Disney Villainous Game

Disney Villainous Game

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WARNING: Choking Hazard, Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years Old


In this epic contest of sinister power, take on the role of a Disney Villain and strive to achieve your own devious objective. Discover your character’s unique abilities and winning strategy while dealing twists of fate to thwart your opponents’ schemes. Find out who will triumph over the forces of good and win it all!

For Ages: 10+

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WARNING: Choking Hazard, Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years Old

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UPC: 0810558017395
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Publication date: 08/01/2018
Age Range: 10 Years

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Disney Villainous Game 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Nic_Gordon More than 1 year ago
In Disney Villainous you play as the bad guy... finally! The first thing you'll notice when you open this game is how high quality all of the pieces are. They don't give you just some plastic and cheap cardboard, it's really high quality (for the most part). The tokens for the villains are outstanding and the boards you use are well done. Then you get to the cauldron where you place the power chips and... for some reason this is the one area they SUPER cheaped out on because it's the flimsiest plastic I've ever seen. This doesn't really change the game at all, but compared to the rest of the parts it is shocking how dinky that cauldron is. Gameplay wise, you are a villain so naturally you are up to no good. Play as Ursula, for example, and you need to get King Triton's crown and scepter. In order to do so, you have to obviously defeat Triton (poor unfortunate soul!) You do this by cycling through your cards and an interesting mechanic where you have to move Triton along your board to different locations. There is no dice rolling in this game. You have to balance trying to reach your goal with sabotaging other players by forcing them to run into heroes and other obstacles. My first playthrough, it was a bit of a struggle to keep an eye on everyone else while still being evil enough for my own purposes. Thug life is hard apparently. The strategy in this game is light enough to stay fun but not too simple that it's a fluff game. I don't think my 7 year old son could get the strategy of this game quite yet but in a year or two maybe. If you grew up with the classic Disney villains, this is a no brainer. This is a game that will let you see how the OTHER half lives. Assuming you aren't a villain yourself, which I assume you aren't. Probably. This product was received as part of a promotion.
KellySummer More than 1 year ago
i LOVE this game, It has immediately jumped to the top of my game favorites list. I like disney fine, but am not disney obsessed at all so I was wary about this game. However, it has all the fun and quality and cleverness of disney but also appeals to legit board gamers. It plays a bit like Puerto Rico meets Dominion or Magic. Each villain has their own set of attack cards and a different way to win. I wasn't a huge fan of the Ursula game play, but I loved all of the others. They did a great job incorporating the villains goals and story lines into the game play. My 8 year old son is able to play with us and understand most of it, but doesn't quite grasp all of the strategy. The game plays relatively fast (45 mins to an hour) and has a different flow almost everytime you play since there are multiple different villains to choose from. The boards and game components are gorgeous and excellent quality. The only way they can improve this game is by releasing more villains (which i hear are already in development). I can't wait! Such a fun and addicting game. This game was received as part of a promotion.
A_Gale More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this game! You get to select which villain you want to play as and your abilities are based on it. Very cool. My family loved it, too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a fun game for the entire family. My kids are 11 and 14. They've played it with us, their friends as well as extended family. It's a great way to engage and a perfect game for family game nigh. Highly recommend buying this. It's not what you'd think from a Disney game, it requires strategic thinking. Best part of the game is the villains win this time!
Darik More than 1 year ago
Finally! A Disney game that’s not pink, and we can play the bad guys. At face value, I thought with the name Disney on it, it was going to be a really easy kid game, but it is actually quite dynamic and requires a fair amount of strategic thinking. The components in the game are decent but stay true to the theme of each character. The gameplay is unique in that each player is vying for a different outcome in order to win. For example, in order for Captain Hook to win, he has to beat Peter Pan on his ship. Prince John has to collect lots of money, and Jafar has to have the Genie under his control. It is an independent play game, but there is interaction wherein you try to thwart other opponents progress by playing cards which prohibit them from completing certain moves. The rule book is written well, but there is a learning curve for understanding how the game plays out. It did take us a while to understand each other’s powers and the process. Game play is quite fun and well-balanced. All in all, it’s a great game with a fun theme. I would recommend this for kids 12+ and adults too. I received this game as part of a promotion, but the opinions expressed are completely my own.
Phrome More than 1 year ago
