Trick or Treason

Trick or Treason

by Kathi Daley


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A Halloween cozy mystery that will warm your heart and keep you guessing.

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As is his tradition, Zak has gone Halloween Crazy, while Zoe is trying to overcome the baby bump blues and harness some enthusiasm for the annual Haunted Hamlet. Things seem to be on track for a Spooktacular good time until Zoe stumbles onto the body of a long time friend in the alley behind Rosie's just days before the big event. The death of this popular community member leads to an investigation which reveals a shocking history that Zoe and the gang never suspected and can't quite explain.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781548558215
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Series: Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery , #26
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 987,942
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.54(d)

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Trick or Treason 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Debb23 More than 1 year ago
Zoe finds the body of someone she knows and the town is in shock. Zoe and the gang start asking questions and come up with some surprising information that leads them to more surprises. I love revisiting these characters and love all the side stories, it keeps things real. The mystery was excellent and leads you on at a nice pace. I thought I had it figured out but as usual Ms. Daley throws an extra twist to prove me wrong. I eagerly await the next in this series.
TeresaKander More than 1 year ago
Another successful novel from Ms. Daley. This is one of my two favorite series from her (be watching next week for my review of the latest release in the other one!). In the midst of preparing for Halloween, Zoe discovers another dead body and is determined to discover whodunnit before the holiday. Due to her pregnancy, she is a little more subdued in her sleuthing this time around, which I found to be realistic and a relief--I was concerned that she might continue to be reckless and I'd get frustrated with her! This mystery is filled with twist after twist. Every time I thought I had it solved, there were clues to point me in a completely different direction. The reveal was a surprise but in the end, the motive made sense. I'm already looking forward to Zoe's Christmas adventure!!
Kuzlin More than 1 year ago
It could only happen to Zoe! While sneaking out the back door of Rosie's Cafe to find a free bathroom next door, Zoe stumbles over the dead body of Willa Walton, the town clerk. Everyone tells Zoe that she cannot investigate this murder, now that she is pregnant. But will she listen or will she poke around as usual and put her and her unborn baby "Catherine" in danger. As always, this mystery presents the reader with a winding trail of suspects and motives until the final reveal. I love how the characters have matured throughout this series...from Zak and Zoe's fostering of Alex and Scooter in their education and social developments to baby pros and cons from Ellie to Zoe's growing relationship with her mother. And let's not forget Zak's delightful over-the-top Halloween decorations! Fun read. Disclosure: I am voluntarily reviewing this book.
LizD1 More than 1 year ago
Trick Or Treason ( Zoe Donovan Mystery Book 26 ) By: Kathi Daley Trick Or Treason is book twenty-six in Zoe Donovan Mystery Series. Wow, it is Halloween again and Kathi Daley weaves a cozy mystery that will have you guessing till the end. The story and the characters both are well developed. I love this cozy Halloween mystery and could not put it down. Daley writes a mystery that is funny, it includes family, friends, murder, and Zoe and Zac. Zac is going all out for Halloween, and Zoe is trying to overcome her baby blues. While Zoe is out with a friend she stumbles over a dead body, and she is suppose to take it easy. How is she going to take it easy when the dead body is a friend? There is lots of character and suspects in this cozy mystery. It seems that someone had it in for this friend. Who would go so far as murder ? Don’t forget the recipes n the back. Kathi Daley has also gave us a sample chapter of Finding Justice , a new series set in Alaska. Cant wait for this one.
TarynLee More than 1 year ago
Zoe is at it again and this time she's pregnant! While out to eat with her friend Ellie she makes a trip to the bathroom at the store next door via the back alley and trips over a blanket wrapped body. Everyone is shocked when they realize its Willa, the local tax woman. With Zac and Salinger not wanting Zoe to investigate in her condition she has to come up with ways to help without putting herself in danger. After going around town talking to people she comes to realize that Willa may have had more enemies than she thought. Will Zoe be able to keep up with her home life, the Zoo, and investigating under the radar? Who killed Willa, was it an angry neighbor, business owner, or a random stranger. Follow along as Zoe tries to flush out the killer while keeping herself out of harms way. As always Kathi Daley does a wonderful job of blending the characters, their everyday lives, and the mystery into one cohesive read. I look forward to Zoe having her baby and continuing to solve mysteries.
