The Tradition of the Gospel Christians

The Tradition of the Gospel Christians


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The Tradition of the Gospel Christians explores the post-Soviet tradition of evangelical Christians originating from the ministry of the Victorian revivalist preacher Lord Radstock in St. Petersburg in the 1870s. In an effort to resolve the current evangelical crises of theology and identity, this study provides an analysis of the tradition's history reflecting on its restorationist tradition, the contours and vectors of its theology, and its practice of biblical interpretation. The historical analysis reveals that the major causes of the crises of identity and theology pertain to the socio-political upheavals, which, in turn, led the tradition to develop strategies to maintain relevance in its changed contexts. The socio-political shifts were also responsible for the lack of emphasis on research and scholarship, which contributed to a difficulty in finding the necessary resources and intellectual virtues to deal with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Building on the discoveries of the historical analysis, Andrei P. Puzynin offers a new historical and theological paradigm by reconstructing the self-identifying narrative and theological framework in critical dialogue with recent developments in Anglo-American evangelicalism and postliberalism. Following the trajectory of the evangelical tradition in the post-Soviet context, a trajectory which relies on Western thought, the book adopts the narrative theological method of reading the world though the lens of Scripture. The self-identifying narrative of the community is reconstructed through a theological reading of the previous identity-constructions, in the light of recent discussions on Christ and the powers. The result of this study helpfully explains the dynamics of Eastern evangelicalism in a traditionally Russian Orthodox setting.

""Andrey Puzynin 's work is of supreme importance for understanding the identity of 'Gospel Christians' today. He has a rare ability to combine original historical research with mature theological reflection and in doing so contributes to contemporary hermeneutical discussions . . . Evangelical history has too often been confined to Britain and America. Puzynin helps us to fill out the picture of a universal movement.""
--Derek Tidball
London School of Theology

""Andrey Puzynin's research is a much needed and distinctly relevant work for eastern European evangelicals as well as for western readers interested in this region. It is indeed an original contribution not only because of its critical approach to the evangelical tradition and evaluation of little known primary materials, but also for the answers on the identity of this group in present Eurasia. This book is a treasure and a challenge to those interested in the subject.""
--Peter Penner
TCM, Austria

""In this original and challenging study, Andrey Puzynin argues that the St. Petersburg Gospel Christians belong firmly within the framework of Western evangelicalism. The book makes a useful contribution to modern historical theology, and moves beyond that discipline's usual confines, in order to suggest dialogical possibilities between evangelical and non-evangelical constituencies. Puzynin seems set to become a major figure in Eastern European theology, and this book deserves to be widely read.""
--Frances Knight
University of Nottingham

""Andrey Puzynin's book is a lucid and informative analysis of a significant Christian movement in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia. It merits reading by those interested in the history of Christianity or in contextualization. I consider it a major contribution to the growing scholarly literature on world Christianity.""
--Tite Tienou
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Andrey P. Puzynin is Adjunct Lecturer of Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary at its extension site in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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ISBN-13: 9781606089996
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 10/26/2010
Pages: 354
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Andrey P. Puzynin is Adjunct Lecturer of Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary at its extension site in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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