The WRITER System Notebook: A Methodical Approach to Outlining Your Novel

The WRITER System Notebook: A Methodical Approach to Outlining Your Novel

by Allan L Mann


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Thank you for being a writer, an author. The world is made all the more joyful, entertaining, and exciting with your creations in it.

As an author, I love creating, but I also enjoy the creative process — how an author writes. As I wrote my first three stories, I quickly came to understand my working process.

People say there are two types of writers — pantsers and plotters. That seemed very black and white to me. On the one hand, you have those who sit at the keyboard and write the story as if they’re watching a movie play out in their mind’s eye. On the other, some authors like to plot out every last move of their characters. And never the twain shall meet. I think the reality for many, however, lies somewhere in between.

And that’s where THE WRITER SYSTEM began.

WRITER stands for World, Rival, Idol, Twists, End, and Resolve.

Each one of these elements will help you craft the big picture of your next novel. From this basic Outline, you’ll create ever-more detailed Synopsis by questioning each point within it. From the final Synopsis, a 4-Act Structure is developed, hitting all of the beat points required of a good story.

Other elements included in this planner are scene and character sketches, plot and character arcs, notes on scene construction, a writing timeline tool (or the dreaded deadline!).

There is plenty of space for your notes in each section and several pages at the end of this notebook for your moments of inspiration on the fly.

I hope you enjoy using this tool in your writing, and I’d love to hear if you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make this an even more useful resource.

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ISBN-13: 9781732922747
Publisher: Noir Cafe Press, LLC
Publication date: 08/15/2019
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Allan has been a long-time fan of crime fiction and in particular that which is based in Scotland. Since turning his hand to writing, he has found out that reading it is easier. Consequently, he's spending more and more time in front of his computer.

His first non-fiction work, The WRITER System Notebook, is designed to help authors outline their novels.

Table of Contents

Project Details 1

Publishing Targets 3

The WRITER System 7

Using the WRITER System

Part 1 — Outlining 11

Part 2 — Working Plot Thread 15

Part 3 — The 4-Act Structure 17

PartI Outlining

World 22

Rival 30

Idol 36

Twists 42

End 48

Resolve 54

Synopsis and Questions 61

Synopsis #1 62

Questions from Synopsis #1 63

Synopsis #2 64

Questions from Synopsis #2 66

Synopsis #3 68

Questions from Synopsis #3 72

Synopsis #4 76

Questions from Synopsis #4 82

Synopsis #5 88

Part II

Working Plot Thread

Main Plot Arc 98

Subplots 104

Character Arcs 108

Part III

The 4-Act Structure

Act 1 - Preparation 114

Act 2 - Reaction 120

Act 3 - Proaction 126

Act 4 - Conclusion 132



Protagonist: 142

Antagonist: 144

Sidekick: 146

Character: 148

Character: 150

Character: 152

Character: 154

Character: 156


Location: 160

Location: 162

Location: 164

Location: 166

Location: 168

Location: 170

Location: 172

Location: 174

Research Notes 176

Freestyle 196

Resources 236

About the Author 239

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