   Bass
Ruth Armato   Harp
Sally Foster   Harp
Ronnie Roseman   Woodwind
Lorin Clickman   Bassoon
Joe Marangella   Horn
Claude Brooke   Choir, Chorus
T.J. Cooke   Choir, Chorus
Jules S. Davis   Choir, Chorus
Camille Farrell   Choir, Chorus
Bryon Gray   Choir, Chorus
Petra Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Martina Jones   Choir, Chorus
Mary Lombardi   Choir, Chorus
Kim Magloire   Choir, Chorus
Tommy Malcolm   Choir, Chorus
Gerrard Randall   Choir, Chorus
Ermundo Russell   Choir, Chorus
Susan Stephenson   Choir, Chorus
Mia Thomas   Choir, Chorus
Duke Thorbs   Choir, Chorus
Dawn Walker   Choir, Chorus
Molina Williams   Choir, Chorus
Charles Collins   Choir, Chorus
Melvin W. Edmondson   Choir, Chorus
Bill Marine   Choir, Chorus
Chuck McGruder   Choir, Chorus
Janice Papolos   Choir, Chorus
Dennis Perren   Choir, Chorus
Neil Raber   Choir, Chorus
Mariama Thomas   Choir, Chorus
Joey Ward   Choir, Chorus
Beurice Whitehead   Choir, Chorus
Paul Winter   Violin
George Flynn   Trombone
Larry Williams   Woodwind
Julian Baird   Viola
William Walker   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Chris Boardman   Orchestration
Quincy Jones   Liner Notes,Vocal Arrangements,Dance Arrangement
Tom Bahler   Arranger
Larry Dahlstrom   Engineer
Ralph Ferraro   Orchestration
Robert Freedman   Orchestration
Dick Hazard   Orchestration
Jerry Hey   Orchestration
Greig McRitchie   Orchestration
Frank Owens   Dance Arrangement
Wayne Robinson   Orchestration
Skip Saylor   Engineer
Bruce Swedien   Engineer
Harold Wheeler   Composer
Charlie Smalls   Composer
George Osaki   Art Direction
Mendel Baylitz   Orchestration
Sherry Kruger   Orchestral Coordinator
Sidney Lument   Liner Notes
Pete Meyers   Orchestration

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