Universal Monsters - Horrified Game

Universal Monsters - Horrified Game

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WARNING: Choking Hazard; Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 Years Old


A cooperative game against the world's most famous monsters. The village is under attack! Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, his Bride, and more are on the rampage, and your team of heroes must defeat them. Each monster offers an entirely unique challenge, and players can adjust the difficulty by playing against a new group of adversaries every game! Overcome them all before the horror overwhelms you!

For Ages: 10+

WARNING: Choking Hazard; Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

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UPC: 0810558018361
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Publication date: 07/08/2019
Age Range: 10 Years

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Universal Monsters - Horrified Game 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
AndyE64 7 months ago
First and foremost, I want to say that I was given a copy of this game to review early but that has no bearing on my view of the game and how I'm going to score it. I am a board game enthusiast and the last thing I would want is to lead a fellow gamer or even a first-time player astray. I really enjoyed this game. Horrified is a survival game where you can either play by yourself or with a team and try to defeat the classic universal movie monsters before they terrorize the town. First impressions are everything when it comes to board games and this one really went above and beyond. As soon as you open the box it has a little warning message detailing some of the horrors waiting for you and saying not to go any further like an old school movie intro. There are a lot of pieces to the game and that can seem daunting, but the game is simple to setup and easy to learn, especially after playing a practice game, but that doesn't mean it's not very complex at moments. How the game works is that you want to survive the night and save the town by defeating the different monsters you win the game by completing small tasks in order to weaken the monsters so that they can be defeated in combat while collecting items and rescuing villagers and you lose the game when the monsters defeat you enough times or defeat enough villagers to raise the terror meter all the way or if the monsters run out of moves/you run out of turns. I play tested the game in a few different ways. 2 single player games, 3 two player games, and 1 four player game. One thing that I found across all the games was that the games were tense close calls that could have gone either way. I found that you will have different playing styles depending on how many people are playing in a one to two player game more than likely if you're going to have problems protecting the villagers from the monsters, while in a four or more player game the monsters attacking you are the real threat because you will get attacked relentlessly and it is hard to escape. The few complaints I had were that I wish there were a few more monsters and heroes to choose from. I also wish there was a way to increase the difficulty on some of the lower level monsters so that if you wanted more of a challenge you could really test your limits. I really hope they make expansions for the game so my few complaints would be remedied. All in all my play group and I really enjoyed the game, it never felt repetitive even when playing games with the same monster combinations that I've used before in previous games, and all of my friends were saying that they want to pick up copies of the game specially with Halloween coming up. It would be perfect for a Halloween game night. Honestly, I’m really looking forward to when I get to play Horrified again because it was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.
TheProfessionalAmature 4 months ago
***This product was provided at no charge in exchange for my review.*** Quality: From box to board pieces, everything was very well designed. I unfortunately didn't have the pleasure of watching the instructional videos as the link wasn't functioning properly upon receiving the product, but the physical instructions were pretty strait forward. Knowledge: It was a lot of initial information to take-in and learn how to setup/begin, but after a few turns you quickly get the general idea behind the games fluidity. The game guides you right out of the box on how best to start your adventure. For someone like myself who enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, this is like a very simplified version of the game to me. You have your "champions" whose primary goal is to slay the monsters, while your side quests of rescuing the villagers will earn you additional "loot" (or special cards) that can be used throughout the game to enhance your experience, ease you in your quest, and give you an advantage during play. Enjoyments: Between running solo or playing with a group, this game can be enjoyed a variety of ways and numerous times. It doesn't feel old, even after playing several times over, as you can customize the difficulty and the gameplay mechanics (variably) depending on how many players there are. Another enjoyable aspect of the game was that every action has an equal or greater opposite reaction. One wrong move can cost you a life token and move the monsters that much closer to victory. You will be put into situations where you're forced to decide whether you're going to sacrifice your friend or a villager in an effort to push your cause (whether that is gather loot to slay the monster or progress along the riverfront.) Sometimes you're going to have to look your friend in