by Bob Blink

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After more than a year of exploring with time travel, Jim Crampton has become accustomed to traveling into earth’s past or future via the time complex he discovered by accident in the mountains outside of Seattle, Washington. Several things bother him however. Despite his technical skills he has made no progress in his attempts to understand how to control his destinations, or in understanding the basic operation of the time complex. Is there something special about the dates and locations pre-programmed into the machine? Is travel to times and places other than he has found even possible? There are clues that the answer to this question is yes, but he has yet to find a way to test what he suspects.

He has no more idea now than when he first chanced upon the time complex as to who or what built it, and why. Despite the hundreds of hours spent in the complex itself or traveling to other time periods, he has never encountered another traveler. The odd symbols on the equipment and what appear to be handwritten records lead him to suspect that the time complex was not created by future humans. If this is so, is there a sinister purpose behind the device, and why were the ‘Builders’ completely absent for so long? Perhaps they have finished their investigations, and have left. If so, why leave it powered and operational?

He is also concerned how the complex might be used if he reveals its existence to the wrong people, yet he has come to the conclusion that he needs help if he is to make any headway understanding the secrets locked inside the hidden complex. His decision to disclose the secret to two of his closest friends will set in motion a chain of events he could not have anticipated.

After a disastrous trip into the past to ‘show off’ his secret, Jim gains the trust of a fellow traveler from his own future. Together they assemble a select team to unravel the mysteries locked inside the complex. Their investigations lead to a race against time to determine the future of mankind.

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BN ID: 2940046441789
Publisher: Bob Blink
Publication date: 12/03/2014
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I am a former satellite systems engineer who always wanted to write. Early attempts were always frustrated by the conflicts of school, working, or life in general. While I was in the Navy for a couple of years, my experiences were restricted to teaching at the Nuclear Power School, so I have no real combat experience. I attempted a novel I intended to call "The Long March Conspiracy" when I was working on a satellite launch in China. I intended for the Chinese rocket that was carrying a US satellite to be sabotaged and blown up. During the actual launch I was working, the satellite actually did blow up, although not because of nefarious activities as would have been the case in my plot. None the less, it didn't seem appropriate to continue with that story. Lack of free time was working against any progress anyway.

Several years ago I retired and moved out of Los Angeles to Nevada, and found that I finally had sufficient time to see if I could create anything of interest. I write mostly for personal satisfaction, with stories that I find interesting to create. That said, I find great satisfaction that some of you find my writing enjoyable. Some books are stories that come to mind, while others are based on something my wife or friends have suggested they would like to see. While I know where a story is intended to go when I start, more than once a character in the story has been known to cause the intended direction of a tale to change.

Several people have noted in comments that I might have an interest in guns based on the content of of some of the books. I confess I was an active shooting enthusiast at one time, and have tried to interject more accuracy in the use of weapons than some other authors. It has long been an annoyance to see how unaware many authors are when they equip their characters.

I have an eight year old daughter, so writing has to been done when it doesn't conflict with her schedule. Normally I am up and work between 4 and 8 AM. Frequent notes are scribbled during the day when an important thought comes to mind.

I greatly appreciate your comments, and hope that future books will be to your liking.

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