by Cher Smith

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Z Ellis has always believed he is the twin brother of mass murderer Adam Russo, even though Z was adopted by a loving family when he was five. What he doesn't know is that he and Adam are actually the same person and that a special department of the FBI—the Eradication of Violent Crimes—has overwritten his memories with new ones through a bio-software program called Tracer in the hopes of creating a model citizen out of the Charles Manson-like mass murderer. The experiment has been successful for ten years.

But when Z witnesses a car accident and the woman dies in his arms, the sensory experience triggers shadows of real memories, leaving Z to wonder if he is going as insane as his brother.

Z is contacted by FBI Agent Gage McAlister, an agent who has been on administrative leave for the past three years following the accidental shooting of a teenager. Gage is the architect of the Tracer bio-software and the one responsible for writing Z's new memories. His responsibility for the teenager's death has made him question his judgment about everything, including taking away Adam Russo's free will by overwriting his memories.

Even as Z begins to discover who he is, Gage himself is on a journey to make things right, even if it means restoring the memories and motivations of a mass murderer.

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BN ID: 2940045861212
Publisher: Dead Key Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2014
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Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Cher Smith began her writing career when she was eight years old, folding over notebook paper to look like a book. While her novel "Lazy Bones" was never finished, she never lost the love of creating characters and placing them in awkward, mysterious, dangerous or romantic situations, sometimes all at once.She has a master's degree in philosophy of religion and taught philosophy and English for a few years. She has been in marketing and publishing for most of her adult career and designs and maintains websites in her spare time.Her first published novel, The Falcon and the Serpent (1990), fell in the fantasy genre, but her writing career has grown considerably beyond that single genre into more contemporary and literary works, including Justified Means, a quirky comedy-drama that follows a pastor’s wife along a Robin Hood-like adventure. She has published numerous articles, including three entries for The St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (the television show Home Improvement, the Coors mystique, and Playgirl magazine), movie reviews for Infuze Magazine and several feature stories for Colorado Country Life magazine. She also co-authored a nonfiction book about the changing demographics in America.Cher Smith is the founder, editor and chief instigator at Dead Key Publishing. It is her desire to bring novels -- hers and others -- to readers who love books.

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Tracer 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
JeyranMain More than 1 year ago
Tracer is a psychological thriller written about Z Ellis. The Eradication of Violent Crimes has come up with the concept of software that erases the memories of people who have committed horrendous crimes such as mass murders. By replacing the memory and creating a whole new identity, they hope that the individual would lead a normal life without committing any more crimes. Z Ellis is one of these people. When Gage McAlister, the inventor of such a program meets with Z and begins to doubt whether he did the right thing by taking away Z’s memory and making him believe he is someone else. The journey Z takes in order to identify what is real and what is fake, is extraordinary. The story is written with explicit intention to create confusion and induce twists to the plot, in order to innovate different scenarios in the reader’s mind, just to read along to find out what happens next. The literature standard was strong, and the work appeared very well put together. The pace of the story was steady and provided enough world setting to assist the reader in drawing an imaginary picture in their head. The character development, even with the conflicting personalities, was very intriguing. It made a superb recipe for an ideal psychological thriller. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a story to provoke your mind.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Viga Boland for Readers' Favorite Oh boy! Can Cher Smith ever write a gripping, tension filled, page-turning thriller. Tracer is all of that, and one of the most enjoyable and engrossing reads I've had in a while. The very premise of Tracer captured my imagination before I even started the book: what if it were possible to re-program, re-wire a person's brain so effectively that all their memories and evil tendencies were erased and replaced with memories and more socially acceptable behavioral traits? That's what a small, very secret FBI group decides to do with a vicious serial killer, Adam, who as a teenager was part of a murder spree similar to the Manson killings. When his very opposite twin, Alan, a talented computer geek begins suffering fierce, inexplicable headaches, that secret band of agents who have been monitoring Adam's brain waves go on the alert. Something has gone wrong inside Adam's head, but Alan is the one suffering. The race begins to prevent a possible catastrophic relapse and to find where and why wires have become crossed. That race results in bloodshed, the murder of innocent people, and the unravelling of years of work and cover ups. Tracer will keep readers glued to the page. The characters are well-drawn, surprisingly believable in what might seem an implausible plot. Yet, if you're a follower of the show Blindspot, where one of the key figures has had his murderous memories erased and replaced, perhaps such a secret FBI group or program really does exist? On a deeper level than the sensational possibilities, Tracer also explores family and interpersonal relationships. Amidst the bloodshed and mayhem, there are beautiful sensitive moments between several characters that keep us believing good will always prevail in a bad world. Great writing and reading!