Thriving with Autism: 90 Activities to Encourage Your Child's Communication, Engagement, and Play

Thriving with Autism: 90 Activities to Encourage Your Child's Communication, Engagement, and Play

by Katie Cook


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Help children with autism strengthen their connections—supportive strategies for ages 1 to 11

To guide your efforts to help your child flourish, this book has 90 playful, evidence-based activities. Thriving with Autism provides an easy, effective toolbox to supplement and support the developmental work parents and caregivers are doing with their children. These solutions are designed for kids with autism from ages 1 to 11. The benefits can last a lifetime.

From building better conversation abilities to strengthening social skills, Thriving with Autism delivers practical, everyday ways to connect, encourage, and play. Featuring exercises like Acts of Friendliness, The Human Burrito, and Emotional Charades, this comprehensive guide encourages your child with autism to boost their communication, engagement, and self-regulation skills.

Thriving with Autism includes:

  • Hands-on activities—Make learning fun with lots of lessons that can help kids across the autism spectrum.
  • Simple strategies—Tackle these easy, research-driven activities one by one at home.
  • Engaging and practical—Find helpful tips and suggestions, as well as full-color illustrations that are sure to inspire and delight you and your child.

Now there’s a smart, sensible way to help teach kids with autism necessary skills.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781646114801
Publisher: Callisto Media
Publication date: 04/28/2020
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 638,042
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 1 - 11 Years

About the Author

Katie Cook, MED, BCBA, has dedicated her career to helping children with autism find success and happiness in their lives. She’s passionate about parental education and caregiver involvement—the cornerstones of any successful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program. She runs a home therapy practice, ABA Services, that’s committed to helping kids with autism and their parents.

Table of Contents

Introduction VIII

Part 1 Getting Started

Chapter 1 An Empowering Approach 2

Chapter 2 Engage, Connect, and Thrive 10

Part 1 Let's Do This! (Activities, Games, and Strategies)

Chapter 3 Let's Communicate! 18

Giving Meaning to Sounds 20

Fun with Food 21

Bubbles, Bubbles, Glorious Bubbles 22

What's Missing? 24

Music to My Ears 26

What's That Small? 27

Conversation Tower 28

Inquisitive Questioner 30

Chocolate Time 31

The Barrier Game 32

Chapter 4 Let's Do Something Together! 34

One Little Finger 36

Rough-and-Tumble 37

Emotions Book 38

Searchlight 39

Funny Features 40

Think vs. Say 41

Emotion Charades 42

Double Dare 43

Same and Different 44

Confidence Cube 45

Chapter 5 Let's Play! 46

I Can Play by Myself 48

We're Following the Leader 49

The Magic Box 50

The Joy of Reading 51

Feeding the Bear 52

Imagine That 54

Beautiful Friendships 55

My Turn, Your Turn 56

Share the Pear 57

The Special Hat 58

Chapter 6 Let's Get Social! 60

Making Choices 62

Polite All Day Long, with a Good Manners Song 64

Topic Talk 65

The Listening High Five 67

Face Painting 69

Space Bubble 70

Compliment Jar 72

Circles of Friends 74

Red Light, Green Light 76

Acts of Friendliness 77

Chapter 7 Let's Move! 80

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes 82

Crisscross 83

Tunnel for the Trunk 84

Give Me a Hand 86

Raisin Race 87

Painter's Tape 88

Balancing Bonanza 89

Art for All 90

Pizza, Pizza! 91

Crab Crawl 92

Chapter 8 Let's Get Sensory Smart! 94

The Human Burrito 96

Sensory Craver 98

Sound Sensitivities 99

Trampoline Frenzy 101

Great Ball of Joy 103

Sensory Nature Walk 104

Terrific Tastings 106

Little Yogis 108

Sensory Bottle 110

Bikes and Trikes 111

Chapter 9 Let's Get Calm! 112

Helping Hand 114

Roaring Lion 115

Patience, My Friend 116

Power Up 118

Color Me Calm 119

Apples and Bananas 120

Beautiful Butterfly 121

Whirlybird 123

Choose Your Own Adventure 125

Don't Stress It 126

Chapter 10 Let's Learn! 128

Blocks vs. Socks 130

Mirror the Queen 132

Slap Match 133

Crafting My Name 135

Flash Dance 136

Feel and Learn 137

All about Handwriting 138

Reading beyond Decoding 139

Colorful Synonyms 140

Picture This 141

Chapter 11 Let's be Independent! 144

Brushy Brush Brush 145

Chaining for Independence 146

Potty Party 148

Grip It Rings 150

Button Worm 151

Let's Go Shopping 152

Bank on It 153

Recycle Races 154

Safety Signs 156

Time to Learn 157

Resources for Parents 158

References 160

Index 161

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