They Shall Not Pass: The British Battalion at Jarama - The Spanish Civil War

They Shall Not Pass: The British Battalion at Jarama - The Spanish Civil War

by Ben Hughes

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In 1937 a group of idealistic British volunteers sailed from England to fight the dark threat of dictatorship in Spain. In the olive groves of Jarama, near Madrid, they achieved the first victory against Franco's army. It was Fascism's first defeat. Hardly remembered today, it proved a crucial military turning point in the fight against Fascism. For the first time, Ben Hughes reconstructs the battle in a vivid blow-by-blow account, and considers its fascinating aftermath.

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ISBN-13: 9781849088695
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication date: 10/20/2011
Series: General Military
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
File size: 8 MB

About the Author

Ben Hughes is the author 'Conquer or Die!', Wellington's Veterans and the Liberation of the New World' (Osprey 2010). Now an English Language lecturer and fluent in Spanish, he graduated from Leeds University in 1997, before spending several years teaching and travelling throughout South America. His passion for the continent and a lifelong interest in the Napoleonic era led to his first book, and his continuing fascination with Anglo-Hispanic relations has inspired this groundbreaking new book on Spain 's 20th century history, and the British who played a role in it. He now lives in North London with his Colombian wife.

Table of Contents

Author's Note 7

List of Illustrations 9

List of Maps 12

Preface 13

Introduction 15

Dramatis Personae 26

Part 1 'A Crowd of Boy Scouts' 35

Chapter 1 First Blood 36

Chapter 2 Departures 46

Chapter 3 Training 56

Chapter 4 The Advance 65

Chapter 5 White House Hill 78

Part 2 Death Stalked the Olive Groves 87

Chapter 6 'The bodies were rolling down the hill' 88

Chapter 7 Retreat! 98

Chapter 8 'The Moors were mowed down in scores' 109

Chapter 9 The Dark 117

Chapter 10 Dawn 127

Chapter 11 The Feint 138

Chapter 12 Capture! 146

Chapter 13 The Second Night 155

Chapter 14 Tank Attack! 161

Chapter 15 The Great Rally 172

Part 3 Conclusions 179

Chapter 16 From Jarama to Brunete 180

Chapter 17 The Nationalist Breakthrough 197

Chapter 18 The Ebro Offensive and the Farewell Parade 206

Epilogue: Back to Britain 213

Appendix 1 The Battlefield Today 232

Appendix 2 Order of Battle 233

Notes 240

Bibliography 260

Index 264

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