Thoughtful Reading (VHS): Teaching Comprehension to Adolescents

Thoughtful Reading (VHS): Teaching Comprehension to Adolescents

by Cris Tovani

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Teachers of adolescent readers face many challenges. Some students are skilled at decoding text but have few strategies for understanding complex genres. Others have entered their teen years struggling to decode even the simplest books and articles. Through her highly successful book, I Read It, but IDon't Get It, Cris Tovani, a high school teacher in Denver,Colorado, has provided welcome advice to teachers on the reading strategies that worked in her classroom.

Now, Cris' practical and inspiring ideas for teaching reading come to life in the videotape series, Thoughtful Reading.

This four-part series shows Cris working with a wide range of students, from college-bound seniors to students who have been referred to her classroom because of their struggles with reading. You'll see Cris leading the whole class, launching small-group activities, thinking through instructional design, teaching individual students, and assessing learner needs and strengths. The series includes examples of how to:

  • design small-group instruction;
  • teach students to work together in groups;
  • initiate one-on-one conferences with students;
  • teach comprehension strategies to the whole class;
  • help students learn to monitor their reading through notes, logs, and discussions;
  • create "comprehension constructors" and other instruction tools that link reading, writing, and thinking;
  • promote student independence through whole-class discussions and student presentations;
  • provide a range of genres to meet the needs of diverse students.

Prepare to enter a remarkable high school classroom where students who are reluctant to read are developing new skills and redefining their sense of themselves as readers. You'll leave with a wealth of ideas for instruction, energized by new possibilities for helping students.

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ISBN-13: 9781571103697
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
Publication date: 01/28/2003
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)
Age Range: 11 - 17 Years

About the Author

Cris Tovani taught first grade to seniors for 31 years. Her entire career has been spent trying to figure out the “knowing-doing” gap. Researchers tell teachers what they should be doing but actually doing it with 125+ students is a whole new ball game. Throughout her career, Cris has tried to take reading and writing research and apply it to all levels of learners. She loves sharing her success and failures with colleagues around the world so they too, can better serve students.

Cris most recently worked with secondary English language learners from a high poverty district in Colorado that was in its fourth year of turnaround. Currently, Cris is facilitating literacy labs in several different states to promote collaboration among colleagues. In addition, she has the pleasure of working with administrators to build their background knowledge on best practices so they are able to give teachers useful feedback about instruction.

Cris is a internationally known consultant focusing on issues of reading, content comprehension and assessment in secondary classrooms. She has been an adjunct professor and is the author of four books: I Read it but I Don’t Get ItDo I Really Have to Teach Reading?So, What do They Really Know? And No More Telling as Teaching:  Less Lecture, More Engaged Learning.

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