The Yes Game: How Sexual Enhancement Can Change the Date Rape Culture

The Yes Game: How Sexual Enhancement Can Change the Date Rape Culture

by ABOVE and BEYOND Stress

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Immersion Into The Yes Game ~ Is Not For The Faint Of Heart. The Yes Game is designed to Eliminate Sexual Misdeeds by offering A Reward - IN TRADE - for Fair and Honorable Behavior. The Yes Game guides you into the world of powerful sex therapy techniques, devised to create Intense Sexual Experiences of Protracted Duration. Exquisite Sexual Experiences ~ Occur ONLY When You "Play." Follow The Game Rules ~ Discover Fairness Pays Off! Learn To Unlock The Secrets of Sexual Responsiveness ~ For Those Who Are Willing To Adopt An Attitude of Fair & Honorable Behavior Toward Women. And Yes, If A Man Drops The Fair Attitude ~ HIS Sexual Enhancement Will Fade Away. Fair's Fair ~ Win, Win. Although your skin is the largest organ of your body; Your Brain is The Most Powerful. Through Cognitive Skills Training ~ The Yes Game Repeatedly Guides You into the Most Powerful Ways of Thinking on, The Sexual Feelings You Are About To Experience. Both in General and Specifically WHILE You're Engaged In The Actual Sexual Behaviors, until they become your natural way of thinking about sex. The more you "Play The Game," the longer, and more exquisite your sexual pleasures become, as you progress toward the goal of being intensely multi-orgasmic. Advanced Scripts are available to take you As Far As You Dare To Go. These evidence based sex therapy techniques work for everyone who is open to benefiting from them. All it takes is the willingness to "Play." It doesn't matter if you have no experience at all or if you're quite the Expert. Repeatedly following The Scripts will effortlessly establish these new neural pathways in your brain. Which is, after all ~ Your Most Powerful Sex Organ. Order Yours Now And Surprise Yourself And Your partner.

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ISBN-13: 9781543923285
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/20/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 46
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About the Author

Above and Beyond Stress is a Cognitive Skills Training Company that for many decades has trained individuals in developing the most effective thought processes to achieve their goals both Personally and Professionally. One of the many categories of which has been Sexual Dysfunction and Intimacy & Sexual Enhancement. The Yes Game is a Training Supplement for Intimacy & Sexual Enhancement that has been re-designed with the hope of contributing to a new Social Contract that will reduce and perhaps eliminate date rape, sexual harassment and other sexual misdeeds. It's no secret that some ways of thinking are Supportive, Uplifting and Build Self Confidence, Joy and Happiness. While other ways of thinking Undermine our Self Esteem, Sabotage our Goals and Increase Anxiety, Phobias, Depression and Helplessness. The Significance of how Thoughts effect the Magnitude of Our Feelings and Behaviors cannot be overstated.

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