The Nightmare Before Christmas [2-Disc Special Edition] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Nightmare Before Christmas [2-Disc Special Edition] [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

by Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman

CD(Special Edition)

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Danny Elfman, who has scored many of Tim Burton's imaginative films (Edward Scissorhands, his two Batman films, etc.), is a perfect musical partner for the somewhat macabre director, and never more so than here, where, in fact, Elfman gets not only to write the music but to play the part of the main character. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an animated movie musical about the abduction of Christmas by the denizens of Halloween land, and Elfman sings the part of Jack, the Pumpkin King. The score is in his usual lush but threatening style (Kurt Weill is his biggest influence), but the highlight is Elfman's singing. Even in his rock band Oingo Boingo (now merely Boingo), Elfman doesn't get to sing like this. Granted, the soundtrack album inevitably lacks the film's outlandish visuals, but it tells the story on its own, and one is better able to appreciate Elfman's outstanding performance. [The 2006 reissue comes packaged with an additional nine-track bonus CD.]

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Release Date: 10/24/2006
Label: Walt Disney Records
UPC: 0050086163670
catalogNumber: 861636
Rank: 13972

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Danny Elfman   Primary Artist,Vocals
Marilyn Manson   Vocals
Steve Bartek   Musical Direction
Randy Crenshaw   Vocals
Richard Dodd   String Instrument
Charley Drayton   Drums
Dude Durst   Vocals
Ed Ivory   Vocals
Rob Mathes   Conductor
Bobbi Page   Vocals
Ken Page   Vocals
Sandra Park   Concert Master
Paul Reubens   Vocals
Glenn Shadix   Vocals
Tim Skold   Vocals
Carmen Twillie   Vocals
Fiona Apple   Vocals
Mike Elizondo   Upright Bass
Kerry Katz   Vocals
Susan McBride   Vocals
Eric Gorfain   String Instrument
Daphne Chen   String Instrument
Zac Rae   Keyboards
Fall Out Boy   Vocals
Leah Katz   String Instrument
Patrick Stewart   Narrator
She Wants Revenge   Band
Section Quartet   String Quartet
Panic! At the Disco   Band
Greg Proops   Vocals
Catherine O'Hara   Vocals
Glenn Walters   Vocals
Sherwood Ball   Vocals

Technical Credits

Danny Elfman   Arranger,Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Audio Production,Score
Marilyn Manson   Producer
Neal Avron   Producer,Engineering
Mark Mandelbaum   Engineering
Rob Mathes   Arranger,Producer
Shawn Murphy   Engineering
Tim Skold   Producer
Steve Gerdes   Creative Design
Mike Elizondo   Producer
Eric Gorfain   Arranger
Adam Hawkins   Engineer
Tim Burton   Producer
Erich Talaba   Engineering
Jeff Lowy   Business Consultant
Gary Adler   Art Direction
She Wants Revenge   Producer
Brendon Urie   Arranger
Panic! At the Disco   Producer,Engineering
Ryan Ross   Arranger
Bobby Fernandez   Engineering
Bill Jackson   Engineering