the face, give them a heartfelt apology, and watch as Dracula takes a crunch out of them (and your life points) while you move closer to his coffins. Dissatisfaction: One of the greatest downsides was not having the instructional video when I started. The game can be very confusing and the instructional booklet can leave you scratching your head wondering what in the world you do now. If you can be patient with it though through every turn you take, you will quickly pick up the gist of what it is explaining and will be able to quickly dive into your next game feeling like a dungeon master. The other downside is the length of time it takes. Upon initial setup without the video, it took us well over an hour just to figure out what we were doing. After a few turns, things slowly pieced themselves together and we were able to start over fresh without much questioning or confusion of how we finish our turns/the monsters react, etc. You definitely will need about an hour per campaign though, so be sure you're not trying to jump into a quick game that you can start and finish in 15-minutes time. Overall: At the end of the day, this is by far a very amazing board game. The thought that was put into it, the design of the board/pieces/stories, and the satisfaction (or urge to play again) you get from the end of a campaign keep you coming back for more. You don't feel the need to put it away for months at a time because you've worn it out too quickly, and that is what makes this experience such a thrilling win! 5/5 - Would highly recommend to anyone looking for their next adventure in the horror fantasy genre!
Anonymous 5 months ago
As an early reviewer, I received a copy in exchange for my opinion. This game has potential! The artwork is beautiful and the idea is fun. The materials are very well made. It's also neat that it has a single player option; not something you see very often. That being said, the monsters didn't have much depth in regards to actions our outcomes. The game seemed to easy to beat, especially since it is a coop game where players can all communicate and determine together where monsters move in an effort to minimize damage. We did have a hard time beating three monsters at once, but it mostly had to do with the luck of the draw on the items and running out of time. I think there is room for some expansion on the game that would make it much more challenging, like having a player play the role of the monster. The items could also have more meaning in terms of room placement and power. The font on the villagers pieces is very small. If you are competitive, this might not be the game for you. But if you want a fun group game, it's definitely worth playing! The first set-up is a lot of information, but the game play is straightforward after you play once. I'm a big fan of the companies other games, so I look forward to future expansions to see what they come up with!
10787185 6 months ago
As an early reviewer, I received a copy in exchange for my honest opinion. This game was great for my kids and I. We loved the ability to work together instead of going head to heat. It was great to strategize with each other to best take down the monsters. The only downfall that we saw was that it did take a bit of time to understand all of the steps that were needed for each turn. Each turn is complex with numerous steps that need to happen. However, after about four turns, the game play went a lot smoother. The monsters each were created with numerous elements from the movie. The flavor of the movies bled through to the game play. It was also great that we could choose the difficulty level. After we were comfortable, we decided to go up against more monsters to see if we could still save the village. The last thing that my kids especially loved about this game is that it gave the option for solo play. On those rare occasions when no one else was interested in playing, my kids were still able to play. My oldest kids even took this as a challenge to see how difficult they could make their solo game and still win. All in all, this is a great game that allows for teamwork as opposed to the usual head to head.
MTMuse 7 months ago
I absolutely love that there's a board game based on classic Universal Studios monsters! Just that alone would get me to buy this game. This is a high-quality game from the special touches on the game board that truly lend that classic feel to the easily identifiable characters depicted in detail as movers, this is a fun game that will bring back movie memories. We played it while running the old Frankenstein and Invisible Man films in the background. It's even inspired me to have a classic movie monsters-themed Halloween party this year. The cutouts are sturdy and fairly inflexible, so I expect it will be durable--good, since we've already played it a bunch. I do wish there could be more than five players. With a game like this, it would be nice if there could be six to eight players. That being said, the ability to play solo is a bonus. You can't play as the Courier and a couple Perk cards don't work, but this is a solid variation for one person looking to learn more about the game or to play when you can't find a friend. This is a nice, easy game to play with a variety of ages. Basically, you move around the board picking up objects needed to defeat the monsters and keep yourself safe. I'd never played a cooperative game before, so this was a new experience. Several in our group had, so it helped to have people with that experience to help strategize. You win as a group if you defeat all the monsters you're playing against, and the game gets more challenging as you play against more monsters at a time. As an early reviewer, I received a copy in exchange for my opinion.
