Transforming the Difficult Child: True Stories of Triumph

Transforming the Difficult Child: True Stories of Triumph

by Jennifer Easley, Howard Glasser


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Does an approach make a difference? Ask Karen or Mike or Patrick or Mitchell. Ask the hundreds of children and adults whose life-changing stories fill these pages. Ask the thousands more whose stories are not here, but whose moment of triumph came without fanfare to a heart forever now awakened. Ask the parents and teachers and therapists finally able to fulfill their own heart's desire to help bring about those transformations.

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ISBN-13: 9780967050799
Publisher: Center for the Difficult Child
Publication date: 10/28/2008
Pages: 244
Sales rank: 804,353
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

About This Book v

About the Authors vii

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword Susan McLeod 16

Section I The First Stand Energizing Success and Greatness 19

The Transformation of Patrick Lisa Bravo 22

From Ross the Boss to Zen Truck Master Debi Sementelli 26

Kane's Story Karen Jennings 31

The Mother I Want to Be Lisa Bravo 36

Mike's Story Jan Hunter 41

Strong Enough to Stop: Taking Inner Wealth to a Greater Level Gabrielli LaChiara 45

From Boot-Camp Bound to Heaven on Earth Michelle Baxter 48

Inventing Yoga Jacks Lisa Bravo 54

The Rubber Chicken of Responsibility Tammy Small 57

The Worthiness Creed Ellen Thomas With Susan Zola 60

Karen's Story Kathryn B. Sherrod, Ph.D. 64

Waking Up to the Gift of Positive Lectures Gabrielli LaChiara 68

To Your Greatness with Admiration for Your Journey Shelah Schenkel 70

Section II The Second Stand Refusing to Energize Negativity 73

Go Out and Make a Difference Susan Redford 75

Tyrone Lisa Bravo 88

Another In-School Success Story: There's No Penalty for Being on Time! Ellen Thomas 91

The Relationship - Ah, That's the Thing! Brenda Murphy 93

A New Michael Debi Sementelli 97

Four Snapshots of Success Michele Greenish 101

Another In-School Success Story: Need a Ride? Ellen Thomas 108

Allie's Story Jan Hunter 110

Tommy's Happy Dance Lisa Bravo 113

There You Are, Jacob Dawn Duncan-Lewis 116

Story from a Musical Mother Author Anonymous 121

Settling the Cheshire Cat Boy Dawn Duncan-Lewis 124

Standing at the Summit of Success Ellen Thomas 127

Turtle Power Forever: Our Amazing Donna-Belle Brenda Shepherd-Campbell 130

Section III The Perfect Consequences 136

Pause and Play Stephen Crippen138

A Grandmother's Postscript: Jumping on the Bed Brenda Murphy 141

Sarah's Story Sarah Johnson 143

Lowering the Rope Lisa Bravo 148

Transforming the Wildcat Girl Jamie Harr Dawn Duncan-Lewis 151

Meltdown and Time-Out: A Follow-up Michele Greenish 156

The Magic Is in the Positivity, Not the Consequences Dana Parkoff 160

Limits Like their Lives Depended Upon It Jamie Harr Dawn Duncan-Lewis 166

Jacob's Story Erin Whitney 173

Five Days to Transformation in a Kindergarten Classroom Sherri Shober Katherine Walker Hutchinson 179

The Master of "I Can" Jennifer Easley 192

Section IV Expanding the Healing Vision 201

A Nurtured Heart Poem Bryan Forney Christian Kappen Tracy Krebs 202

5:30 A.M.: Time for a Transformation of No Return Tom Grove 204

Life Is Like a Peach Pit Gretchen Martin 207

The Wise Woman Next Door Karen Wassmann 211

Changing History's Course in One Generation Karen Ellis 215

The Nurtured Heart Crossing Gregory J. Boyce 218

From Difficult to Delightful Tami Gulland 222

The Nurtured Heart Kid Lisa Bravo 230

Blueprint for Building Success Rebecca Baker 232

Life Is a Long Road Christopher Hankins 236

Contributors 238

Resources 242

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