I had a blast playing this with my two boys. We play a ton of board games and we’re really pleased by the game play here. It’s simple to play but very strategic. Each player takes the role of a Disney Villain from one of the movies. Every villain has their own personal goal to achieve in order to win. And each goal is completely different from your opponent’s. While you have to achieve your own goal, you can still try to hinder your opponent’s goal by taking a fate action which allows you to play a card onto your opponent’s board to help stop their nefarious goals. It’s a ton of fun. The quality of the components are also really beautiful. This is definitely a well thought out and put together game. Not your normal mass-market game based on an intellectual property. Even if you’re not a big Disney fan this is still a game you may enjoy for the game play alone. Highly recommended.
Dismas325 More than 1 year ago
Where do I start with this post, except WOW! A lot of thought and love went into this game. Let's start with the components. It would have been easy to do cardboard standees or trendy to do miniatures, but they made gorgeous chunky pawns in shapes representative of your evil. Those pieces alone give the game a good table presence. The box is a wicked green and black that lets you know that this isn't your ordinary Disney game of good winning. On a slightly negative note, I will ask Wonder Forge to start shrink-wrapping their games and stop using those horrible stickers that leave a residue upon removal. The art in this game is custom artwork of famous characters, items, and scenes from your favorite Disney film. Every card you draw will take you back to your childhood and watching these iconic films...or in my case last Saturday with the wife and kid. :) With all the eye candy this game offers, where it really shines is in the game play. Though each character essentially plays the same, there are different objectives to complete in order to win. Each player has two decks of cards that are unique from any other player's deck. This adds a little bit of asymmetry to the game and makes you learn not only the character you are playing, but the other characters as well. How you move around in your realm and play your Villain cards will only get you so far in this game. You also need to be able to control your Fate and steer the Fate of others as well. The theme comes through very well in this game. Yes, what it boils down to is your gathering power to play certain cards to win the game, but it feels like so much more. It feels like you are actually trying to rewrite the script to the movie. I think that is what I like best about this game. It would have been so easy (and lazy) to make this a game about "misunderstood" villains who aren't actually evil. No, this game you are evil and you are trying to succeed in your plot. It may feel weird to play that role, but it is actually a blast if you let yourself relax and have fun with it. With the ability to play six players, and there being an equal number of male and female characters, this is a game that is great for anyone and everyone. I would go so far as to say that this is in my Top 2 family games of the year and belongs on every family game shelf! I will play this game anytime and anywhere, and I hope that there is a future expansion which unlocks some more villains like Cruella de Vil, Scar, Gaston, Shere Khan, etc.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 Stars A copy of this game was given to me for free by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. VILLAINOUS does a lot of things right but has some issues with game length and expectations. I can say from the top that this is a game you should try and you might love. I like it. My issues are relatively minor after four playthroughs, but I want to get them out of the way. Regarding expectations - this is not Disney Monopoly. If you go into this game thinking it's a light romp through some memorable franchises, you're going to be in over your head. This is a modern, deeply rich and admirable strategy game. It is not a filler game. It is not a gateway game. There is some meat here, and that's a good thing as much as it is a warning. Next, player count and game length: playing with 5 or 6 players as advertised is complete unadvisable. The game length is about 30 min. per player as it is. Down time with 4+ players is going to be an issue for some. The sweet spot for player count is 3 players. After four plays, I recommend you run two simultaneous games at one table, having a 3-player game on one side, and a 3 player game on the other side of the table, for example. Everyone can play if you have a lot of interest, but the game play is cut in half. The game play is strategic and fun, but you're really just working on your own puzzle, and for that reason, a 2.5+ hour game - this should not be. The positive of this review is in its production, graphic design, and art. The components are attractive and functional. The graphic design is readable and intuitive. The art is clean and nostalgic. The wording in the rulebook is well-thought out and clear. There is enough good here that I wager even non-Disney fans will have something to latch onto with Villainous. The largest pat on the back to the designer is the mechanisms. Other modern board game have used it to similar success. Scythe comes to mind, a game in which you move your token on your own personal board to one of four locations and activate each icon there. A lot of fun and strategic planning in how you order all that. There's a little "take that" inherent to the game, go if your playing with 8-12 year olds, be aware. There are a lot of smaller rules here, not that it seems too much for a person familiar with these games, but if you're coming from a background of Jenga, Scrabble, Ticket to Ride, and Sushi Go, you're going to either be overwhelmed entirely or have to play multiple games to grasp is all. Alternatively, if you play war games, Euro games, and Pandemic, this rule set will be easy to digest but potentially run the risk of feeling too light. Despite the warnings of this review - it's a game absolutely worth playing , but since it is pioneering into new territory regarding the Disney I.P. with some very modern game mechanisms, I think it's going to struggle to find broad acceptance outside of your typical hobby game enthusiast who is already an avid omnivore with a collection.