Tuffy McNasty: The Rogue Elf Who Terrorized Christmas!

Tuffy McNasty: The Rogue Elf Who Terrorized Christmas!

by Brad Perrigo


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This book contains "High-Octane" Christmas mischief from a crazy rogue elf by the name of Tuffy McNasty. Tuffy's on a mission to rid his favorite home of a sweet, little Christmas elf named Frizbee. Only one problem: Frizbee's a lot smarter and tougher than anyone thought. Tuffy has his work cut out for him, so he retreats to his cave deep in the forest for some Bad Elf Juice to get him all nasty and crazy. He takes his empty juice bottles, along with bottle rockets, dynamite, and some rope and bolts his cave to begin his hunt for Frizbee. Along the way, he stirs up trouble with other animals in the forest, along with a passing school bus! This story is full of shenanigans, crazy elf battles, and some near misses at Toyless City, the nasty elf prison in the South Pole. It's sure to have your children laughing hysterically! It's actually a true story, having been played out in the author's North Carolina home in 2010. To this day, his children talk about "that crazy Christmas with Tuffy McNasty." Enjoy!

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ISBN-13: 9781466961470
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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Tuffy McNasty

The Rogue Elf Who Terrorized CHRISTMAS!
By Brad Perrigo

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2012 Brad Perrigo
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4669-6147-0

Chapter One

This is Frizbee.

He's one of Santa's elves who watches little girls and boys at Christmastime to see if they're naughty or nice.

It's Christmastime, and Frizbee's been assigned a home deep in the forest of North Carolina.

He is to watch over a little girl named Ellie and her younger brother Buchanan.

He's been told this could be a tough assignment because both of these kids are wild and slightly crazy!

Frizbee arrives in North Carolina the next day. He finds Ellie up on the roof laughing hysterically as she runs and jumps off the roof onto the trampoline in the backyard!

She hits the trampoline with such force that it bounces her up into the pine trees behind the tramp. Frizbee can still hear her laughing while she's hanging upside down in the trees!

Meanwhile, her little brother Buchanan has climbed high up into a tall pine tree in the front yard and is laughing like a crazy man as he shoots bottle rockets at the neighbor's home across the street! He's especially enjoying getting the neighbor's dog all stirred up!

Frizbee quickly learns that Ellie and Buchanan (or, as he now calls them, E & B) are, in fact, wild and crazy! They love to laugh, have fun, do crazy stuff, joke around, and pull pranks on each other.

Frizbee joins in the fun and plays crazy elf tricks on them! He loves to mess with them ... especially after they've gone to bed!

E & B love to play with Frizbee at their home in the forest. They love Frizbee's shenanigans and crazy elf tricks, and he loves to make them laugh. But what they don't know is they're being watched!

Just down the path and through the woods lives a rogue elf named Tuffy McNasty. He's a big, burly, nasty elf. He's 3'2" tall and weighs 12.5 pounds! He spends his days in his cave drinking Bad Elf Juice and getting all "nastied up" for another day of mischief and trouble.

After a few too many bottles of Bad Elf Juice, he starts singing his crazy chant:

"Two's too many And twenty's not enough It makes me all nasty And I do crazy stuff!"

Then he comes charging out from his cave laughing like a crazy man. He's all fired up and ready to stir up some trouble!

He charges to the top of the tallest pine tree near the roadside to fire rocks, sticks, snowballs, and empty bottles of Bad Elf Juice at passing cars and school buses!

He chases animals through the woods and goes crazy trying to scare all of the birds. "My scare'm good," he likes to scream, as he chases the birds.

He particularly loves to shoot bottle rockets at birdies sleeping in their nests. It gets him all fired up and crazy!


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