Travel Escapades: Adventures and upsets around the World

Travel Escapades: Adventures and upsets around the World

by Luke William Edwards


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Luke Edwards’ life has been full of adventure. He has fallen off mountains in the Himalayas, ridden ore trains through the Sahara Desert and been arrested crossing the Panama Canal; all whilst being an officer in the British Army.

His travels have taken him to over 80 countries and left him in some pretty tight spots. Luke admits that at the time, these experiences were some of the most challenging of his life but on reflection he looks back and laughs at their absurdity.

This book takes you on his unnerving adventures and will either spark wanderlust or put you off backpacking forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781916069121
Publisher: Luke Edwards
Publication date: 09/13/2019
Pages: 238
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Luke Edwards is 25 and a British Army Captain in the Royal Logistic Corps. He has travelled to over 80 countries and loves exploring new cultures. He has a website where you can stay up to date with his latest adventures:

He hopes to inspire people to travel more, especially to 'off-beat' locations.

Table of Contents

Travel Escapades: Adventures and upsets around the World

After four years as an officer in the British Army I had yet to deploy on an operational tour. I had been based in Germany for a little over a year and taken part in a couple of month long exercises in Canada and also a number of other trips and excursions abroad, but still no deployment.

I joined the military after the British Army had left Iraq and on the eve of the withdrawal from Af­ghan­istan. I went through training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst - a time when every in­str­uctor had deployed to the Middle East at least once during their career and thus our training was built upon the lessons learnt from those operations. With everyone telling their war stories I was inspired to do my bit for Queen and Country.

At the time of this book’s inception my job in the Army, as a Captain, was as an Operations Officer - co­or­dinating a fleet of vehicles and enabling the de­ploy­ment of up to 120 men and women, anywhere in the world.

But one day an opportunity presented itself to me; a request came through for someone to fill a job in Somalia. Not only that but someone with my level of qualifications and experience. I immediately volun­teered, sending back an email as fast as I could type the response. I then had to convince my boss to allow me to deploy - I used phrases such as “career enhanc­ing” and “invaluable experience” to assist my argu­ment. Ironically, as it turned out, I was the only per­son who had volunteered, so I was immediately given the opportunity to go overseas on my first opera­tional tour.

Roll forward a number of months and following some specific training, with others deploying with me, I was all set to go. There soon ensued some conversa­tion around what everyone would do in their down time whilst away, when not working. The majority of people intended to improve their fitness (or “get massive”). One of the officers said he wanted to enrol on a university short course (he never did), but I de­cided I would embark on the journey of writing a book, something I have always had a strong desire to undertake.

As an avid traveller, I decided to write about all the times when I was travelling that things did not go quite to plan. This partially came from the desire to correct the misleading attitude arising from social media portraying lifestyles which are unattainable for most people and also unrealistic in their flawless portrayals of places and events. These unrealistic stand­ards have had a really negative effect on mental health for some people, so I have written this book to demonstrate that the reality of travel is often far re­moved from the impression some would have you be­lieve and that despite having the best laid plans it can still go very wrong.

I hope you will enjoy my experiences with me as I take you around the world on my travel escapades, in places as diverse as Mexico and Mauritania, Nepal and Northern Europe and that you find as much amusement in my stories as I do now. Although, as I am sure you will discover, they were not particularly enjoyable at the time.

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