Toxicology of the Lung

Toxicology of the Lung

by Donald E. Gardner (Editor)


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The most up-to-date treatment of inhalation toxicology available, Toxicology of the Lung, Fourth Edition examines the subject from a target-organ perspective. Completely revised and updated, the book includes contributions from an entirely new set of authors, each of them a leading international authority in their respective specialties. As with the previous editions, it presents the latest advances in our knowledge of how the lung responds to airborne contaminants. It discusses the assessment of nanomaterials, pulmonary administration of new therapeutics, health effects of inhaled particulate matter from diesel exhaust, and respiratory genomics.

The new edition provides insight into current thinking about the critical need for understanding the kinetics and dynamic interactions associated with toxic effects. It explores the appropriateness of recent advances made across disciplines and addresses human clinical testing and emerging technology for using animal and in vitro models to detect adverse effects. The book examines how airborne substances can alter the physiological, biochemical, and morphological functioning of biological systems and covers the latest modeling approaches for predicting deposition and fate of inhaled particles.

Illustrating on-going research efforts for delineating the association between airborne substances and systemic effects, the book provides authoritative reviews of selected areas. The editor makes the information accessible to readers who do not have a background in pulmonary physiology without sacrificing the scientific rigor required by those who do. These features make this the ultimate resource on how pollutants affect allergies, infection, and other lung diseases.

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ISBN-13: 9780849328350
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/20/2005
Series: Target Organ Toxicology Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 696
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Methods for Evaluating the Lung in Human Subjects, S.I. Rennard

Human Clinical Studies of Airborne Pollutants, M.W. Frampton, A.P. Pietropaoli, P.E. Morrow, and M.J. Utell

Nasal Irritation-Current Understanding and Future Research Needs, J.C. Walker

In Vitro Models for Lung Toxicology, C.B. Allen

Dosimetry of Particles in Humans: From Children to Adults, B. Asgharian, W. Hofmann, and F.J. Miller

Toxicity in the Lungs Driven by the Dynamics of the Effect or by the Kinetics of the Noxious Agents or Those Whose Effects Are Driven by Exposure, K.K. Rozman, W.L. Roth, and J. Doull

Safety Assessment of Therapeutic Agents Administered by the Respiratory Route, S.C. Gad

Vanilloid Receptors in the Respiratory Tract, C.A. Reilly, J.M. Veranth, B. Veronesi, and G.S. Yost

Pulmonary Immunotoxicology, M.D. Cohen

Animal Models of Respiratory Allergy, J. Pauluhn

Fiber Toxicology, D.M. Bernstein

Reproductive Toxicology Testing of Inhaled Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Products, A. Viau and K. Robinson

Effects of Engineered Nanoscale Particulates on the Lung, D.B. Warheit

Diesel Exhaust and Viral Infections, I. Jaspers

Adaptation to Toxicant Exposure during Rodent Lung Tumorigenesis, G.M. Curtin, R.J. Potts, P.H. Ayres, D.J. Doolittle, and J.E. Swauger

Tobacco Smoking, H. Witschi

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