Theatre & War

Theatre & War

by Nandita Dinesh


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In Theatre & War: Notes from the Field (2016, 2018), Dinesh writes about making theatre in zones of conflict. She analyzes practice; she describes various projects that she has undertaken ‘on the ground’; she theorizes strategies that might be useful to other practitioner-researchers who are involved in similar work. In this sequel of sorts, Dinesh chooses to return to the same themes: of theatre, of war. But this time, she intentionally crafts her notes from afar. From somewhere outside the field. From somewhere outside the practice. And yet, a somewhere that is consumed by the field. And the practice.

Through writing that seeks to ‘do’, through writing that seeks to ‘perform’, Dinesh use different voices in this book. Voices that come from more traditional archival sources, which are then re-conceptualized as drama. Voices that come from sources that occupy the space between archived and lived experience, which are then shaped into creative vignettes. Voices that come from Dinesh’s repertoire – her own lived experiences – that are then crafted as flash fiction about past/ present/ future collaborators. By weaving together variously positioned experiences and voices through creative (re)interpretations, Theatre & War: Notes from Afar is a book that could be read; it is also a book that could be performed.

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ISBN-13: 9781622734535
Publisher: Vernon Art and Science
Publication date: 09/24/2018
Series: Series in Performing Arts
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Nandita Dinesh holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and an MA in Performance Studies from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Focused on the role that theatre can play during and after violent conflict, Dinesh has conducted community-based theatre projects in India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. She currently teaches Theatre Arts and Literature & Performance, in addition to overseeing the juvenile justice programming, at the United World College in Montezuma, New Mexico. Nandita's books include Theatre & War: Notes from the Field (2016; 2018 republication in India), Memos from a Theatre Lab: Exploring What Immersive Theatre "Does", Scripting Detention: A Project in Theater and Autoethnography with Incarcerated Teens, Memos from a Theatre Lab: Spaces, Relationships, & Immersive Theatre, Information for/from Outsiders: Chronicles from Kashmir and Memos from a Theatre Lab: Immersive Theatre & Time. In 2017 she was awarded the Elliott Hayes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy by Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas.

Table of Contents

A Roadmap

Section I: Guilt

A Note from Afar

Galleries of Guilt


The Setting

The First Gallery

The Second Gallery

The Third Gallery

The Fourth Gallery

The Fifth Gallery

Section II: Passion | Devastation

A Note from Afar

Here & There


The Setting

HERE: Part 1

THERE: Part 1

HERE: Part 2

THERE: Part 2

HERE: Part 3

THERE: Part 3

HERE: Part 4

THERE: Part 4

HERE: Part 5


Section III: Admiration

A Note from Afar

The Workout


The Setting

Round One

Round Two

Round Three

Round Four

Round Five

Section IV: Fear

A Note from Afar

Fear & Flash (non) Fiction












# 12

Section V: Dissonance

A Note from Afar

Recipe for Disaster


The Setting

The Daily Schedules

The Text Strips

The Menu

The Shadows

The End

Ode to a Banyan Tree


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