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Twentieth-Century Western Philosophy of Religion 1900-2000 / Edition 1

Twentieth-Century Western Philosophy of Religion 1900-2000 / Edition 1

by Eugene Thomas LongEugene Thomas Long
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This book provides a historical map of 20th philosophy of religion from absolute idealism to feminism and postmodernism. Dividing the 20th into four eras and eighteen primary strands, the book provides the historical context for the more specialized volumes that follow. This first volume is of interest to those working in the fields of philosophy of religion and theology.

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ISBN-13: 9781402014543
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 06/30/2003
Series: Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion , #1
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2000
Pages: 538
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. 1. General Introduction.
Part One: Philosophy of Religion at the Turn of the Twentieth-Century.
2. Introduction to Part One. 3. Absolute Idealism: Edward Caird; John Caird, Henry Jones; Francis Herbert Bradley; Bernard Bosanquet; Charles A. Campbell; Josiah Royce. 4. Personal Idealism: Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison; William Ernest Hocking; Hastings Rashdall; George H. Howison; J.M.E. McTaggart; William R. Sorley; Alfred E. Taylor; Frederick R. Tennant. 5. Neo-Kantianism: Hermann Cohen; Paul Natorp; Ernst Cassirer; Wilhelm Windelband; Hans Vaihinger; Albrecht Ritschl; Wilhelm Hermann; Adolf von Harnack. 6. Positivism and the Science of Religion: W.K. Clifford; Karl Pearson; Ernst Haeckel; Max Müller; Edward Tylor; James Frazer; Sigmund Freud; Carl Jung Émile Durkheim; E.E. Evans-Pritchard; Peter Winch; Clifford Geertz.
Part Two: Philosophy of Religion Between the Wars.
7. Introduction to Part Two. 8. Neo-Realism: G.E. Moore; Bertrand Russell; C.D. Broad; John Cook Wilson; H.H. Price; John Baillie; H.D. Lewis; Ralph Barton Perry; George Santayana. 9. Phenomenology: Franz Brentano; Edmund Husserl; Rudolf Otto; John Oman; Max Scheler; Maurice Blondel; Henry Duméry; Louis Dupré; Gerardus Van der Leeuw; Mircea Eliade. 10. American Pragmatism: Charles Sanders Peirce; William James; John Dewey; Henry Nelson Wieman; John Herman Randall Jr.; John E. Smith; Richard Rorty; Cornel West. 11. Personalism: Borden Parker Bowne; Edgar Sheffield Brightman; Peter Berci; Franz Rosenzweig; Martin Buber; Emil Brunner; Karl Heim; H.H. Farmer; Emmanuel Mounier; John Macmurray; Nikolai Berdyaev. 12. Philosophy of History: Wilhelm Dilthey; Ernst Troeltsch; Benedetto Croce; R.G. Collingwood; Arnold Toynbee; Reinhold Niebuhr.
Part Three: Philosophy of Religion after Mid-Century.
13. Introduction to Part Three. 14. Philosophical Analysis: Ludwig Wittgenstein; A.J. Ayer; Anthony Flew; R.M. Hare; Basil Mitchell; E.L. Mascall; John Wisdom; R.B. Braithwaite; Alasdair MacIntyre; J.L. Austin; Donald Evans; Ian Ramsay; Janet Martin Soskice. 15. Existential Philosophy: Karl Jaspers; Martin Heidegger; Jean-Paul Sartre; Gabriel Marcel; Rudolf Bultmann; Paul Tillich; John Macquarrie; Fritz Buri. 16. Neo-Thomism: Jacques Maritain; Etienne Gilson; Austin Farrer; Emerich Coreth; Karl Rahner; Bernard Lonergan. 17. Process Philosophy: Henri Bergson; Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Alfred North Whitehead; Charles Hartshorne; Bowman Clarke; Schubert Ogden; John Cobb; David Ray Griffin.
Part Four: Philosophy of Religion at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century.
18. Introduction to Part Four. 19. Analytic Philosophy: Alvin Plantinga; William Alston; John Hick; Richard Swinburne; D.Z. Phillips; Don Cupitt; Kai Nielsen; William Rowe; Brian Davies. 20. Hermeneutics and Deconstruction: Hans-Georg Gadamer; Gerhard Ebeling; Paul Ricoeur; Emmanuel Levinas; Jacques Derrida; Mark Taylor; Jean-Luc Marion. 21. Critical Theory: Ernst Bloch; Jürgen Moltmann; Herbert Marcuse; Jürgen Habermas; David Tracy; Helmut Peukert. 22. Comparative Philosophy: Ninian Smart; William Christian; Paul Griffiths; Frederick Copleston; Keith Ward; Wilfred Cantwell Smith; Robert Neville. 23. Feminist Philosophy: Mary Daly; Sally McFague; Luce Irigaray; Julia Kristeva; Pamela Anderson; Grace Jantzen. 24. Concluding Remarks.
Index of Names. Index of Subjects.

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