Through My Eyes - Why Take That Photo? Be A Part Of The Photograph, Not Just The Photographer

Through My Eyes - Why Take That Photo? Be A Part Of The Photograph, Not Just The Photographer

by John Madden


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I was always the one not in the pictures as I was always taking them. In this life long process I learned the difference between a picture and a photo. A picture is what we take and a photo has a story. One of my greatest photographic thrills is to have people look at me when I'm photographing something, then look in the direction I'm photographing and look back at me. Then they look again at the direction I'm photographing. Seeing the look of what is he doing? What does he see? Fills me with the "What" the juice of my being?" Or to be asked: "How long did it take you to take that photo?" Answer: "All my life!" Or to be told: "I have a camera, I could take that photo." Reply: Great, go, do it, and find this moment for you. You'll enjoy it. This is not a technical book, it's a PHOTOGRAPHY IS FUN book and every photo has a STORY. The equipment doesn't make you a professional or even a good photographer. YOU DO! Technology rules in so much of our world. It answers our questions, computes our math, governs so much of our lives, tells us what month, day, and time it is, has taken society from knowing ones neighbors to not knowing who lives next door, but at the same time it has shrunk our world to bring us closer together in mind, body, and spirit. There is a saying: "We are all one people" and technology has brought that to the forefront more than before. At the same time it has challenged outdoor activities, social contact, and human nature. There are so many technical photography books but none that I know of tell the story of why the photo taken. I want people to learn how to see what others don't, to look for the banquet Mother Natures gives us everyday, to feel the photo, and to become aware of the pure fun and joy of photography.

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Publication date: 01/18/2015
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About the Author

John Madden's passion for the Southwest comes through in his work, which depicts the vastness and grandeur of this rich land. His photos have graced the homes of Madeline Kahn, Michael Landon, U.S. Representative Larry Combest, former Texas Governor Ann Richards, and Texas Senator John T. Montford, to name a few, and his photography has been showcased in gallery shows throughout the Southwest. Madden assisted National Geographic photographers Dewitt Jones and Rike Cooke during two photography seminars on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. He has served as the official photographer for the Colorado Indian Market, the Texas Indian Market and Southwest Showcase, the Disabled American Veterans National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and for John T. Montford, Governor of the Day. His work has appeared in publications including Bravo, Cowboy, Southwest Art, US Art, Vietnam Veteran, Whispering Wind, and World Oil, as well as calendars and advertisements. Madden lives in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife Judy and is working on his next book, Through My Eyes-The Art of Faces.

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Through My Eyes - Why Take That Photo? Be A Part Of The Photograph, Not Just The Photographer 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Wolf_Lady More than 1 year ago
Social media has made everyone think that a picture is a photograph. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of everyday life on Facebook and Instagram, some of which, I believe should never be shared! It isn’t until you see a Photograph taken with experience, excitement and, yes love, will you be mesmerized by what was seen by the spirit and soul of the person taking that moment in time when everything was just right, the subject, the light, space, that beat of the heart in time with the “click” of the shutter.  When someone like John Madden decides to publish photographs in a book like this, he is giving you a piece of himself. In every picture, in each story, he lets you into a private part of his special world of photography.  A place where he invites you to lose yourself with him as he travels to find that wonderful moment to share, to introduce you to people who you might meet, go to places you will long to see for real, touch you  emotionally or make you smile because he was there that day to bring you this moment in time.  To think these are just a few of the incredible photographs Mr. Madden has taken over the years, we can only hope that this is the first of many with the stories that accompany them that he will share with us in the future.
janie-dc More than 1 year ago
Loved the book! Makes me want to look at pictures over my lifetime and take notes about what was happening. Johnhit the ball over home base with this unique approach to photography and relating it back to life
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"I sat up last night and read your book. Your book is about life. The soft words of the book are a pleasant and uplifting walk throughlife. Congratulations on a fine creation." Charles Ritchie
Pridey More than 1 year ago
I am proud to say that I am John Madden's daughter. And this book is all of who he is. My father's voice, his eyes, his thinking process, the door into his soul, who he is to the core....One of my daughter's is following in her Pop's footsteps. The look on her face when she saw her Pop's book in her hands was equivalent of seeing my daddy in her eyes. .
lazyh More than 1 year ago
I immensely enjoyed this book. I live in an area that offers limitless opportunity for wildlife and landscape photos. I do not even consider myself an amateur photographer, but rather than someone who likes to take photos of things that capture my attention. Mr Madden reinforces my passion for doing this and my point and shoot philosophy has produced some nice photos for my collection. I very much enjoyed his narrative of his life experience and his spectacular photos.
Harold_Johnson More than 1 year ago
What a pleasure--a non-technical approach to photography. A novel look at taking pictures for FUN!  Madden, the author/photographer makes his pictures come alive through the stories of why he took his photos. A book to encourage all of us to look at photography in a new way.
2015 More than 1 year ago
very much enjoyed the book! it has interesting, entertaining, educational short stories as to why the author took each picture