Yodderplops 7 months ago
We received this game in exchange for our honest opinion and it quickly became a favorite for our family! It is a cooperation game where everyone plays the heroes who protect the local villagers from an onslaught of monsters. The instructions are clear to understand and easy to follow. The components of the game have the high quality Ravensburger is known for. There are cardboard pieces as well as plastic figurines that will easily hold up to lots of play. The cards are very thin and I worried a little how well they would hold up, but they too have proved to be pretty sturdy. The game play itself is very well thought out and clever with how each individual monster is defeated. It is designed to allow you to decide the difficulty level. Not only does each monster come with its own level indicator of complexity, but you can choose to play as many or as few monsters to adjust the intensity of the game. This also provides great replay-ability. Most games that claim 1-5 players, will play better with a specific number of people. We have played this game multiple times with 1, 2, 3 and 4 people and there is really no change in preference of number of players. It plays well with any number of participants. The more people who play, the longer the game. With that said, the longest it played for us was an hour. In reading other reviews that state it's the perfect game for Horror lovers, I not only agree, but feel it needs to be said that it shouldn't be limited to that group. I, for one don't care for Horror, but I find this game extremely enjoyable. I would hate for someone to pass this one up based solely on that genre assignment. This really is a great game and we couldn't recommend it enough.
DRMiller 7 months ago
First, let me get the disclaimer out of the way: as an early reviewer, I received a copy in exchange for my opinion. This said, no strings are attached to my review, so this is my honest opinion of the game. Summary: I really enjoyed playing Horrified. It uses a simple system effectively and thus offers a lot of strategy in a quick to learn game. Perfect Halloween game that can be enjoyed by old and young alike. This shines for family game night, as a gateway game to new gamers interested in upping their strategy exposure, or for serious gamers who want to let their hair down and get a little campy. At first glance, it looked like this would be a simple game of moving around the board, but I was really surprised to find a lot of strategy. The game is totally co-op, so this will really stimulate discussion and problem solving. And little gamers will be able to get help from older ones, so the whole family can get involved. This is important to me as I HATE downtime between turns. You will find yourself involved in everyone's turn, trying to piece out the puzzle that the game presents you. Additionally, each character comes with a special ability, so you will feel empowered that your turn will be meaningful and offer a solution that others cannot. Strategically, you are presented with interesting decisions to make. The items that you collect are used to both defend yourself as well as advance your objectives, which is a mechanic I love. Do you give up an item to defend against Dracula's attack, or take it on the chin so you keep the things you need to defeat him later? Each monster has a completely different feel to it, meaning that you will have to come up with a varied strategy based on the combination of monsters you choose. This will keep the game fresh for many plays. Items that you collect are randomly drawn from a bag and placed around the town board, which means you will need to adapt to an ever changing landscape each turn. Monsters move and attack unpredictably, based on a monster deck of cards. And events will spawn towns folk that you need to help or else the monsters might get them. If you successfully help them, you get one time use bonus cards. Lastly, some monsters use board overlays that change how certain locations work, which I thought was a nice touch. So, how does this all come together? Horrified presented a clean system of simple mechanics wrapped around an ever evolving problem to solve, where you will find loads of team work, strategy, press your luck mechanics, and the ever popular dice roll. So who is this game for? Well, everyone I think. It's simple enough for children to play (I'd guess 8 and up?) but offers enough strategy for more serious gamers like myself. It has a solo variant as well, and I played solo as three characters and really enjoyed it. Families will likely find this a fun and interesting game night and advanced players will find this as a good option for when they need a mental break from heavier games. Also, Halloween parties, naturally. This also feels primed for expansions like Villainous. If I could change something, I'd change the villagers. I wish there was more variety in their mechanics (which are all "help me get from x to y before I'm eaten." They are important to mind, but the mechanic can get tedious. I know that I foresee having my game group over for a 1960s horror flick and then diving into the world of Horrified this Hallowmas season. Happy Haunting!
Anonymous 8 months ago
This really is a wonderful game and great for fans of horror movies. There is great attention to detail and it really incorporates the aspects of the monsters. At first the directions and amount of pieces can seem a little daunting, but after a first run through of the game it is very simple and fun to play. So far I have tried solo play, with a group of 3, and with a group of 5. I love this game because every time you play it is different based on the monsters, characters, and challenges in the game and it is fun to team up and try to beat the monsters.