kats4uknit More than 1 year ago
Trick or Treason is the 26th book in everyone's favorite Kathi Daley’s Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery series. I read the first book in this series in 2014 and haven,t missed one since. The first book in this series is titled Halloween Hijinks another book set during the Halloween season. My point being that if you have not read this series, now is a great time to start. In Trick or Treason the main character Zoe is experience the aches and pains of being pregnant. Her husband and friends are asking her to slow down. She doesn't see how she can with all the Halloween activities scheduled. So next comes the murder. Zoe finds a body wrapped in a blanket behind Rosie's restaurant. The victim is a lady Zoe knows well and is a well know although somewhat hard to get along with resident of Ashton Falls. Zoe feels she has to "research" the murder. He husband Zac promises to help her. I did not guess the murderer at all in the book. I love this series and it continues strong for 26 books. May there be 26 more! Start with book 1 and read them all. But read this one for sure! A super talented author continues to entertain us...
WisReader More than 1 year ago
There is nothing like a Kathi Daley book to get you into a holiday mood. When Zak starts decorating you know he'll keep at it until the holiday ends. The same goes for Zoe on a murder investigation. Being pregnant with her first child is not going to sideline her when a friend is murdered. Life is changing for Zoe Donovan-Zimmerman. Her pregnancy has her feeling a bit down and a whole lot reflective. Her wards are getting older and into more social situations. However when a body is literally dropped at her feet, and turns out to be someone Zoe has known and worked alongside, she will not rest until justice is served. She can connect the bits and bobs of evidence like none other - working alongside her assorted group of friends and amateur investigators. We get a lot of family and friends in this series, all of which Kathi's readers enjoy and look forward to. We worry that Zoe will not be able to take a back seat in a murder investigation because we know how in the past her meddling has endangered her. We can see she has matured. She really tries this time to protect her unborn child and her best friend's baby. Some things just have a way of being inevitable. I figured out one clue relatively early on, but did not see how it all came together until it was too late for Zoe. There was nothing to explain motive until one last deep secret was revealed. In fact, it seemed many people could have had motivation. Like many readers I enjoy thinking I am putting the clues together along with the main sleuth, using my deductive reasoning, to then have something shocking change our assumptions. Kathi Daley gives us fresh scenarios in every book. I look foward to each new addition to Zoe's life and adventures. With the arrival of a baby AND her mother-in-law getting closer, the next book could be explosive.
Peggy Hyndman More than 1 year ago
Intriguing Mystery and Great Cast of Characters Trick or Treason is the 26th book in Kathi Daley’s wonderful Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery series. The story is well plotted, the characters are well developed and affable, and the story flows at a steady pace. Once again, Ms. Daley has provided readers with an intriguing murder mystery, with twists and turns and enough potential suspects to keep the reader engaged. The mystery is perfectly blended with just the right touch of romance, family, friends, and community. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading a well-crafted cozy mystery. Zak is busy decorating for Halloween, going overboard as usual while Zoe, who is in the third trimester of her pregnancy, Ellie, her best friend, and Ellie’s six-month-old son, Eli, are shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations. The remodel of the Zoe’s boathouse has been completed and Ellie, Levi, and Eli have moved in. Everyone is looking forward to Ashland Falls’ annual Haunted Hamlet and Zak and Zoe are preparing for a tournament Scooter’s soccer team is participating in and Zimmerman Academy’s Halloween dance on Friday, which Alex hopes to attend. Zoe has a knack for stumbling on bodies and almost trips over a body wrapped in a blanket at the back door of Rosie’s, a popular restaurant. The victim is identified as Willa Walton, the chairperson for Ashton Falls’ events committee and the town clerk. Given her condition, Sheriff Salinger and Zak insist that Zoe takes a backseat on this investigation and she reluctantly agrees to stick to research and not go out on any interviews or investigating by herself.