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Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first day I got this CD I listened to it 2 times in a row. The music is funny, sweet, and slightly disturbing. Danny Elfman wrote some great lyrics and is mind-blowing as Jack. Cathrine O'Hara adds a sweet touch as Sally. My advice to you: Buy this CD! It's really worth it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am in awe. I have seen the movie 12 times (since last week) and it BLEW ME AWAY. The soundtrack, I must admit, isn't a quite as good because the visuals are what really grabbed me by the neck and held on, but it was still fantastic. My favorite songs were 1) This is Halloween 2)Sally's Song 3)Everything else. There wasn't one song, one part, that I didn't like. Comepletely brilliant. My only advice to you is to buy this CD. Now.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this soundtrack! Sally's song has always been my favorite. The songs really go with the movie-even the happiest songs seem to have an undertone of Halloweentown in them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just like Randy Newman wrote great songs for the Disney/Pixar films, Danny Elfman created amazing music for this film too. My favorite songs are: 1. Oogie Boogie's song. He is my favorite character and a great song to go with it. 2. What's This? Every bit of it is good! 3. Jack's Lament. It may be rather sad, but it's okay. It's a perfect song to sing when you're feeling down in the dumps. My 2nd favorite character is Jack Skellington, then Barell. Kidnap the Sandy Claws definitely sounds like it could closes the 1st act of a Broadway musical. I think anyone who saw any Disney/Pixar film should own this cd. It's very different from the usual Pixar comedies because "Burton's Nightmare" is darker and scarier. Even so, Jack's a likeable character and the film has a happy ending. Nightmare may not be Mary Poppins, but I still recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Danny Elfman's sense of music style is dark, even scary and absolutely magnificent! he combines catchy tunes, with dark, lonely, solos. The score could even be summed-up as Phantom of the Opera-like. Thogh Danny Elfman is not as well known as some others, he still hits high on the musical score!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, perfect. I think you should buy it even if you havent seen the movie. Elfman is probably my favorite composer, and this is his finest, along with Edward Scissorhands, his other orchestrated masterpiece. It mixes happiness, sadness, and Tim Burton style madness in it. A must have for TB fans. Favorite Songs (Vocal) 1- This is Halloween 2- Kidnap the Sandy Claws 3- Whats This? 4- Oogie Boogie's Song 5- Jack's Obsession Favorite Songs (Orchestrated) 1- Overture 2- Track 21 (hidden track) 3- Track 20
Guest More than 1 year ago
Danny Elfman has wrote , composed many a great soundtrack. My favorites include : Batman , Edward Scissorhands , & Sommersby ( ``Return Montage'' -_0 , Excellent Track! ) Anyway , ``Nightmare'' has to be Elfman's best singing soundtrack , not including this year's ``Charlie'' which is also good. The tracks blend in so well , you pretty much feel like your watching the film , but without actual visuals. The tracks are : 1.Overture 4/5 : Great opening , not my favorite track , but builds up the beginning as most Elfman scores do . a.k.a ``Batman''. 2.Opening 3/5 : Very brief , but only because this is the introductory narration , which Patrick Stewart does perfectly. 3.This is Halloween 5/5 : My favorite song on this album , the darkness of the intro illuminates into a fun and ghoulish atmosphere. 4.Jack's Lament 5/5 : My second favorite song , this is Danny Elfman's most beautiful and depressing song he has ever written ( or sung for that matter! ) 5.Doctor Finklestein / In the Forest 3/5 : What I like the most about this track is how it takes off from the previous song ``J.L'' , and sets a sorrowful tone into a dark , mysterious vibe. 6.What's This? 3/5 : Like this song , but strange enough , not one of my favorites , although there are funny lyrics and parts where Elfman's voice is phenomenal. 7.Town Meeting Song 4/5 : First time I heard this song , it was stuck in my head for 2 weeks. Really like this song , especially it's dark tone , and organized lyrics. 8.Jack & Sally Montage 5/5 : The reason I gave this track 5/5 is because in some of Elfman's scores the tracks are nice but they sometimes lull you a bit , this one has so many momentous and beautiful parts , it keeps your attention. 9.Jack's Obsession 4/5 : My fifth favorite song I suppose , this song is not as memorable as the others , but as you listen to Jack's singing , you can feel Elfman's voice of frustration. Then once you get to the end , Jack pulls you into an exciting ride of his delicious and enticing plan. 10.Kidnap the Sandy Claws 5/5 : More sinister and dark than the previous song...I love it! Paul Reubens , Catherine O' Hara , & Danny show us a devious sense of humor , with remarkable composing , that is well worth listening to! 11.Making Christmas 4/5 : This is song is without a doubt the catchiest song on the album , but it's hard to say this is Elfman's best , still the voices ( especially Gregg Proops) are awesome! 12.Nabbed 3/5 : This track is probably looked down by many , and I myself can't say this track is `great' , but the part at the beginning has a cool tone to it. 13.Oogie Boogie's Song 4/5 : All I can say is , great job Ken Page ( the voice of Oogie ) , even though the music to this song is not , well , incredible...Ken Page's enthusiasm really hits a home-run. 14.Sally's Song 5/5 : Finally , my third favorite song , this is without a doubt , Elfman's most beautiful song ever written , and Catherine O' Hara's most ever sung! The feeling of it is so sad and beautiful , that I always play this song at night when I'm depressed. Song's like this is why Elfman is a musical genius. 15.Christmas Eve Montage 2/5 : O.k , but usually I try to skip over this track every time I listen to the c.d. It has that funny feel that Christmas is being ruined , and Elfman plays good , but by the end there's nothing hardly going for it. 16.Poor Jack 5/5 : Oh man! This is Elfman's second best song , my fourth favorite song on the album. The sad and depressing tone in the beginning lead into confidence and a sense of great pride , Elfman sings this song better here , than he did in the movie! 17.To The Rescue 5/5 : Probably the best Elfman / score track on this album , the low-tone dark sound at the beginning drive into chaotic instrumental madness , this is the kind of stuff `eccentric soundtrack lovers'wish for. I especially love the end where the music lead
Guest More than 1 year ago
not only is this one of my favorite movies this is probably one of my favorite cds too! almost all the songs are upbeat and funny. tim burton is a genious! and this cd rocks hard core.i expecialy like the town meeting song, kidnap sandy claws, and this is halloween.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Elfman has a knack for creating emotional and appropriate scores for films, especially films that call for something very different, such as Edward Scissorhands or Nightmare. His score sets the tone for this classic animated story. His amazing talent brings the animated characters to life and makes them and their world believable. The music also stands on it's own. It's one of my favorites in my CD collection.