A to Z of American Women in the Performing Arts

A to Z of American Women in the Performing Arts

by Liz Sonneborn

Hardcover(New Edition)



Covering Gracie Allen to Tammy Wynette, the author of A to Z of American Women in the Visual Arts showcases 150 notable US performers—many of whom serve(d) as female role models. Entries include the woman's basic biographical data and contributions as an artist. The book includes some 50 b&w photos, recommended reading and recorded performances, sources, and entries by genre and year of birth. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

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ISBN-13: 9780816043989
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/2001
Series: Facts on File Library of American History
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 9.54(h) x 0.86(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

Table of Contents

Allen, Gracie1
Anderson, Laurie2
Anderson, Marian3
Arden, Eve5
Arthur, Jean6
Bacall, Lauren9
Baez, Joan10
Bailey, Pearl12
Baker, Josephine13
Ball, Lucille15
Bankhead, Tallulah17
Bara, Theda18
Barrymore, Ethel19
Berg, Gertrude21
Bergen, Candice22
Bergman, Ingrid23
Bow, Clara25
Brice, Fanny26
Brooks, Louise27
Burnett, Carol29
Callas, Maria31
Carpenter, Karen33
Carroll, Diahann34
Carter, Maybelle36
Castle, Irene36
Charisse, Cyd38
Cline, Patsy40
Colbert, Claudette41
Crawford, Joan43
Cushman, Charlotte45
Dandridge, Dorothy47
Davis, Bette49
Day, Doris51
DeGeneres, Ellen53
De Mille, Agnes54
Del Rio, Dolores55
Dietrich, Marlene56
Diller, Phyllis58
Duncan, Isadora59
Dunham, Katherine61
Estefan, Gloria65
Farrell, Suzanne67
Finley, Karen68
Fitzgerald, Ella70
Fonda, Jane71
Foster, Jodie73
Franklin, Aretha75
Garbo, Greta77
Gardner, Ava79
Garland, Judy80
Gish, Dorothy82
Gish, Lillian84
Goldberg, Whoopi86
Grable, Betty88
Graham, Martha89
Harlow, Jean93
Hayes, Helen95
Hayworth, Rita97
Henie, Sonja99
Hepburn, Audrey100
Hepburn, Katharine102
Holiday, Billie104
Horne, Lena106
Houston, Whitney108
Humphrey, Doris109
Jackson, Mahalia113
James, Etta115
Jamison, Judith116
Joplin, Janis117
Kelly, Grace119
Kemble, Fanny120
Lee, Gypsy Rose123
Leginska, Ethel124
Leigh, Vivien124
Leitzel, Lillian126
Lombard, Carole127
Lupino, Ida129
Lynn, Loretta130
Mabley, Moms133
MacDonald, Jeanette134
Martin, Mary138
McDaniel, Hattie139
Merman, Ethel140
Midler, Bette142
Mills, Florence143
Minnelli, Liza144
Miranda, Carmen146
Mitchell, Joni147
Monk, Meredith149
Monroe, Marilyn150
Montez, Lola151
Moore, Mary Tyler153
Moreno, Rita155
Norman, Jessye157
Normand, Mabel158
Oakley, Annie161
Parton, Dolly163
Pearl, Minnie165
Pickford, Mary166
Powell, Eleanor168
Powell, Maud169
Price, Florence171
Price, Leontyne172
Radner, Gilda175
Rainey, Ma176
Rand, Sally177
Rivers, Joan178
Roberts, Julia179
Rogers, Ginger180
Ross, Diana183
Russell, Lillian185
Russell, Rosalind186
St. Denis, Ruth189
Sainte-Marie, Buffy190
Sarandon, Susan192
Shore, Dinah193
Sills, Beverly194
Slick, Grace195
Smith, Bessie197
Smith, Patti198
Stanwyck, Barbara200
Streep, Meryl201
Streisand, Barbra203
Swanson, Gloria205
Tallchief, Maria207
Talmadge, Norma208
Tamiris, Helen209
Tandy, Jessica211
Tanguay, Eva212
Taylor, Elizabeth212
Temple, Shirley214
Tharp, Twyla216
Thornton, Big Mama218
Tomlin, Lily219
Tucker, Sophie220
Turner, Lana221
Turner, Tina223
Vaughan, Sarah227
Verdon, Gwen228
Warwick, Dionne231
Washington, Dinah232
Waters, Ethel233
West, Mae236
Winfrey, Oprah238
Wong, Anna May240
Wood, Natalie241
Wynette, Tammy242
Recommended Sources on American Women in the Performing Arts245
Entries by Area of Activity247
Entries by Year of Birth250
General Index252

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